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πŸŽ„πŸŽ₯ Danica McKellar's First Christmas Movie with Great American Family Revealed! @danicamckellar @GAfamilyTV πŸŽ„ SEE HERE:

Third times the charm! Once again, Danica McKellar is pairing up with Neal Bledsoe (The Winter Palace) for an all new movie for Great American Family. Danica and Neal have starred together in two previous movies: Coming Home for Christmas for Hallmark and The Winter Palace for Great American Family. 

See all the details on their new Christmas movie, Christmas at the Drive-In, below...


NEW YORK, NY – September 21, 2022 – Great American Family today announced Danica McKellar (“The Wonder Years,” The Winter Palace) and Neal Bledsoe (“The Man in High Castle,” The Winter Palace) are set to star in Christmas at the Drive-In, premiering on the network this holiday season. McKellar is also executive producer for the film, her first original Christmas movie since signing a multi-picture deal with Great American Family. Christmas at the Drive-In reunites McKellar and Bledsoe following the successful premiere of The Winter Palace in January. Christmas at the Drive-In is part of Great American Christmas, the network’s holiday programming franchise which returns on October 21 with a new slate of original holiday movie premieres every Saturday and Sunday and Christmas movies all day and all night through the end of 2022.

In Christmas at the Drive-In, Sadie Walker (McKellar) is starting over in her hometown of Chesterfield, New York, following a series of major life disruptions that include leaving her law practice after losing her biggest case and no longer being engaged. Now a law professor at Chesterfield College, Sadie has no interest in ever pursuing law again until she finds herself fighting to preserve a cherished local landmark, Chesterfield Drive-In. Sadie is surprised to find out her passionate effort to keep the drive-in open has staunch opposition – the late owner’s son and Sadie’s childhood sweetheart, Holden (Bledsoe).

Executive producers of Christmas at the Drive-In are Brad Krevoy, Eric Jarboe, Amanda Phillips, Amy Krell, Vince Balzano, Jimmy Townsend, Danica McKellar, David Anselmo, Susie Belzberg Krevoy, Kathy Ceroni, and Don McBrearty. Supervising producers are James Mou, W. Michael Beard, Michael Shepard, Kelly Martin, Allan Fung, and Micheline Blais. Christmas at the Drive-In is written by Rick Garman. McKellar is repped by Matt Sherman Management and attorney Dave Ryan at FTSAMR.


Great American Family is America’s premiere destination for quality family-friendly programming, including original holiday movies, rom-coms and fan-favorite series that celebrate faith, family and country. Great American Family is home to year-round seasonal celebrations including Great American Christmas, the network’s signature franchise featuring holiday themed movies and specials. Founded in 2021, Great American Family is part of the Great American Media portfolio of brands. Follow Great American Family onTwitter: @GAfamilyTV Facebook: @GAfamilytv Instagram: @gactv


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My *Quick* Take:

I love that this story is centered around saving a Drive-In Movie Theater. Have you ever been to one or do you still know one in your state? The drive-in I've always gone to is still going strong. We've heard rumors through the years that it might close, but it's still there. I love when I drive by and check out the marquee of what's airing. I've been to it numerous times through the years. It's such a different experience then being in the theater. I sure hope they will be able to save the one in the Danica's new movie, too!

Merry Blessings to you all, Net


  1. This movie sounds great! When I was growing up there were plenty of drive-in theaters in my hometown. They're all gone now, but the little town I live in now in Carolina has a drive-in theater still.

    1. Well, Oklahoma has 7 Drive-ins remaining. The Winchester Drive-in not far from where I live, so yes, I've been to a drive-in theater.
      Danica and Neal are great together. Sounds like a great movie.

    2. Joyce in Carolina, That is so nice you have a drive-in so close to you. It is sad to see so many of them are gone now. I think that makes the ones we still have even more special.

    3. Namegirl, That's great you have a drive-in near you, too. Ours isn't too far away, as well. During the whole virus lockdown, they even held music concerts, where people could come and watch from their cars.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the movie; I think it sounds great, too!

  2. Not only have I been to a drive-in, working at one was my first job. Taking money for tickets, standing outside all night -- not much fun, but -- I got to see all the movies I wanted and bring my family for free. At sixteen, that's a pretty good deal.

    1. JoAnne, Oh my goodness, what a special memory the drive in holds for you! How fun you could watch every movie and bring your family for free. I bet they loved that, too. Sounds like it was such a fun experience.

  3. Looks great! -Maria

  4. Great story line. Yes, there is a drive-in located in my area. It shows family friendly movies throughout the summer and early fall.

    These are a great duo in their movies. Hoping (and praying) that GAC lives up to their family friendly presentations.
    -Gabe’s Mom

    1. Gabe's Mom, I love that your local drive-in shows family-friendly movies - that is soooo cool! Wish ours did that. What a fun place to go.

  5. The drive-in movie theater...there's a blast from the past! I remember going with my family as a kid - often seeing a double-feature - and usually falling asleep before the second movie was over! Unfortunately, those theaters around us are long gone!

    On a totally side note, it's probably just me, but does anyone else see a young Naomi Judd as the doctor in the far-left banner picture? Just wondering...

    1. Mark 25, What special times the drive-in holds for you! I remember those double-features, as well, and trying not to fall asleep. Oh my goodness... that was so hard, especially when we were little and we had played outside all day. Sometimes, though. we would leave before the second movie, if it wasn't G or PG, too. The mix of movies they played didn't always go together, unfortunately.

      Sorry to hear your drive-in's are gone now, like many of them, but so glad you have such sweet memories! :)

      And, yes, I do see a similarity between the actress in the above banner (Galadriel Stineman from "Plus One at an Amish Wedding") and Naomi Judd. With the red hair and all, they do have a similar look.

  6. I went Movie Theater Drive-In with my Cousin’s family to the watch movie called; “ E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”, in the middle of the night when I was young age. Movie Night at the movie theater Drive-In. Get some drinks & popcorn!!!

    1. What a fun, special memory with your cousins! I bet E.T. was cool to see on the big screen.

  7. I love all of her films. Can't wait!

  8. This sounds fantastic.

    I've been to a few drive-ins in my life. There's one left in Maryland and it's not too far from me.

    1. Denise, Nice to hear you have a drive-in near you, too. It's a whole new experience seeing a movie there.

      It would be fun if they could do a limited showing of this movie there, wouldn't it?

  9. Love the storyline! Looking forward to it.


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