Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Family Holiday


The Family Holiday -

Christmas Movie starring Dave Coulier (Joey, Full House)


Dave Coulier ... Donald 'Doc' Holiday
Alexa Fischer ... Elizabeth Rogers
Terisa Greenan ... Isadora Brown
Mark McBryde ... 'Buster' (voice)
Kevin Partridge ... Businessman
Christina Pickles ... Mrs. Pendergast
Abigail Schornick ... Amanda
William Schultz ... Tim
Jerry Sciarrio ... Bernard Howland
Anne Selcoe ... Melissa
James M. Tilley ... Mr. Bennion
Lonny W. Waddle ... Real Estate Salesman


A romantic family comedy about a thirty-something lovable pool hustler (Dave Coulier) who stands to receive a ten million dollar inheritance if he can prove he's turned his life around and settled down with a family. He hires two orphaned runaways and an unwitting nanny to pose as an instant family. Now if he can only keep the kids away from the state investigator tracking them down, keep the confused nanny from discovering the ruse, and convince his grandfather's representative that all is as it seems -- he'll be a very rich man.

Movie Review:

Our family loved this very sweet Christmas Movie. Grab some popcorn for this one and simply enjoy! It's super cute and super sweet and has a very nice happy ending!

The children in this are so adorable and I loved how Dave Coulier seemed so much like his fun Joey (Full House) character. This is one Full House fans will surely love!

A terrific Family Christmas Movie!

And, in addition to the children... the Dog in this Movie is sooooo Adorable, too!

See or Skip:
See, with your family!

Pictures and Images from
Official DVD Cover
most images are from:
Training for Dogs & their People
(they are the trainers of the dog
named "Buster" in the Movie)
Click on their site to see more
"Behind the Scenes" photos!


  1. after watching movie after violent, profane and sick movie, Family Holiday was an absolute delight. Sure, the plot was pretty basic - even lame, but what the heck! It just goes to prove the old adage that there is some good in even the very worst people. Without wanting to include any spoilers, 'Doc' Holliday (Dave Coulier) is, perhaps, a bit of a "sanitized" bad guy (with, of course, a deprived childhood to justify the way he has turned out) - in real life, someone like Doc would probably be a lot more profane and uncouth but then this IS a family movie. Alexa Fischer is delightful. She is beautiful and oozes personality

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  2. Thanks for your wonderful review, I'll be buying this to share with family,God bless!!


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