Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Staging Christmas - a Lifetime Christmas Movie Premiere!


Movie: Staging Christmas

Network: Lifetime

Original Air Date: November 29, 2019



Soleil Moon Frye ... Lori
George Stults ... Everett
Jaleel White ... Mr. Lexington
Mia Clark ... Maddie
Karina Segura ... Stella
Karli Hall ... Nickky
Malinda Money ... Tonya
Kelsie Elena ... Casey
Richard Benedict ... Ben
Yolanda Stange ... Mrs. Pryor
Andrea Peterson ... Brianna's Mom
Jazmine Shaw ... Barista
Nicole Duke ... Inn guest
John Forker ... Coffee Shop Patron
Nikolas Mikkelsen ... Mover / Party guest
Jerome Brad Halgren ... Christmas Tree Buyer / Man on the Street
Yesenia Davis ... School Kid
Shannon Ryan-Angel ... Mother


Storyline via Lifetime: Lori (Soleil Moon Frye) stages homes for a living and her busiest season is Christmas! Though she normally only stages homes that are for sale, she’s intrigued when a wealthy widower named Everett (George Stults) asks her to stage his home for the holidays to cheer up his daughter, Maddie. As Lori starts remaking Everett’s home, she finds that Maddie isn’t the only one in desperate need of the Christmas spirit. As Lori spends more and more time with Everett and Maddie, she starts to feel like part of the family. While she was initially hired to simply stage the perfect Christmas in their house, she ends up creating it for the father and daughter in every way imaginable.

Staging Christmas is produced by Hybrid, LLC with Jeff Schenck serving as executive producer.

Movie Review:

WARNING: This movie contains a homosexual lesbian couple. If you believe in traditional marriage, as I do, then you will not want this movie to be played in your home.

Thank you to the Anonymous commenter below who shared this news with us.

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*images courtesy: Lifetime


  1. I really want to see this movie! Looks cute.


  2. After the unpleasant surprise of an LBGTQ agenda in Twinkle all the Way, I wanted to make sure my family wasn't subjected to another such movie. I skipped through the Lifetime Movies I had recorded and it appears that in Staging Christmas the main character's sister is in a relationship with another woman. I have decided that I can't trust Lifetime to know what is family friendly so I will be avoiding all their movies going forward.

    1. Anna, Thank you so much for sharing this news. I just learned this, too. I'm not surprised, really, but I'm disappointed once again. I'll be sure to remove it from the schedule and add a warning above.

      I appreciate you taking the time to share this here with us. I must say... I'm feeling the same way about future Lifetime Christmas movies.

    2. I am SO thankful for the stand you take and the information you share. I was just sitting here trying to watch Staging Christmas with my family, and I didn't get to hear the part where the main actor's sister comes over for dinner. But, I was getting bad vibes from it, so I came online to try to figure out the relationship. I was SO upset and disappointed to see Anna's comment above and realize that my suspicions were confirmed. We try so hard to keep this kind of trash out of our home, and I am eternally grateful to have your site as a point of reference. I am getting to where I hate Lifetime, and I will NOT be watching their channel again. Their movies are pure trash and very dark throughout the year, and the only time I watch anything at all on Lifetime is during Christmas. Now, I will not be doing that again. I hope and pray Hallmark will always keep their channel clean and family-friendly. It would be heartbreaking to so many if they caved and compromised their standards. Thank you again for all you do. Your site is a true blessing!


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