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Thursday, July 29, 2021

UPtv AUGUST 2021 TV Movie Premieres! 🌞 SEE HERE:

Look for these NEW Movie Premieres on UPtv!

Love Stories in Sunflower Valley, starring Erin Cahill and Marcus Rosner, is coming in August and more - see below!

See details on these movies...


Love Stories in Sunflower Valley

Original Air Date: August 15, 2021

Starring: Erin Cahill and Marcus Rosner

Story-line via UPtv: Kate Francis has been a loyal assistant at a Seattle newspaper for the past five years. When one of her story ideas finally gets accepted, the assignment takes her back to her charming hometown of Sunflower Valley. But unexpectedly, handsome newcomer and longtime writer Drew Hutton is also coming along. They work together and unravel a series of heartwarming love stories about the local town people. As they delve deeper into these tales of life and love, will they find their own?


🌞 "I saw this on YouTube. It was ok. Lovely area they filmed it at though!" ~Misty

🌞 "I'm not a big Erin Cahill fan but I think most here should enjoy this. I won't say anything in advance but can confirm that it is family friendly." ~Florence

🌞 "I thought this movie was very sweet and family friendly. It made me want to visit Sunflower Valley and have a picnic and take a bicycle ride. Erin Cahill's character Kate is assisting Drew Hutton (Marcus Rosner) with his story on Olivia, a romantic matchmaker, who brought together numerous couples in Sunflower Valley. Drew is not necessarily a skeptic when it comes to love, be he fears falling in love and losing that love, as his father did. Kate, on the other hand, is overly optimistic when it comes to matters of the heart and may end up convincing Drew, as well. Kate's parents are a fun addition to the story, as well as all the couples they interview for the Love Stories in Sunflower Valley article. This is an easy-going, lighthearted story in a lovely country setting." ~Net

🌞 "I really enjoyed UPtv's "Love Stories in Sunflower Valley" It was a very sweet movie. I really liked Erin Cahill and Marcus Rosner. The lead characters helped each other grow as a person and of course they fell in love." ~Namegirl


Love Upstream

Original Air Date: August 22, 2021

Starring: Kimberly-Sue Murray and Steve Lund

Story-line via UPtv: Best selling author Charlotte Meyers, the epitome of a sophisticated Chicago city girl finds herself spending a month in the wilderness of Minnesota to research and write her new book “The City Girl’s Guide to Wilderness Survival.” Her personal wilderness guide is ROB – a handsome, down-to-earth, guy who doesn’t expect Charlotte to do very well in his neck of the woods. However, before long, they realize they have far more in common than not – and soon find themselves falling in love.


🌞 "I really enjoyed Love Upstream with Steve Lund. If it is released on DVD I'll probably buy it." ~Namegirl

🌞 "This is a lighthearted rom-com, loved the concept of the city girl trying to make it in the wilderness. I really enjoyed the comedy parts; I only wish there had been more. The movie is family-friendly, but I want to caution there were 2 uses of the phrase "Oh My G--." ~Net

🌞 "I really enjoyed UPtv's "Love Upstream" with Steve Lund in a little more dramatic role." ~Namegirl


Love's Match

Original Air Date: August 29, 2021

Starring: Megan Hutchings and Robin Dunne

Story-line via UPtv: Smart and beautiful matchmaker Leah Price is the owner of dating website Soul match. But when one of her clients still doesn’t find love, Leah reluctantly agrees to allow devilishly handsome rival matchmaker Peter Beckett, whose specialty is arranging romantic meet-cutes, to help her. During the challenge to see whose technique rules, they find something they weren’t expecting… a perfect match for themselves!

Story-line via UPtv:
🌞 "Love's Match was not a match for me. It was ok, but I am not a big fan of 'competing matchmakers' movies. Only one I liked was Midnight Kiss with that theme. How their dispute was just fixed within a commercial break made no sense either." ~Misty


I think "Love Stories in Sunflower Valley" sounds and looks cute from the poster & info we've been given - thus far. Erin Cahill (A Timeless Christmas) and Marcus Rosner (Love on Harbor Island) are both familiar faces, so I think it will be fun to see these two paired up for this country story. UPDATE: I did enjoy this movie - see my review and others above!

Are you looking forward to watching these movies on UPtv?

Please Note: I have not pre-screened all of these movies. If you would like to post a review on whether these movies are family-friendly, please share in comments. Some movies previously aired in Canada on the W Network.

Blessings on your day! Net

Erin Cahill movies on DVD:


  1. I asked Hallmark for that movie; Love Stories at Sunflower Valley”.

    When u said about that movie for Fall Harvest movies

    I’ve waiting so long..

    I asked Marcus Rosner if his movie ahead to Hallmark or something

    1. Well, "Love Stories in Sunflower Valley" is not premiering on Hallmark, but hopefully you have the UP channel and you can watch this movie premiere there.

  2. I saw this on YouTube. It was ok. Lovely area they filmed it at though! It was already shown on WeTV in Canada and someone is posting their movies. I saw a little of Tykoons Kiss...which is under a different name, but I can't remember it.


    1. Misty, Thank you for sharing with us. It's so good to get your take on this movie. I saw this listed on YT and put it on my to-watch list, but hadn't done so, yet. I will wait now and watch on UP. I had another movie I was going to watch with Marcus Rosner, but it was removed.

  3. Just my luck - I had an odd feeling if UPtv aired a new Rom.Com in August it might be this one.

    It's actually been available on YouTube for a few months now.

    I'm not a big Erin Cahill fan but I think most here should enjoy this.

    I won't say anything in advance but can confirm that it is family friendly.

    If they follow the same pattern as last year then there should be half-a-dozen movies in September and October (wonder if there might just be one at the end of August) and I'm rooting for these to be new ones.

    There are a number out there which I would really like to see with actors well known to us - Florence

    1. Florence, Thank you so much for sharing that "Love Stories in Sunflower Valley" is family friendly. That is great news! I so appreciate you letting us know.

      I'm not sure if this is the only new movie for UP in August, but I'll keep you all posted - as soon as I hear something. I wonder if they are saving up this summer - for possibly even more Christmas??? Hope so!

      Again, I so appreciate you taking the time to share, Florence! Bless you!!! :)

  4. It seems like forever since we've seen something new with Marcus Rosner AKA dimples. I've seen some mixed reviews on Love Stories at Sunflower Valley, mostly bad, but it looks cute to me.

    1. Awe, yes, Marcus Rosner certainly has deep dimples! And, yes, it's been a little while since we've seen him on Hallmark; the last time was the Summer Night's movie, "Love on Harbor Island."

  5. I don't know what's going on with Marcus Rosner.

    He always seemed to be a secondary actor or "the other guy" with Hallmark.

    He did star with Jen Lilley in Yes I Do but it didn't seem to be that popular.

    He doesn't seem to be filming for Hallmark - there are several new movies starring him which could be taken up from Reel One (this is where Love Stories In Sunflower Valley came from) - Florence

    1. I just read an article that reported Marcus is starring alongside Andrea Brooks in a movie titled 'Sit, Stay, Love'. Not sure if it will end up on Hallmark Channel. Here's the link to the article:


  6. Marcus Rosner filmed several movies last 2 years ago

    Love in Vine
    Love in Sunflower Valley
    Christmas with the Crown
    Love at Harbor Island

    1. Did Marcus Rosner play in a Hallmark movie with Candace Cameron Bure?

    2. He sure did, Chris. Marcus played Candace's boyfriend, Jack, in "A Christmas Detour."

    3. If I recall correctly, Rosner played Elizabeth Thatcher's boyfriend Charles back home who came out West to visit. I don't recall which season.

    4. That's right, Namegirl. Marcus Rosner was also in "When Calls the Heart," he played Charles Kensington III. I looked it up and it was in the second season. It seems like forever ago.

  7. This looks great and I love the cast.

  8. Robin Dunne looks so different in Love’s Match since his Hallmark Movies & other Movies


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