Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Heartland's Amber Marshall stars in "Love in Harmony Valley" - a TV Movie on UPtv!


Movie: Love in Harmony Valley

Network: UPtv

Original Air Date: July 12, 2020


*Based on the book - Dandelion Wishes, A Harmony Valley Novel by Melinda Curtis. Available in Paperback or Kindle.


Amber Marshall ... Emma
Eric Hicks ... Will
Nina Kiri ... Tracey
Andy Yu Andy Yu ... Flynn
Paula Barrett ... Rose
Martin Roach ... Felix
Jerald Bezener ... Mayor Leo Matsoukas
Vijay Mehta ... Pete
Tonjha Richardson ... Frances
Lisa Michelle Cornelius ... Tanya
Maya Misaljevic ... Young Emma
Alyssa Gervasi ... Young Tracey
Gunnar Burks ... Young Will
Sophie Neudorf ... Ella
Scott Dion Brown ... Physiotherapist


Storyline via UPtv: Emma Willoughby returns to her hometown of Harmony Valley to reunite with her life-long best friend Tracey after the two were in a terrible accident. But while forgiveness comes easily for Tracey, it does not come so easily for her brother Will who holds Emma responsible. Now, Emma and Will are thrown together on a mission to revitalize the local winery that Tracey longs to run as soon as she’s well and soon, their common goal starts to ignite a spark between them.

*Based on the book - Dandelion Wishes, A Harmony Valley Novel by Melinda Curtis. Available in Paperback or Kindle.

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*images via: UPtv


  1. This will be so weird to see her playing a role other than Amy, and with someone other than Ty! Has she been in any other movies since she started Heartland? I saw Michelle Morgan in a movie on the up streaming app. I think heartland seems so real that it is strange to see the actors as different characters haha:)

    1. I agree. Amber Marshall (Amy) is so much a part of that character, it really is hard to imagine her as anyone else; however I do recall her many years ago portraying Elizabeth Smart and she was fantastic in that role.

      It really will be interesting to see her in this new rom-com! You're so right, the characters on Heartland do seem real, like a true family. I think that's probably because they are so close and comfortable with one another in real-life!

  2. so excited for this, although it may be hard seeing amber Marshall without seeing graham w. I love her in Heartland and when she was a young girl in Christmas Shoes.

    1. Hey Sabrina! I know just how you feel... it will be so fun (and strange, too!) to see Amber Marshall on something besides Heartland. And, if there's a horse in any scene, forget it about it! Right?

      I had forgotten all about her being in "The Christmas Shoes!" I looked it up and found these great images...


      Thank you for sharing! Hope we both enjoy this movie! :)

  3. Yay! this is Melinda's book-to-film.


    1. That is wonderful, Denise! I'm sure it's great fun to see your friends have their books become movies!

      This looks like a heartwarming story. It's so nice to see the cover of the book says it's a "wholesome, tender romance" and Amazon lists it as a clean romance.

      I'm so looking forward to the movie!

  4. Is it just me Heartland fans? Or is it going to be really weird to see Amber Marshal be called Emma, and not Amy? Wonder if there are any horses in Harmony Valley?

    1. Trust me, it's not just you. All of us "Heartland" fans are thinking it, too. Hopefully, a few minutes in and we'll ease right into her new character. hopefully... {sigh}

  5. We only got round to seeing this movie last night and really loved it - probably the best TV movie to date this year.

    There was great chemistry between the leads who were both new to us and some depth to what was a believable plot.

    Just one point of caution - Emma had suffered trauma after the car accident and there were several scenes when it showed her distress which could be scary for younger viewers.

    Definitely one to re-watch - probably sooner than later!


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