Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Safe Harbor


Safe Harbor:

starring Treat Williams (“Everwood”) and Nancy Travis (“The Jane Austen Book Club”).


Treat Williams ... Doug
Nancy Travis ... Robbie
Orsen Bean ... Judge David Roberts
Charlie McDermott ... David Porter
Reiley McClendon ... Luke
Cameron Monaghan ... Larry Parker
Sam Jones III ... Billy
Pamela Gray ... Alice
Kim Morgan Greene ... Jennifer
Jimmy Ortega ... Sheriff
Jim O'Heir ... Mr. Cook
Krista Ryan ... Attorney
Marti Rich ... Robbie's Friend


from Hallmark:

“Safe Harbor” is based on a true story about a couple about to set sail around the world who agree to take a couple of juvenile delinquents under their wing and in the process learn about hope, second chances and living their dreams.

Doug (Williams) and Robbie Smith (Travis) are a happily married couple about to retire and spend their days cruising around the world on their sailboat, the Molly Marie. Before they have the chance to leave, however, their good friend, Judge David Roberts (Orsen Bean, “How I Met Your Mother”), asks them to care for two teenaged boys he sentenced to juvenile hall.

The facility is currently at capacity and instead of being remanded to county jail, the judge tells the Smiths that the boys can help them prepare their boat for sailing day. The Smiths agree and soon take on a third and then a fourth boy.

As the story unfolds, the Smiths are faced with a variety of challenges from the boys ranging from simple back talk to a more serious boat fire. Ultimately, however, Doug and Robbie see positive changes in the four young men who are now reluctant to leave their new “family.” Doug and Robbie also see changes in themselves as they rethink their sailing trip, their decision not to have children and what their future now holds.

Movie Review:

A really interesting thought provoking movie. Definitely not a movie for young viewers. The story is about four very lost and troubled boys who are in and out of juvenile hall. They all have different background stories of a difficult family life, which is very sad and makes the boys bond together.

I must also mention that I love Treat Williams, as an actor. He is truly fabulous... He always bring a great depth of realness to his characters.

There are some Major Cautions with this one. There is a fire on the boat and one of the boys attempts to hang himself. (He is rescued.) It's a very sad situation, but it's moving to see this couple bond with these young men and how they become a family who cares for and depends on one another.

This movie is based upon a true story. God bless this real life couple who took on the challenge of caring for these precious boys, who just need love and someone who cares.

See or Skip:

See, but read cautions above in the Movie Review and remember, this movie is NOT for young viewers.

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