Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Fake Fiance


My Fake Fiance:

ABCfamily Movie starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence


Melissa Joan Hart ... Jennifer
Joseph Lawrence ... Vince
Burgess Jenkins ... Steve
Jason MacDonald ... David
Nicole Tubiola ... Courtney
Steve Schirripa ... The Monkey
Rhoda Griffis ... Val
Mike Pniewski ... Al
Patricia French ... Catherine
Robert Pralgo ... Ben
Elizabeth Keener ... Carmen


from ABCfamily-

Oil and water get along better than Jennifer (Melissa Joan Hart) and Vince (Joey Lawrence), who meet at a friend’s wedding. But when they see the haul of presents and cash their friends receive, the cash strapped duo resolve to join forces and come up with a plan. They decide to fake a relationship, engagement and wedding - and stay together long enough to make it look authentic. But real feelings get in the way when these two actually start to fall for each other.

Movie Review:
Okay... Wow! How to describe this one? It's hard to resist it - even though the main characters are completely misguided in their decisions. As described above, they meet at a mutual's friends wedding, clash, and yet decide to pretend they are in love and getting married. Why?, you may ask... well, just to get all the wonderful gifts, of course!
So, the couple... Jennifer (Melissa Joan Hart) and Vince (Joseph Lawrence) are living a complete lie and deceiving all of their friends and family. This adds a lot of stress on both of their lives and guilt - yet, they keep it up throughout the movie... partially I believe, because they are falling in love with one another and wish it were real.
It's not a movie for young viewers, due to all the lying and deception, which is always wrong. Jennifer's best guy friend is stereotypically gay and helps her shop for her bride gown. And, there is a scene where Jennifer and Vince are kissing in her bed, but before things move on, Jennifer's niece interrupts.
There's a mix of good and bad in this one. In the end, the truth sets them free and love is triumphant!
I imagine this movie will be extra appealing to fans of Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. I know I was glad to see them both, especially Joey, who I've been a fan of all the way back to Gimme a Break. They were quirky and witty and it was just extremely fun to watch their characters spar back and forth! It's a terrific Romantic Comedy that had me laughing throughout.

See or Skip:
See, cute Romantic Comedy, however this one is Not for young viewers!


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