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Elevator Girl - Hallmark Channel


Elevator Girl -
starring Ryan Merriman ("Home of the Giants") and Lacey Chabert ("Party of Five")

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: February 13, 2010


Lacey Chabert ... Libby
Ryan Merriman ... Jonathan
Hedy Burress ... Tessa
Joey King ... Paige (rumored)
Patty McCormack ... Rosemary
Allison McAtee ... Cynthia
Benton Jennings ... Doug
Sean McGowan ... Marty
Suzan Brittan ... Chef Rebecca


from Hallmark-

Ryan Merriman and Lacey Chabert star in "Elevator Girl," an original movie about two strangers whose instant connection when they are stuck in an elevator together sparks an unexpected romance. Despite their seeming differences they fall in love and learn to embrace each other's flaws.

Jonathan MacIntyre (Merriman) is a handsome workaholic at a prestigious law firm. When Jonathan is made a partner in his firm, the company throws a congratulatory dinner for him. On his way there he gets stuck in the building's elevator with Libby Taylor (Chabert), a free-spirited, artistic type who is on her way to work as a server at Jonathan's dinner.

The chemistry is immediate between Jonathan and Libby, but the vast differences between their worlds prevent them from pursuing a relationship until Jonathan's secretary, Rosemary (Patty McCormack, "Citizen Jane"), orchestrates a second meeting between them where their connection resurfaces. Jonathan's coworkers look down upon Libby, and Libby's friends are wary of Jonathan's character, but the influences of their peers prove no match to the power of fate that brought them together. Ultimately, their unlikely relationship pushes Jonathan and Libby to confront their own insecurities and figure out what really matters in life.

Movie Review -

A Perfectly Sweet Romantic Comedy for a Valentines Day Weekend Premiere on the Hallmark Channel.

It was so romantic how the stuffy, career driven, ladder climbing Jonathon and the free-spirit, enjoying life as it comes, Libby... find themselves trapped together in an Elevator... and there is immediate Chemistry between the two of them!

It was fun to see their characters get along and date, inspite of Jonathon being so organized and structured and Libby so carefree. In this case, I suppose Opposites Do Attract!

A question my family asked while watching... Why was it called Elevator Girl? I mean... I know for obvious reasons why the show was titled that, however the Young Man was also in the Elevator... so why couldn't he have been Elevator Boy? Noone ever referred to him as that - because he was rich and successful. Jonathon's best friend made the term Elevator Girl seem demeaning, at times, as if she was just a commoner, a low class waitress who didn't belong in their executive social-climbing world. He had a change of heart, however, in the end, and apologized in the last five minutes.

I liked how Jonathon never listened to his snobby friend about Libby, but instead, he followed his own Heart!

It was Adorable, Sweet, and Entertaining! I loved Jonathon's secretary Rosemary... who played Cupid a time or two - setting the two of them up together... So cute! There was No objectionable content for Family Viewing in Elevator Girl... NO Language, Sex, or Violence. I checked the ratings on my DirecTV while it was airing and noticed it was #1. Definitely a Movie I would watch again!

See or Skip -

See... Sweet Romantic Comedy!

Pictures provided by Lacey-Chabert-Central Gallery
and Crown Media / Hallmark Channel Press





  4. i want to know the opeing song for this movie

  5. Not sure why this one has not been put on DVD. Maybe they will if they keep receiving requests.

    As for the opening song, I don't know what it is. Maybe someone can comment and let us know.

  6. Elevator Girl will be on 8/18 Sunday at 4:00pm on the Hallmark Channel! Called Hallmark Channel
    Crown media And it was confirmed time changed from 2:00pm TOO 4:00pm on 8/18 Sunday! Thanks for
    your e-mail about Elevator Girl yesterday, THANKS

    1. I am so glad you found a time that would work for you to watch "Elevator Girl". I'm so glad that it worked out!

  7. I would like to purchase not only Elevator Girl, but Flower Girl and Uncorked. Have spent untold hours trying to locate a company that would sell them, but meet a brick wall every time!!!!
    How frustrating!!

    1. I understand your frustration. I wish they would release all the Hallmark Movies on DVD. Hopefully - they will still do so, in the future.

  8. when will elevator girl be on channel directtv 312 I accidentally deleted it from my playlist and am heartbroken as I watch this movie at leat three times a day when i'm not working - i'm 76 and need to record it again - anything you can do would be really appreciated.

    1. I will be certain to keep a look out for this movie and let you know - if and when I see it listed... or if comes to DVD!

    2. Oh, I feel so bad for you that you accidentally erased your movie. It must be a favorite of yours and it is such a sweet movie. I hope they replay it soon or they decide to release it on DVD. I will be sure to post something here, if I see it listed in Hallmark's schedule.

  9. If you have the Hallmark MOVIE Channel, then you can see an airing of Elevator Girl on October 2, 2013 at 7 PM est. or October 3, 2013 at 3 PM est.

    Hope this helps! Please note: this is the Hallmark MOVIE Channel and not the regular Hallmark Channel. I will still keep a lookout there, as well.

  10. Hi Net,
    I can't remember when we saw Elevator Girl, but my husband and I loved the movie. It was so sweet and Ryan Merriman & Lacey Chabert make a lovely couple. They were perfect for the parts. Ryan looks so much like one of my nephews when he was younger. I appreciate you letting us know the movie will be on, again, on Oct. 2, & Oct. 3. I'm anxious to see it again. I love getting the e-mails with all the information you give us about all the movies that will be coming on. I know this takes a lot of time and effort and I appreciate all your hard work. May God bless you.

  11. thanks so much for looking into this. I thought maybe it will be on hallmark channel 312 in October I hope. thank you again

  12. they have this movie at but I don't know if that sight is legit? I Do desperately want to see this movie on DVD but get annoyed when I cant find it

  13. I also want to purchase Elevator Girl on DVD... Hope someone gets Hallmark to release these movies so we can enjoy them over and over again.. I love this movie and just recently it was on Hallmark again but I would still like to have it in my DVD collection..


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