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Saturday, May 18, 2024

πŸŽ„ Great American Family's "A Royal Christmas Ball" Promo - Starring Danica McKellar and Oliver Rice πŸ‘‘ See Here:

Great American Family is rolling out the red carpet for Danica McKellar's new royal-themed Christmas movie, A Royal Christmas Ball!

This movie is the latest to be filmed and promoted on their channel for the upcoming 2024 Great American Christmas movie season. See the promo for this movie below.

Here's what we know, so far, about this movie:

A Royal Christmas Ball will include waltzes choreographed by “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Gleb Savchencko. It is currently set to premiere this November on Great American Family.

Story synopsis via Great American Media: "In A Royal Christmas Ball, Chelsea Jones (Danica McKellar) is a dance instructor and studio owner in Chicago who inspires kids to find themselves through dance. Just before Christmas, Chelsea discovers a photo she’s never seen before. Chelsea thinks the young woman is her birth mother who passed away when she was only five years old. The woman is in a wedding dress tugging on the hand of a man wearing a wedding ring, but that is all that can be seen of the man Chelsea believes may be her father. The photo’s handwritten inscription reads, “Our place, Havenshire, December 23, 1984.” With only the internet, a plane ticket, and lifelong determination to go on, Chelsea now has four days in Havenshire to solve the mystery of her birth family. Along the way, she’ll have to sneak into a castle, teach a stubborn Prince how to dance, and be in just the right place on Christmas Eve when the bells toll."

A Royal Christmas Ball Promo:

Great American Family is currently using the title A Royal Christmas Ball to promote this film; however, there is a previous ION Christmas movie with the same title from 2017. Danica has said the title may change to A Cinderella Christmas Ball or something similar, so be sure to stay tuned IF there are any title changes or updates.

Of course, Danica McKellar is well-known for a number of TV and Christmas movies; notably, A Crown for Christmas is her most popular royal-themed Christmas movie to date. A Royal Christmas Ball will be her third royal film for Great American Family. The Winter Palace aired in 2022, and A Royal Date for Christmas aired in 2023.

More Great American Family News - In Case You Missed It:

Christmas in July is coming to Great American Family! Great American Media CEO Bill Abbott shared this exciting news in his latest insider email with this statement, "Movie enthusiasts can rest assured that we will go back to movies with Christmas in July, and then we will have a very strong slate of new, original movies through the end of 2024!"

Further information has not been released yet about when Christmas in July will begin, so please be sure to stay tuned for additional details. Last year, Great American Family ran Christmas movies 24/7 from July 1st to July 17th, and then from July 18th to July 30th, the channel aired three Christmas movies each night, from 6pm to 12am (EST). We will have to wait and see if the network plans to run a similar programming slate for Christmas in July this year.

At the end of July, Bill shared with his followers that we can expect to see the return of Great American Pure Flix films on Monday nights, beginning with GOD’S COUNTRY SONG on Monday, July 29th, and HEAVEN SENT on Monday, August 6th. MR. MANHATTAN, starring Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, will premiere May 23rd on the streaming source Great American Pure Flix and is projected to premiere on Great American Family in September.

Bill also promises, "There be much more to come in August, September and certainly at Christmas, including a mystery featuring Candace..." The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker, starring Candace Cameron Bure, is set to premiere sometime later this year.

At this point, I know some viewers are disappointed with the reruns of classic programming airing on Great American Family. Hopefully, this explanation from Bill Abbott will help explain, "The reason we have been airing older series content is the number of people who watch these shows is double, and sometimes triple, the number who watch movies according to Nielsen. While we also love our movies and would much prefer to offer these rather than old series, we need to reach the biggest audience possible to be viable to advertisers."

So, if you want to support Great American Family and the content they are building on their network, we will all have to wait a little longer as the network continues to grow its library of films and expands its viewership. When Christmas in July or the movies begin again, be sure to tell your family and friends to tune in.

Please stay tuned for additional programming details.

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. What is your favorite Danica McKellar Christmas movies?

  2. A Royal Cinderella Christmas Ball
    A Royally Christmas Ball
    A Cinderella Royally Christmas Ball
    A Cinderella Royal Christmas Ball

  3. I’m looking forward to the future with GAF after all Hallmark was the same way in the early years! I just wish he’d keep showing the movies we’ve seen, I’m not a fan of any of the channels showing old shows, well except for Reba, lol
    when I love a movie I can watch it over and over, and their are quite a few that Jill, Merrit, Donavan and the others they made that are really cute! ~Susan Ann

  4. I'm already in love with this movie!! -Maria

  5. This preview looks stunning!!!!

  6. Danica flourishes in these dancing Royal movies, but I have to be honest, as much as this looks great, I just don’t think any of her new Royal movies can top Crown for Christmas.

    1. I agree - I think it is going to be tough to beat her best Royal movie (and in my opinion, her best movie overall), Crown for Christmas.

  7. Jessica Lowndes recently recorded a new Christmas song for a new Christmas movie that she wrote. :) Can't wait to hear more about it! -Maria

  8. Glad to hear GAF will br back. Danica’s movie A Royal Date for Christmas is very romantic.


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