Friday, September 11, 2009

Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh


Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh:

Nickledeon Movie starring Drake Bell and Josh Peck, from the popular Nickledeon Series, Drake & Josh.


Josh Peck ... Josh Nichols
Drake Bell ... Drake Parker
Miranda Cosgrove ... Megan Parker
Bailee Madison ... Mary Alice
Camille Goldstein ... Violet
Cosette Goldstein ... Lily


from Nickledeon-

(info from TeenScoop)

Nickelodeon officials said “Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh” will “blend the classic buddy comedy viewers have come to expect from Drake Bell and Josh Peck, with a heartwarming story for the season.”

“We hope to create a holiday classic that families will be able to enjoy together for years to come,” Cohn said in a statement.

Network officials said the comic adventure unfolds as a mall Santa and his helper—alias Drake and Josh—promise an adorable little girl that her foster parents and siblings will have “the best Christmas ever.” It's a pledge that will change their holiday and their lives—and one that's tough to keep after Drake's antics at a holiday party land responsible Josh in jail.

Movie Review:

I know kids probably enjoyed this... because they like the Drake & Josh Sitcom... but I found this movie to be off-the-wall crazy. I found their sister to be extremely annoying. I disliked it very much when she destroyed Josh's outdoor Christmas Decoration in the opening scene to the movie. That wasn't funny to me - it was cruel. That's not a good example for children. It's not funny to destroy someone else's property or belongings.

The rest of the movie followed in much of this same pattern - silly antics and crazy actions. The movie was all over the place!

The best scene was when the boys were Christmas Caroling with a group of foster children... and their desire to help them have their best Christmas.

See or Skip:

If you like the Drake & Josh Sitcom, then you will most likely... enjoy this, as well... if not - then you should skip!

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