Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday in Handcuffs


Holiday in Handcuffs (ABC family)


Melissa Joan Hart ... Gertrude 'Trudie' Chandler
Mario López ... David Martin
Timothy Bottoms ... Dad Chandler
Markie Post ... Mom Chandler
June Lockhart ... Grandma
Kyle Howard ... Jake Chandler
Vanessa Lee Evigan ... Katie Chandler
Gabrielle Miller ... Jessica
Layla Alizada ... Lucy
Cedric De Souza ... Taj
Marion Eisman ... Mrs. Barber
Karen Hines ... Maria
Maureen Jones ... Barbara
Marty Hanenberg ... Mr. Portnoy
Matt Embry ... Slick Guy


Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez star in the ABC Family original, Holidays in Handcuffs. Hart plays Trudie, a would-be painter stuck working as a waitress. After blowing an interview at a "real" job - disappointing her parents yet again - and getting dumped by her boyfriend, Trudie suffers a nervous breakdown. Stressed with having to go home alone for the holidays, she kidnaps a customer, David Martin (Lopez), whom she plans to bring home for Christmas and introduce him to the family as 'the One.'

After a long drive out to the family cabin in the middle of nowhere, David quickly realizes that he has little chance of breaking free from this wacky bunch. The Chandlers appear to be the perfect family, but when David sees how inadequate Trudie feels around them, he agrees to play along with the charade until he can break free. But, odd as it sounds, he adapts quickly to the crazy family that welcomes him with open arms. Soon enough, they are all enjoying a happy Christmas when the police bust in on their holiday fun. Will David want Trudie arrested…. or realize she is rather arresting?

Movie Review:

I wanted to like it. The mother from Lassie is in it, for goodness sake... but please know, this is not a family oriented movie. First of all, Trudy kidnaps a man. Hello! That is so wrong! What if he had kidnapped her? I think it's a wrong message to send that it is ever okay for anyone to kidnap anyone else - man or woman.

Second, the parents are very open about letting Trudy stay in the same room with her supposed boyfriend. Morally wrong behavior persists throughout. Trudy's brother announces to the family that he is gay. And, the Mother and Father admit they are having trouble with their marriage because they were never "involved" with anyone else... as if to say monogamy and commitment is bad. This was the issue that disturbed me the most from this very crazy mixed-up movie.

I know many people loved this movie and don't get me wrong... there are some extremely funny "laugh out loud" moments and I personally like Melissa Joan Hart, as an actress, but I'm just not a fan of this modern movie plot.

See or Skip:

Skip, not for family viewing.


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