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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

πŸŽ„ "Paris Christmas Waltz" is Coming to Great American Family! 🌟 See WHO will Star...

Early this morning, while practicing her dance steps for her upcoming Christmas movie for Great American Family, which requires learning the Viennese waltz, actress Jen Lilley, who is a busy mother to four young children with her husband, Jason, shared some exciting Christmas movie news while responding to followers comments.

screen grab via - @jen_lilley

Between dance breaks, Jen revealed that she would be traveling to Paris to film her new Christmas movie with producers/director Janeen and Michael Damian next month. Even though Jen has never learned this particular waltz or Cha-cha, which are both required for the film, she said she told the Damians that she is a very hard worker and dedicated to learning, even if it means she has to get up very early in the morning to do so.

Last month, an official announcement was made revealing filmmakers Janeen and Michael Damian inked 3 movie deals with Brad Krevoy’s Motion Picture Corporation of America. One of those films is Paris Christmas Waltz, which is being described as a follow-up to Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp's popular Christmas movie, The Christmas Waltz. Since both Lacey and Will have contracts with Hallmark, it's apparent they won't be seen in this follow-up film, which will be airing on Great American Family this upcoming Christmas season. No word, yet, on who Jen Lilley's dancing partner will be!

Here is the video of Jen Lilley practicing and sharing this wonderful news on Instagram with her followers...

(may take a few seconds or minute to load depending on your connection speed)

My Quick Take:

I am thrilled to share this Christmas movie news with you all today!

From the moment I first watched the movie, A Princess for Christmas in 2011 and learned that Michael and Janeen Damian were the ones behind the creation of this spectacular, heartwarming Christmas film, I knew they were something extra special! Since then, many of the movies they have made over the years have been mine and overall fan-favorites, including Christmas Waltz, A Royal Christmas, A Hot Cocoa Christmas, etc...

And I have a feeling Jen Lilley is going to waltz her way into our hearts this Christmas on Great American Family!

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  1. I adore Jen❤️
    Have since I saw her play "Esther" in an UP movie from 2013.

    I love her and Trevor togetherπŸ’žπŸ’ž don't know if one would need to be a dancer, they are both talented!!

    Yet I'm sad, I had a glimmer of hope that Hallmark would make a sequel to Christmas Waltz with Lacey & Will, Avery would get her Christmas Wedding.....
    Oh wellπŸ˜’

  2. Wow, Hooray and Cheers! What great news. Producers/Directors Dimian have an A++++ in my book for all their wonderful movies. They are some of my all time favorites. Jen Lilley is part of some terrific movies.
    Thumbs up to GAF as they bring more family friendly programs to our homes.
    -Gabe’s Mom

  3. Is she really going to start filming next month? Unfortunately, I doubt it. The writers' strike will be delaying everything. Scripted TV shows will be starting mid-season, not in the fall. And this will cause Christmas movies, on all the stations, to be delayed. We will be watching a lot of game shows!

    1. Your information is incorrect when you say Christmas movies on all stations will be delayed. They film Christmas movies all year long. Mostly through Summer during the June, July and August months. We are a couple weeks from that Christmas movie filming season starting. So that means since they are ready to start filming in a couple weeks/a month, that means scripts are already finished being written and the movies are ready to be filmed. The strike only halts scripts that haven't been finished. Again, since we are so close to the main part of the christmas movies being filmed. All those scripts are done. They don't finish the scripts that close to when they start filming because they need to make sure the scripts are all good, that the cast has enough time to read the script and learn the script. In fact Benjamin Ayres has already filmed a Fall movie for Hallmark. Hallmark films way ahead of seasons sometimes and Lifetimes Christmas movie scripts have mostly been done and finished as they also film during summer months so Christmas movies for this season will not be hardly affected at all

    2. The last few moths have been chock-a-block with Christmas movies being filmed and there are many even being filmed currently.

      There's probably enough complted currently to fill the Season.

      I personally wouldn't mind fewer anyway - there were far too many last year - Florence

  4. I am so excited to see this movie. The last Michael and Janeen Damien movie on GAF was so good.

  5. Why do the GAF movies seem like they are less technical quality then Hallmark? I know the Damians make movies on HD cameras. Is it a network issue? It almost seems like they are grainy on GAF.

  6. Can't really say anything until I know what the connection to Christmas Waltz is - Florence

  7. This is indeed great news! And...didn't Trevor Donovan say that he was going to be dancing in a movie later this year?? I wonder if he is Jen's partner? Yes, he is already starring in Christmas by Chance this year, but he wouldn't be the first to be starring in two Christmas movies on the same network. You think?

  8. This looks awesome! It's been obvious for a while that Lacey and Will don't want to make a sequel, so I long accepted that as a reality. But at least we still get to be in the dancing world of the movie! And i love the producers this movie has! I have no doubt this will be spectacular! -Maria

    1. Maria, how do you know that Lacey and Will don't want to make a sequel to Christmas Waltz? Because both of then have said if Hallmark comes to them to shoot a sequel they both would happily be apart of it

  9. I read somewhere that The Way Home will be filming in June & WCTH: Season 11 will be filming in July 2023

  10. Yay! I love Jenn Lilley and the Damian’s! This is going to be epic for Great American Feeling!

  11. I love this!! I hope she's paired with Trevor Donovan. He was on Dancing With The Stars.

  12. I hope you are right about the filming of the Christmas movies. I expect there will be a bunch but not nearly as many as usual. However...look at ABC's fall schedule. It is all game shows. None of their scripted shows will be back until midseason. None of those shows had scripts written already? That seems unlikely. It's going to be a strange TV season and hopefully all the channels will be creative. I wouldn't mind some old movies that have not been shown in awhile.

    1. TV Series are supposedly to air in Mid-September but midseason is in October

      Game Shows are for Summer Game shows only what if there Game shows reboot


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