Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Christmas Caper


The Christmas Caper (ABCfamily)


Shannen Doherty ... Cate Dove
Ty Olsson ... Hank
Conrad Coates ... Clive Henry
Stefanie von Pfetten ... Holly Bishop
Sonya Salomaa ... Savannah Dove Cooper
David Lewis ... Brian Cooper
Michael P. Northey ... Duffy
Natasha Calis ... Annie
Josh Hayden ... Parker Cooper


After a jewel heist gone awry and being double-crossed by her mentor, Cate Dove (portrayed by Shannon Doherty) is forced into hiding after her face is plastered all over the news. When the opportunity arises, she jumps at the chance to get out of the city and babysit for her niece and nephew. There is only one problem….Cate is not the maternal type. But ever the opportunist, Cate makes the most of her suburban prison by using her distain for sentimentality to plot a grinch-like heist of the entire town’s Christmas loot. However, what Cate hasn’t counted on is the romantic effect of a certain hunky Sheriff (who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend), and her precocious niece and nephew’s ability to touch her heart and conscience.

Her plan is interrupted when her ex-partner in crime returns, jeopardizing not only her heist, but also the safety of the people she’s come to love. She’ll have to make the decision to run away, as she usually does, or stay and fight for what she knows in her heart is the only treasure worth protecting – her family.

Movie Review:

This is a pretty cute Christmas Movie.

Parents should know, however, that the main character, Cate, is a thief and is involved tightly with a ring of professional thiefs. In the beginning, she is a bad example for the nephew and niece she is babysitting... teaching them often to be mischievious.

It's easy to see though, that she is having a change of heart, as the kids and her old ex-boyfriend turned Sheriff, are winning her over.

My favorite scene is after Cate returns all of the toys she has stolen from the homes and they show children opening up odd presents... boys opening girls toys... and vice versa... it's pretty cute! Plus, I loved the scene where Hank recreates their prom night and takes Cate back to their old high school gymnasium that is all decorated with stramers, etc... and they dance in the spotlight! It's such a sweet moment!

This movie teaches forgiveness and second chances... and paying for one's actions... even though Cate is let off rather easy due to her Sheriff boyfriend's connections.

Overall, it's a Cute Movie with a Happy Ending!

See or Skip:

See... probably best suited for kids 8 & up!



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