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Which one of these Summer Nights MOVIES
did you think shined brightest?

Plus, which Movie Poster did you like best?

I'll go first...

MY FAVORITE MOVIE (of these two):
I enjoyed both "Romance in the Air" and "Love on Harbor Island" equally. Both movies were extra sweet and family-friendly. I liked the chemistry between Morgan Kohan and Marcus Rosner best in "Love on Harbor Island," but Cindy Busby, as always, was delightful and bubbly in "Romance in the Air." Both of these "Summer Nights" movies were an easy, breezy, light-hearted way to spend a hot Summer evening.

"Romance in the Air!" You can see such intense looks of love in both of their eyes! Plus, the colorful hot balloons simply carry my child like heart away!

Now, it's your turn - Please share your Favorite of these two movies in comments below...

Looking forward to hearing all your responses!
Blessings, Net



  1. I like both Romance in the Air & Love on Harbor Island

    My favorite movie poster: Love on Love on Harbor Island

  2. Romance in the Air for summer movie & poster. Love on Harbor Island felt more like a fall movie.

  3. Maybe it was just me, but I couldn't get into either of these movies. They were just okay.

    1. No, not just you, neither could I. I'm a big Cindy B fan, but just did not find her appealing in this, and I didn't think there was any chemistry between Marcus and his leading lady. I haven't been too enthralled by any of the new Hallmark movies at all. I'm sad I feel that way, but they are just not producing quality movies.

  4. Easily Romance In The Air.

    Marcus Rosner didn't seem himself in Love On Harbor Island - but the ending was one of Hallmark's worst, inconclusive and over in a few seconds.

    The strange thing about Love In The Air is that we weren't really looking forward to it as we were unable to watch it at the time and had it recorded and the reviews of it were all pretty poor.

    Everyone was agreed that the scenery was breathtaking but most thought that Torrance Coombs'and several of the secondary characters' acting was very wooden and the plot weak.

    In the event we thoroughly enjoyed it - it was gentle and heartwarming and we have since waatched it again.

    Part of Coombs' charm was his laid back and unassuming manner - just the sort of guy I hope our daughter brings home to meet us someday!

    Cindy Busby can be up and down but she came over well here.

  5. None of them! Think I have had enough of Cindy Busby. Didn't watch any of them for long. There were two movies Cindy has been at her best. Unleashing Mr. Darcy and Meant For Love. The best one for her is Meant For Love. I don't like any of the males in these three listed above. I apologize to others who liked these. Just not for me.

  6. I really enjoyed it!
    Sweet and romantic and Beautiful scenery!

  7. I enjoyed both movies. Very entertaining. Also loved both posters.

  8. Love on Harbor Island movie and poster


  9. Definitely Love In the Air for both. One of my new favorites!

  10. I liked Romance in the Air the best.

  11. I watched both movies. While the scenery in Romance In The Air was beautiful, my favorite was Love On Harbor Island. I was so happy to see Marcus Rosner playing the lead male who gets the girl. I like the way the writers wrote his character, helpful and caring. He got the girl in Yes, I Do with Jen Lilley and also in Valentine In The Vineyard as Marco DeLuca (double wedding).

    Favorite poster was Love On Harbor Island.

  12. Both were nice. Wish we could be guaranteed more movies like these.

  13. Yes, unlike "A Wedding Every Weekend" which really rubbed in our faces the "wedding" between the two women. One thing to be accepting of people, another thing to throwing it in our faces. If this political correctness is happening on Hallmark Channel, it bothers me.


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