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Monday, January 16, 2023

πŸ’• Great American Family's FEBRUARY 2023 Movie Schedule πŸ’• SEE DETAILS:

UPDATE: Four NEW Movie Premieres are coming to Great American Family this February with their ALL-NEW *Great American Valentines* movie event!

See all the details below...

Great American Family:


A Romantic Rewrite

Starring: Kristina Cole and Russell Quinn

Premieres: Saturday, February 4, 2023

Storyline: Ivy is a talented up-and-coming romance book editor, up for a promotion at work but tasked with helping a stubborn mystery writer incorporate romance more successfully into the next book in his best-selling series. When he volunteers to be Ivy’s faux date for her best friend’s beach wedding in return for Ivy’s editing skills, will they be able to rewrite their fake romance into a real one?

Movie Reviews:

πŸ’• Romantic Rewrite - cute story and concept. Nice to see the lead girl again. Family-friendly. Will rewatch again. ~Anonymous

πŸ’• Romantic Rewrite is cute, funny, and not having to stress over a useless gay couple showing up will always be the best part. (why should we have to accept every irrelevant minority on the planet if we could really care less if they're included in literally every movie or TV show out there?) -Maria

πŸ’• Romantic Rewrite - Yes, one of the better Reel One movies - the chemistry was much better than the photos looked as if it would be and it was better second time around. Had a good chuckle when Ivy danced around the fast-food van to avoid Reed - Florence


A Charming Valentine

Also known as: The Love Subscription

Starring: Carolina Bartczak and Chad Connell

Premieres: Saturday, February 11, 2023

Storyline: Lillian is a careerist businesswoman who has a knack for turning start-ups into successful companies. Her newest endeavor is a company called “Love Subscription”, a gift box subscription service that allows its customers to never have to worry about forgetting that special occasion again. Will Lillian’s past heartbreak conflict with her new assignment, or will her growing feelings for “Love Subscription” founder, Grant, change her heart?

Movie Review:

πŸ’• A Charming Valentine is soooo sweet!! -Maria

πŸ’• A Charming Valentine – I tried to get into this movie, but I just couldn’t. I didn’t feel the chemistry between Lillian and Grant. The best part of the story for me was the addition of Grant’s Grandma. She was very sweet and I liked the way she gave them both love advice. This movie is family-friendly, but it just didn’t hold my interest. ~Net


Love in Aruba

Starring: Sashleigha Hightower and David McConnell

Premieres: Saturday, February 18, 2023

Storyline: Amber joins single father Connor overseas in Aruba to tutor and watch over his daughter, Macey, while he focuses on work.

Movie Reviews:

Love in Aruba was a beautiful movie, highly recommend! ~Maria

☀ I enjoyed "Love in Aruba". Very sweet movie. Plus the location was breathtaking. ~Anonymous

☀ Love in Aruba is family friendly about Amber joins single Father named Connor overseas in Aruba to tutor & watch over his Daughter named Macey, while he focuses on work ~Anonymous

This was a nice little rom-com. The romance was kind of slow and steady, but still very sweet. The outdoor beach setting is beautiful on screen. Overall, this family-friendly movie is an enjoyable watch. ~Net


The English Estate

Starring: Spencer Locke & Charlie Clapham

Premieres: Saturday, February 25, 2023

Storyline: NYC real estate executive, Nora Cartwright, has just found out that her unknown great-uncle, passed away and left her a beautiful English property. In need of money to buy her own office, Nora takes the first flight to England with a view to sell the mansion, not counting on her uncle’s handsome business partner to get in the way.

Movie Reviews:

🏑 English Estate is a lovely movie! Though, it would've been nice to know if there was going to be a movie airing in 2 weeks. –Maria

🏑 English Estate is family friendly about Nora Cartwright is a promising architect who inherits a mansion called; “Willowvale Mqnor that she plans to sell to start her own business. Right away, she encounters a big problem with the accountant of late Great Uncle named Edmund, Jamie, who makes her reconsider her desires & priorities ~Anonymous

🏑 The English Estate – This movie is rather intriguing. A young woman, Nora, loses her job, but in twist of fate, she inherits an English Estate when her great-uncle Edmond passes away and leaves it all to her, the only living relative. Nora is eager to sell the house and property, get back to the states, and open her architect business, but the only thing standing in her way, Jamie, her uncle’s accountant, who has a shared interest in the estate. Sparks fly between the two and it’s fascinating to watch Nora, who is young, alone, and a novice to caring for an estate, learn new things while acclimating herself to the town and the delightful people who live there, including Mary, who owns the local restaurant/pub and the townspeople who often gather there. Overall, it’s a sweet, family-friendly romantic comedy. ~Net


I hope you'll enjoy these new movies in February 2023 on Great American Family. I think they all look good; however, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Romantic Re-write. A story about a writer often grabs me. How 'bout you? Which one (or more) looks interesting to you?

If you'd like to share a review of any of these movies, please do so in comments.

Happy movie watching! Net


  1. I love these kind of movies close to Valentine's Day. :) -Maria

  2. What Valentine movies on Great American Family are you looking forward seeing?

  3. I wonder about February 25, 2023 - movie

  4. Thanks for the info. Net.

    Good to hear about the change of title on A Charming Valentine.

    Thus is a Reel One Entertainment movie - I'll be more than happy if GAF keep airing these!

    Similar to Russell Quinn, Carolina Bartczak looked very much an older actress (and older than Chad Connell) in the photo but on looking her bio up she is 37 the very same age as Chad.

    I've seen Chad Connell in a few movies previously and I quite like him - Florence

  5. they seem like good movies for February

  6. OT: Found a download of another new Reel One movie titled 'The Beauty of Love', starring Katerina Eichenberger and Jonathan Stoddard

    It's a very sweet, charming, and clean movie! I don't normally care for movies about social media influencers all that much, but this one was quite nice!

    Hope UP TV or GAF eventually picks it up. -Maria

    1. The Beauty of Love

      Emma has built a successful lifestyle website that she puts her heart & soul into, called “Classically Emma”. But when her numbers start trending down, she thinks she might’ve found her fix in a partnership with an ambitious millennial named Jill who has her own dreams. Will Jill’s protective brother named Jesse become a roadblock on Emma’s path to lasting success? Or will he be the unexpected obstacle that leads her down an even better road?


  7. Any news on what Uptv's February schedule is??

    1. Yes, I'm waiting anxiously for those too - nothing on their Website - Florence

    2. I'm aware of a couple movies UPtv obtained from Reel One Entertainment, but an official announcement has not been made yet. They will surely share details soon. Stay tuned! :)

    3. I see Net has listed UPtv movies for 05 and 12 February and I have heard of two others remoured to air next month.

      As I feared UP seems to be changing its policy and it looks like it might be a disastrous line-up.

      I'll wait until Net confirms the full Febraury schedule before making any futher comment - Florence

    4. Florence, I'm hoping to receive word from UPtv soon. I wonder if it's becoming even more expensive to obtain some of these movies since more networks are competing to purchase them. I know many businesses are cutting back some after Christmas.

    5. Funnily I was thinking about the cost too.

      Reel One seems to have gone on a spree and there are something like 50 (yes FIFTY) unaired titles in their catalogue most of which look pretty good.

      I don't know what happens to a lot of these, if they were purchased for Streaming etc you would at least expect to hear of them but no.

      You would think titles by reasonably well known actors would surface but there are for example a few Marcus Rosner movies which have disappeared and more surprisingly a 2021 movie Meet Me In New York with Brooke Nevin and Corey Sevier seems to have gone to ground.

      I liked it when Reel One used to show a channel which a movie had been bought by - Florence

  8. Finally decided to watch Autumn Stables tonight, and I really enjoyed it! -Maria

    1. Maria, Glad you were able to see Autumn Stables! It's one I always enjoy catching on GAF. Love the fireworks between Cindy Busby and Kevin McGarry! Would love to see Great American Family obtain/create more movies like that one. :)

  9. So there's no new movie on 25 February?

    There was none on 21 January so I wonder if this going to be a regular that they miss out one week a month? - Florence

  10. I've read that GAF is going to air A Belgian Chocolate Christmas in July.

    They've probably edited it much the same as they did with A Puppy For Christmas - Florence

    1. Interesting. -Maria

    2. Florence, That's an interesting scoop! That must mean they are doing even more for this Christmas in July - by adding in a new movie. Thank you for sharing! :)

    3. No guarantee that this is true but it's a source which has been amazingly accurate in the past - Florence

  11. Net, Can you tell GAF Staffs we need more movies for March throughout the months of the years?

  12. English Estate

    A woman named Nora Cartwright who discovers that her deceased Great Uncle has left her an English property. However, things get complicated when her Great Uncle's business partner named Jamie Allen has some conflicts with the plan.

    Nora is a charming & bubbly woman whose life takes a surprising turn when she finds out her Great Uncle has left her a beautiful property. But when his business partner has some conflicts, things get slightly complicated.

    Jamie Allen is Nora's Great Uncle's former business partner who doesn't want Nora to sell the property. It'll be interesting to see how his relationship with Nora evolves.

    Nora's eventful life. She's surprised that her Great Uncle named Edmund has left her a property in England & plans to sell it off.

    But a handsome young man named Jamie associated with Nora's Great Uncle may have other plans.

  13. What's going on at GAF?

    There's amazingly little information filtering through - Florence


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