Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our First Christmas


Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie starring Julie Warner, (“Tommy Boy”), Steven Eckholdt, (“Secret Santa”), Dixie Carter (“Family Law” and “Designing Women”) and John Ratzenberger (“Cheers”).


Julie Warner .... Cindy
Steven Eckholdt ... Tom
Dixie Carter ... Evie Baer
John Ratzenberger ... Joe
Katerina Graham ... Bernie
Richard Riehle ... Santa
Cassi Thomson ... Tory
Grace Fulton ... Lilly
Carly Bondar ... MG
Maxim Knight ... Jacob


from Hallmark:

Recently-married couple Cindy (Julie Warner, “Tommy Boy”) and Tom (Steven Eckholdt, “Secret Santa”) are a perfect match, but when they try to unite their families from previous marriages their children aren’t interested in getting to know their new siblings. Cindy’s husband has passed away, as has Tom’s wife, leaving each of them with two children to raise. With Christmas right around the corner, the kids are looking forward to taking part in their usual family traditions, but there’s no way the family can keep both. All Cindy and Tom want is for their family to stay together, but with nobody willing to give an inch, it starts to look like their first Christmas may be ruined. Dixie Carter (“Designing Women”) and John Ratzenberger (“Cheers”) also star in “Our First Christmas”.

Movie Review:

I am a big fan of Dixie Carter and John Ratzenberger... so it was a delight to see both of them in this movie about a new family deciding what traditions to uphold at Christmastime. Dixie and John played the grandparents from opposite sides of this newly combined family. It was a sweet family story - very happy - decent - and sweet - with nothing objectional for family viewing.

It was nice to see how the children eventually realized their love for one another and decide that spending Christmas together as a family is more important than keeping all of their past traditions.

It's a good story of healing from the loss of a loved one and learning compromise in relationships, friendships, and family situations.

Loving one another and being together - is the best gift of all.

See or Skip:

See with your family.


  1. WHEN is Hallmark ever going to allow "Our First Christmas to be sold to the public on DVD's?

  2. Enjoyed this so much, kept me awake till almost 5 this morning watching it. Fell asleep for the last few minutes and found your review to help fill in the blank. Thanks


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