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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Best Christmas Ball Ever! - an ION Christmas Movie Premiere!


Movie: Best Christmas Ball Ever!

Network: ION

Original Air Date: December 14, 2019


Elisabeth Harnois
Samuel Hunt
Christian Oliver
Thomas Kraml
Julia Dietze


Storyline via ION: After a surprising breakup at home in Chicago, Amy decides that a change of scenery will do her well and impulsively decides to spend the holidays with her brother in Vienna. After taking ballroom dancing lessons with her dashing European dance partner, Lukas, Amy scores an invitation to dance competitively in the city’s biggest holiday ball, and also another shot at love.

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*images via: ION


  1. I deleted this movie within the first ten minutes. It's possible the rest of the movie was good but I was not impressed with the breakup scene at the beginning. Minor spoiler ahead -> Main character's boyfriend asks her to meet him at a fancy restaurant to talk about their future. So she gets all dressed up thinking he's going to ask her to marry him. Instead he introduces her to his other girlfriend. But he doesn't want to breakup with either one (and neither does the other girl). Nothing explicit is said, but it's implied that he wants them to be a swinging threesome. ---- The total ick factor was too much for me. And the fact that they would have put this in a Christmas movie was just repulsive. It's completely possible this was just a blip by the directors and the rest of the movie could have been good, but I lost any interest in finding out. I view movies from a Christian perspective and, to me, the little bit of this movie that I watched just felt wrong. So, on to the next one on my dvr!! Hopefully it's a sweet, clean, traditional Christmas romance!

    1. Jane, Thank you so much for sharing that scene with us. I didn't record this one, but I caught some of this movie on TV near the middle and end, which centered around the dancing, so I did not see the part you mentioned. That sounds just disgusting and awful. No wonder you deleted it. I would've done so, too.

    2. Net, The rest of the movie was probably quite sweet with the Vienna setting and the beautiful dancing. Maybe I should've just fast-forwarded through that one blip, but I've got so many movies clogging up my dvr that I'm starting to get really picky about what I watch. I've become a bit delete-happy! :)

    3. No,it didn't get any better later. Just horrible acting to a bad story. I tried to give it a chance. But after she walked out of the restaurant she picked because some lady decided to send over a flirteous message to her "dance partner"... that was it. They weren't even dating and she "had it" with him? Not like it was his fault either. OMG. First she gets asked to be his ballroom dance partner when she has no ballroom dance experience and they will be competing at the Christmas ball which is coming up... just couldn't watch anymore and I've sat through worst but somehow just couldn't stomach this one. How did it ever get a 7.1/10 IMDB score... were those people not watching the same movie I tried to watch?

    4. I loved the movie. I recorded it I've watched it at least 10 times. I thought the actors were great.They dancing was wonderful.

  2. I watched some of and was disgusted with the first scene as well. I gave it a chance but I deleted it upon a few more scenes because of the clothing the lead and others were wearing that was not covering much. There were a few scenes that the lead female's breasts were nearly exposed. I am really getting tired of women showing so much of there body. I don't need this immorality forced into my eyeballs or my children's. I just turn it off as soon as I see that this is where the program is going.

  3. I loved it. The actors playing Lucas and Amy had cymistry off the charts.

  4. I loved it too. The actors have great chemistry

  5. I love the movie, but it ends before the viewing know who wins the contest. I really loved Amy and Luke chemistry. I would like to see a part two.

    1. We were lucky enough to see this movie last Saturday night.

      Yes the beginning was tacky but the heroine had no bones about making her feelings known.

      We almost switched off but were glad we didn't.

      Also, the ending was cheesy and OTT but the bulk of the Movie was entertaining and really sweet.

      There was great chemistry between Elisabeth Harnois and Christian Oliver.

      I had never heard of Mr Oliver before but on Googling him discovered he was 48 - he certainly didn't look anywhere near that!

      This Movie seems to have split opinion but if you get past the beginning I think it's well worth watching.

  6. I loved the movie, it was a huge success for me, beautiful scenery and romantic settings, great decorations all around. The plot was iffy, but the actors and actresses were awesome and had good chemistry. The music was befitting and really really good, again, the scenes were just so picturesque.

    To those disgusted with the first scene, and clutching their pearls...it's not like the movie was endorsing it, it was just a short scene where it showed a wholesome girl decided something was not for her and moved on. I am actually more disgusted with the rage that anyone had with that scene than the actual scene. To create a whole range of mountains out of a few grains of sands is quite amazing. Perspective is everything. For others, a lie is a worse act in the word that deserves punishment, yet, think about when the last time a lie was made. Again, just perspective, don't need to be so incredibly obsessed with propriety that you forget and lose sight of humanity.

  7. I believe for this size of production the movie delivers what it meant to be: an easy to watch Christmas romance movie. Good Direction and casting. I really enjoyed the leading roles and photography. Really nice movie!

  8. I believe for this size of production the movie delivers what it meant to be: an easy to watch Christmas romance movie. Good Direction and casting. I really enjoyed the leading roles and photography. Really nice movie!

  9. Movie: Best Christmas Ball Ever
    Loved the photography and the leading roles. Great chemistry!
    A sequel to this movie wold be lovely. Lots of ways to make another wonderful production of this size.

  10. Vienna at Christmas is beautiful. Thats what I took from this movie.

  11. I agree, I enjoyed the movie,
    Great chemistry, and would love a sequel!!!


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