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Hallmark Fall Harvest 2021 Movie Announced - "Roadhouse Romance"

Lauren Alaina and Tyler Hynes in Roadhouse Romance
image: Hallmark Crown Media

According to Hallmark's Press Release: "Hallmark will launch its 2021 Fall Harvest programming event with Roadhouse Romance, a new romantic comedy starring Lauren Alaina (Road Less Traveled) and Tyler Hynes (It Was Always You)."

"Roadhouse Romance" Storyline: "Lieutenant Callie Jackson (Lauren Alaina) returns home after a military tour, expecting everything to pick up right where she left it. To her dismay, her late Grandfather’s BBQ is struggling, and her high school sweetheart has moved on. She has a run-in with Luke (Tyler Hynes), a TV director passing through town, who teachers her that sometimes it’s best to look forward instead of looking back."

"Roadhouse Romance" will premiere
Saturday, September 11 at 9 pm. ET/PT
on the Hallmark Channel

I think this story sounds interesting. Lauren Alaina is a singer and actress; she first became well known as a contestant on American Idol. She typically has a spunky personality that I think will contrast well with Tyler Hynes usual dry humor.

UPDATE: I was initially surprised this movie is premiering on the 20th year anniversary of September 11, 2001; however, as mentioned above, there is a military theme in the story, so perhaps this will be a nice patriotic tribute on September 11th, after all. I hope we all pause on that day to reflect and remember.

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  1. Would love to see Hallmark make some movies that weren't centered around romance! Of course I want them perfectly clean to. I'm just burnt out on the same ole' same ole'. Would love to see some family friendly comedies without the love story!!

  2. I think so long as it honors military, it will be a lovely tribute. (But chances are its premiere will be swapped - they do this ALL THE TIME.) Funnily enough, I was just thinking this past weekend how sad it is that Hallmark doesn't do more military or patriotic theme films. "Banner 4th of July" and "When Sparks Fly" are both cute and I love the Sara Rue rom-com "All for Love."

    1. Rissi, That is an excellent point. Since this movie also honors our military - maybe they could make it a nice tribute on 9-11.

      It's nice to see another patriotic movie throughout the year; you are so right, there are far too few of them that aren't Christmas movies.

    2. Roadhouse Romance is perfect for Patriot Day on September 11, 2021

  3. I'm not familiar with Lauren Alaina but apparently she's from a Christian background.

    Certainly the synopsis of the movie looks interesting - Florence

    1. That's right. Lauren was asked last year to host the "Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith" TV show. It airs on the Circle Network. The series is based on the bestselling devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

      Lauren has had many wonderful guests, including: Kristin Chenoweth, Zach Williams, Kathie Lee Gifford, Craig Morgan, Chonda Pierce, Gloria Gaynor, Sandi Patty, Randy Travis and more.

      You can see more details on the "Jesus Calling" show on the Circle Network web-site, if you'd like to check it out.

    2. Lauren Alaina was in American Idol with Scotty McCreery & Thia Megia

      Lauren &’Scott are both Country Music Stars

    3. I've never heard of Lauren Alaina until now. I looked her up on the IMdb website. I'm so happy that she is a Christian! This is a movie that I want to watch. Tyler is busy these days.

  4. Yeah to get Hallmark to mention or honor 9/11 would be too much to ask.

    I am happy Fall Harvest starts sooner this year, i only worry that means Christmas i starting October 1st so they can get a leg up on Lifetime, which had far better christmas movies than hallmark last year.

    I had no idea lauren alaina was an actress. I like some of her country songs.

    I know that HMM had many movies in filming, and since they have nothing new in July, I hope they finish strong and have all new in august and september since we know they will likely start christmas in early october too.

    would like to see
    honeymoon and honey murder, mystery 101 recently filmed, new hannah movie, I know they did another marthas vineyard, the new POstables movie they hopefully film, I think there is at least 1 crossword and matchmaker mysteries, so PLEASE HMM finish the regular movie year off strong and give us signature movies all august and september.

    1. Sabrina - I was surprised to see a brief tribute to 9-11 in the latest "Crossword Mysteries: Riddle Me Dead." It's about half way through the movie. The setting for these shows is New York (even though it films in Canada) so it makes perfect sense to have this tribute there. Anyway, Lacey and Brennan are walking through the city - he's eating and she is holding an umbrella. They are discussing the case but then they stop in front of a building and you can clearly see a poster of an American Flag. Under the flag it says 9/11 Never Forget. I was amazed when I initially saw this and deeply touched that the props department included this to honor the day. Not only that, it's obvious the director had them purposely stand there to talk in the scene so the poster could be clearly seen in the background. It was a very nice, thoughtful touch.

      As for Lauren Alaina, yes she acts, too! I started watching her movie, "Road Less Traveled" once on Amazon prime, but stopped about midway through. There was just too much partying for me. You can see the trailer for RLT - here, if you like.

      I also hope Hallmark Movies & Mysteries finishes strong this year. They had a commercial during "Aurora Teagarden: Til Death Do Us Part" for "Honeymoon, Honeymurder" - and it will premiere Sunday, August 22, 2021! I've already added it to the Movie Schedule - I'm so excited to see it!

  5. Summer Nights was a lot earlier this year and now they're announcing Fall Harvest.

    I'm getting a bad feeling we might be starved of new movies through July/August.

    And what on earth ever happened to Finding Love At Mountain View? - Florence

    1. Florence, Yeah, I also wonder about "Finding Love At Mountain View" from time to time when I see it on my list. It is strange they removed it so suddenly. Maybe it will reappear this Fall Harvest or pop up on Hallmark's streaming service.

    2. There's also a 2020 movie called Love's Second Chance starring Gabrielle Christian and Cody Ray Thompson which Reel One Entertainment say was taken up by Hallmark.

      Never heard anything about this but still showing on Reel One's site - maybe they've just made a mistake. - Florence

  6. Sounds like a great movie. Can't wait to see what else they have in store for Fall Harvest.


  7. Joyce in CarolinaTuesday, June 15, 2021

    This sounds great! I like Lauren and we all know how great Tyler is! Should be a good pairing!

    I'm with you Net! Would love to see HMM finish big this year. I know we have some new ones in August, but hoping for more before Christmas 24/7 starts. I wish more of the mysteries would do a Christmas theme episode. I believe Murder She Baked is the only one so far??

    I hadn't commented in the thread about Bill good to see someone has the good sense to use this very talented man with great morals! Sadly I don't get GAC without paying more per month. I will have to do some thinking on this after we see what transpires! I was also thinking of Larry Levinson...wouldn't it be awesome if the two of them became a team!!

    1. Joyce, So great to hear from you! I've always wished the HMM Mysteries would do more Christmas-themed movies. It wouldn't have to be about murder, if that's the issue. The only other one I can think of besides "Murder, She Baked," is "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas."

      Also, good to hear your enthusiasm over Bill Abbott becoming CEO over the GAC network. Sabrina also suggested Larry Levinson, and I think it would be wonderful to see his creations again. I wonder why he left the Hallmark Channel in 2014?

      As for GAC... I haven't noticed any changes on the channel, yet. I'll be sure to keep you posted when I do!

  8. Lauren Alaina Set to Make Hallmark Channel Debut in September

    Attention country music fans, the stars are aligning and one of the hottest artists on the charts right now is joining the Hallmark family. In a press release today, Hallmark Channelannounced the first film of their Fall Harvest line up will be Roadhouse Romance starring ACM and CMT award winning musician Lauren Alaina opposite one of our favorite Hallmark leading men, Tyler Hynes. This will mark Alaina's debut for the network, and we are just so excited!

    The folks at Hallmark have gifted us a little glimpse of what the movie will be about in the following description:

    "Lieutenant Callie Jackson (Alaina) returns home after a military tour, expecting everything to pick up right where she left it. To her dismay, her late Grandfather's BBQ joint is struggling, and her high school sweetheart has moved on. She has a run-in with Luke (Hynes), a TV director passing through town, who teaches her that sometimes it's best to look forward instead of looking back."

    A military family, BBQ, and of course, love? What more could we ask for? Well, actually there is more. Not only will Alaina show off her acting chops but of course we will be graced with music as we could all expect from the country star. She will perform her songs "Run," and "What Do You think Of," in the film as well as a cover of Keith Whitley's "When You Say Nothing At All," which happens to be first song she performed at Tootsies in Nashville when she was just twelve years old.

    Mark those calendars because you won't want to miss Roadhouse Romance, premiering on Saturday, September 11, at 9PM EST.

  9. Roadhouse Romance has both Holiday movie: Patriot & Veteran’s Day


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