Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flower Girl


Flower Girl:
Hallmark Channel Movie starring Marla Sokoloff (“The Practice”), Marion Ross (“Happy Days”) and Christina Pickles (“Friends”).


Marla Sokoloff ... Laurel
Nora Kirkpatrick ... Wendy
Marion Ross ... Rose
Kieren Hutchison ... Stephen
Brook Kerr ... Brook Harper
Jerald Garner ... The Best Man
Austin Graves ... Bridesmaid
Bonnie Root ... Victoria Darling
Erik Kowalski ... Bartender
Annie Campbell ... Kristen
Rick Scarry ... Pastor Lane
Christina Silva ... Bridesmaid
Terry Maratos ... Evan
Robert Neary ... Marshall Upshaw
Hayley Timsit ... Young Laurel


from Hallmark:

“Flower Girl,” is an original movie about a woman who is surrounded by weddings for everyone but herself until one day she meets not one, but two possible matches and is forced to choose between her head and her heart.

Laurel Haverford (Sokoloff) runs a floral shop with her meddling grandmother, Rose (Ross), and is always planning weddings for everyone but herself. Soon, all of her friends are getting married, leaving her behind, and she begins to wonder if she will ever find Mr. Right. Suddenly, Laurel meets a doctor who knows about flowers, loves to cook and appears to be everything a girl could want.

She starts to believe that’s the case until an unexpected encounter with free-spirited Stephen Banks (Kieren Hutchison, “One Tree Hill”) turns everything upside-down for her. Stephen’s secretive about his job, takes calls privately on his cell phone while she’s present and, worst of all, is apparently seeing another woman. Laurel’s been warned by her good friend, Brooke (Brook Kerr, “Passions”), to forget about Stephen because he has too many “red flags,” but she can’t get him off her mind.

Ultimately, when both Evan and Stephen share some unexpected news, Laurel must make a tough choice between the two and decide what matters most in life.

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  1. I would like to know if this is ever going to be put on a dvd.

  2. Where can you find the soundtrack to The Flower Girl?

  3. This movie needs to be on DVD. It was sweet and unique and I loved it!

  4. I want to buy this movie. It is one of my favorites. Where can I get it? Didn't Hallmark stores sell it?


  5. I still have not seen this movie on DVD.

    Hopefully, if viewers keep asking and requesting it- they will eventually release it.

  6. This movie needs to be put on DVD asap! I have seen it a number of times but want to own it. Please put it out there for sale~~~!!

  7. Just saw the Flower Girl....must own it! When will it be on dvd?

  8. I would love to see this in the UK

  9. I wonder what city they made the film is a beautiful City I never see ... I wanna be there one day

  10. Our family loves the movie "Flower Girl"! We have recorded/watched it almost every time that Hallmark has shown it. We would love to purchase it when it is available on DVD, and would also love to purchase the soundtrack. Thank you for bringing beautiful and wholesome stories to television!

  11. I watch this movie "flower girl" over and over and I would love to get it on DVD. I cannot find it on line, is it out yet?

  12. When are they going to put this movie on DVD? I love the storyline,


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