Friday, July 16, 2021

NEW Hallmark Mystery - "Redemption in Cherry Springs"

image: Rochelle Aytes - Hallmark Crown Media

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The movie is titled "Redemption in Cherry Springs" and will star Rochelle Aytes, Keith Robinson and Frankie Faison.

Storyline: Investigative journalist Melanie (Aytes) heads back to her hometown of Cherry Springs for a much-needed break where her Uncle Joe (Faison) welcomes her with open arms. Her quiet retreat is disrupted when her childhood friend goes missing so Melanie uses her investigative skills to find out more about his sudden disappearance. See more *here*.

According to the article it's possible this movie might premiere this fall.

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  1. Hallmark didn’t labeled Destination Mysteries: Catch the Spy

    Catch the Spy but TV Guide said Destination Mysteries m: Catch the Spy

    Nathalie Kelley
    Colin Donnell
    Patty Murin

  2. This title Melanie Abrams Mysteries: Redemption In Cherry Springs is much better than Redemption in Cherry Springs

  3. Another one off mystery?


  4. I like Rochelle so happy she is in more hm stuff. That spy movie did bad in the ratings. I do hope there will be more aurora.

  5. Would you like to see a Signature Mysteries Movie on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries where the bad guys steals Christmas Trees or steals Christmas Ornaments because they are worth something and the detectives captures them and arrests them?


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