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Monday, February 17, 2020

❄ Which Hallmark WINTERFEST 2020 MOVIE did YOU Like BEST? ⛄

"Love On Iceland," "Amazing Winter Romance,"
and "Hearts of Winter"

❆ Share the BEST of WINTERFEST! ❆

To start off this year, the Hallmark Channel premiered FIVE NEW ORIGINAL MOVIES as part of *WINTERFEST* 2020!

Please share "YOUR TAKE" on this recent block of Original TV movies in comments below by answering these Two Questions...

1. Which "WINTERFEST" 2020 movie did you like/love the most?

2. Which "WINTERFEST" movie poster (above) do you like best?

(You can choose more than one, if you like, for both answers!)

Looking forward to hearing all of your responses! Please share in the comment section below.

And, if you're curious which Winterfest movie won me over this year, you can look for my favorite pick in comments below, too...

Blessings, Net


  1. 1. FAVORITE MOVIE: Amazing Winter Romance

    I really loved ALL of the Winterfest movies this year; however, MY absolute Favorite Winterfest Movie for 2020 was - "Amazing Winter Romance!" The joyful Jessy Schram and always smiling, Marshall Williams, were so adorable together, and of course, I loved that cool snow maze! I absolutely wanted to go inside, have a snowball fight, and roast marshmallows by the fire! What a sweet movie!

    I also enjoyed Lacey Chabert in "Winter in Vail" with Tyler Hynes; their bantering back and forth was a delight to watch, and the vivacious Jill Wagner was truly wonderful, as always, in "Hearts of Winter!" It was nice to watch as she and Victor Webster’s character came together to make the house a home, and the sweet prayer (loved that!) spoken nightly with the daughter and father was such a beautiful moment throughout the movie!

    2. FAVORITE POSTER: Winter in Vail

    All of the Winterfest posters are fantastic, but my favorite pick would have to be "Winter in Vail." I love how it looks like they are taking a stroll, hand in hand… “Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland!” Plus, I love the clear lights (almost Christmassy) on the trees in the background! Such a nice, glowing touch!

  2. movie- Hearts of Winter - Jill has been my favorite on Hallmark since Autumn Dreams.

    poster- Hearts of Winter

  3. MY FAVORITE WINTERFEST movies are Winter in Vail & Amazing WINTER ROMANCE

  4. I will say that my favorite was between Winter in Vail and also Hearts of Winter. The poster that I liked the most was the Winter in Vail.

  5. My favorite was Love in Winterland. Great story & cast

  6. Hands down, Winter In Vail was the best Winterfest movie this season. Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes were phenomenal together and the supporting cast was fantastic too! Best poster, Winter In Vail but Love in Winterland is a close second.

    1. Winter in Vail. The very best this year. The banter. The chemistry. Looking fwd to seeing more of Tyler and Lacey.

  7. 1. Favorite Winterfest movie--Winter In Vail

    2. Favorite poster--Love On Iceland

  8. Favorite Movie: Winter in Vail (I want this one on DVD!)
    Favorite Poster: Winter in Vail
    Runner up for both categories is Hearts of Winter.
    (I'm bummed that I completely missed taping Amazing Winter Romance. I wish they would run it a second time.)

    On a different note, I wish Hallmark would have a Pinterest page or a place where viewers can find info on things they've seen or heard in one of the movies. I'm contemplating building a new house and there are parts of some of the interior and exterior house sets that I would love photos of. I liked part of the kitchen/great room in Hearts of Winter and would love to be able to see it on Pinterest. Same for two houses used in Picture Perfect Christmas (one of those houses was also used in Love By Chance); I wish I knew where the houses were or who the builder was.


  9. Joyce in CarolinaMonday, February 17, 2020

    Winter In Vail & Hearts Of Winter(Sorry, couldn't pick just one)!

    Same for Posters!

  10. movie: Love in Winterland
    poster: Hearts of Winter and Winter in Vail

  11. Love in Winterland for me, and the poster as well :)

  12. Hearts of Winter movie

    Winter in Vail poster


  13. Favorite Winter fest movie: Winter in Vail. Lacy & Tyler were terrific together.
    Favorite Poster: Amazing Winter Romance.

  14. My favorite movie was "Winter in Vail." Lacey Chabert is one of my favorite Hallmark actresses (although they are all wonderful). My favorite movie poster is "Love in Winterland." 2020 Winterfest movies were so entertaining!

  15. Favorite Winterfest Movie: Love in Winterland and Hearts of Winter. Favorite Poster: Love in Winterland. I will say, for the first time I truly enjoyed all of the 5 movies! Excellent scenery, good storytelling, and great chemistry among casts.

  16. I ranked the three down your left-hand column all the same and the highest of the five.
    • Winter in Vail – Features two of Hallmarkies’ favorite actors. (I said more about this movie in the Hallmarkies’ Facebook group, but now I can’t find my comment. “Search” is failing me.)
    • Love on Iceland – “I was excited about the travel aspect of this movie and that it was actually shot in Iceland. Kaitlin Doubleday and Colin Donnell make a good-looking couple. (Donnell's wife, Patti Murin, who played Isabella, ain't bad, either.) This could do for Icelandic tourism what ‘Top Gun’ did for Navy recruiting.”
    • Hearts of Winter - I haven’t gotten around to making my comments on this one yet in my check-in queue, but it features two of MY favorite Hallmark actors, Jill Wagner and Victor Webster.

    My favorite cover (given they’re all very similar) has to be the one for ‘Amazing Winter Romance’ because it features an actress I never get tired of watching, Ms. Jessy Schram.

  17. Oh, Net, I loved them all, too, but "Winter in Vail" was my #1. I loved Lacey and Tyler together and they had my attention throughout the whole movie especially the snowy hill scene...Lol!! Loved the poster and I hope we get to see them in something else soon!!

  18. I loved Hearts of Winter. Made we want to redecorate my apartment.

  19. My favorite movie was 'Love in Winterland", although I did enjoy them all (well I still have 1 left to watch that is on my DVR). I honestly think all the posters are just about the same, none of them really stand out to me.

  20. Winter In Vail for both. I love Tyler Hynes and Lacey Chabert together and with others. Tyler looks like a cuddly teddy bear!

  21. Love on Iceland and Love in Winterland for the movies and posters in that order. Love the scenery in Love on Iceland and the extras in the movie.

  22. Movie: Hearts of Winter
    Poster: Hearts of Winter

  23. MOVIE: Winter in Vail; Poster (& movie scenery): Love on Iceland

  24. It's always interesting to see how people's opinions vary.

    I thought it was overall a very good Winterfest.

    Very tough to decide between Winter In Vail and Love In Winterland, great chemistry between the leads in both but by a whisker I would go for Winterland. I do like the "lovers reunited" theme.

    Best poster Winter In Vail.

    I respect other's opinions so apologies to all those who loved Amazing Winter Romance especially Net.

    Even though I really like Jessy Schram I thought this was the one letdown.

    Apart from the final 15 minutes or so I thought it was slow moving and rather dull and couldn't really feel much chemistry between the actors.


  25. Okay it is between Winter in Vail and Love on Iceland

  26. My favorite was Winter In Vail, movie and poster. I would love to know what Tyler said to Lacey to make her chuckle at the very end of the movie! I hope to see this new duo in other movies.

    My second favorite is Hearts of Winter.

  27. Em ❆❆❆❆❆❆❆Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    Amazing Winter Romance for best movie for me too! I would love to go through that cool snow maze, as long as I had someone adorable like that guy to go with me!

    All the Winterfest posters look great to me! ❆

  28. Jonathan Patrick Morris could join Hallmark Family for movies. He sung with Tia Mowry in The Mistle-Tones

    He starred with Anna Hutchinson in The Right Girl

    He could join Hallmark Family to star with Nikki Deloach & Wes Brown for musical movie(s)

  29. I really liked the story line of amazing winter romance and chemistry between actors.my least favorite was love in Winter land.i love Chad Michael but oh my gosh the movie was just not a good roll for him.love in Iceland was not that good because I just don't care for lead actress.other two were just typical movies.

  30. For me Winter in Vail and Love on Iceland are the best 2020 Winter fest Hallmark movies.

  31. Here is a Hard one for you guys:
    Which of the Winter movies that Hallmark filmed at that you guys have been to?


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