Saturday, September 12, 2009

Picture This


Picture This:

Rated TV-14, starring Ashley Tisdale, Maddie from Zack and Cody & Sharpay from High School Musical. This Movie is not for Children.


Ashley Tisdale ... Mandy
Robbie Amell ... Drew Patterson
Lauren Collins ... Alexa
Cindy Busby ... Lisa Cross
Shenae Grimes ... Cayenne
Maxim Roy ... Marsha Gilbert
Marie-Marguerite Sabongui ... Blair



Ashley Tisdale stars in this hilarious teen comedy as Mandy, an unpopular high school senior who lands a date to the biggest party of the year with Drew, the schools hottest guy. But while her dreams are finally coming into focus, with the help of her friends, she'll have to battle her overprotective dad and Drews ex-girlfriend, whos determined to keep Mandy away from the bash. In one crazy, adventure-filled day, Mandy strives to get to the party and discovers that popularity can come and go, but good friends will always be in the picture!

Movie Review:

This movie reminded me a lot of a cross between Mean Girls and Sleepover. Ashley Tisdale, plays Mandy, an unpopular girl determined to get the guy. She is invited by the cutest guy at school to the party of the year and moves mountains (by lying to her father) to get there. Mandy receives a call every half hour from her father who wants her to proove via video phone that she is at her friends house studying. The plot is funny and fast-paced and keeps you guessing as to what might happen next. However, there's a bit of minor bad language and a lot of lying that is presented in a lighthearted fun way. There is never a bad consequence for Mandy's lying, in fact everything seems to work out for her, in spite of all of her deceitfulness.

It is not a movie for young viewers because there is a rumor about what Drew's brothers did with Virgin girls at these parties- so that issue, although never shown or proven, is too much for young ones.

Mandy has a pink 8-ball in her room that she uses to tell her what to do. This scene is kind of funny, even though I do not believe in eight ball magic... because Mandy repeatedly shakes the ball and looks at the answers it gives and stops only when it finally gives her the response she's wanting.

Also, there is a very strange disturbing scene where Drew's Ex - Girlfriend and friends sit in a circle and try to do some Witch-like mind hypnosis trance with rocks to get Drew back. It lasted about 30 seconds - but I was glad I could fast-forward it. (By the way, they were not successful.)

The ending wrapped up pretty quickly - and left me wishing they had an extra 5 minutes or so to explain a little more of the ending storyline.

All in all... it's a laugh out loud sort of movie to watch with your friends & (teens and up) family... if you can fast-forward that one scene mentioned above.There are some lessons to be learned in this movie about honesty vs. dishonesty, trusting those you love, and letting go... when the time is right.

See or Skip:

See, only with Extreme Caution - due to Scenes mentioned above and discuss Honesty with Young Teens and Up.

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