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Friday, June 28, 2019

An Early 🎁 for YOU! HALLMARK'S CHRISTMAS IN JULY STARTS TODAY - in JUNE! *Download my NEW CALENDAR & Catch ALL your Holiday Favorites - Old and New! 🎄 #ChristmasInJuly 🎄 See Details...

When it comes to Hallmark, we know they fully start celebrating the actual Christmas season in October... so why not start Christmas in July in June?

For most of us, there is no chill in the air this time of year, but seeing a Hallmark Christmas movie gives us all the feels... heart"warm"ing and snowy cool!

I created a Christmas in July calendar for the end of June and all of July - so we can keep track of all the Special movies & shows coming soon. If you like, you can print it out and add in any movie you don't want to miss!

images via: Hallmark Crown Media

CLICK HERE to enlarge
the CHRISTMAS in JULY Calendar

(Note: After calendar image loads in new page -
you may have to click on the image again to enlarge.)

To add in more Christmas movies to the calendar, yourself, be sure to visit the full schedule of Christmas movies - HERE! The Christmas TV Schedule includes Christmas in July movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Channel, UP, Lifetime, AMC, TCT, and TCM!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

When to watch Christmas in July:

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Gold Crown Christmas June 28 - July 14

Hallmark Channel
Christmas Keepsake July 12 - July 28

Christmas Treat June 28

Christmas in July July 13 - July 21

A Veteran's Christmas - image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Are you ready for snowfall scenes, sleigh rides and kisses under the mistletoe? Having this gift of Christmas in July means we'll have something special to unwrap every day - and night too!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful time- with all the classics you love, plus the new Hallmark Christmas movie, Christmas Camp! In the middle of Christmas in July, Lacey Chabert will host a one hour Christmas Preview Special for the 2019 Holiday Season! For all of us Christmas movie watchers - this is a definite must-see! 

So... check the Christmas movie schedule, and like Santa, be sure to check the list twice! Then, add your favorites in the Christmas in July calendar - from morning 'til night!

Merry Christmas to All and to All
a Happy Christmas in June & July!

Joyous Blessings! Net

Hallmark Christmas Movies on DVD:


  1. What’s happening to “In the Key of Love”, on Hallmark Channel?

    I wanna watch it. Does it move to August 31, 2019

    1. Unfortunately, “In the Key of Love” has disappeared from the schedule. There is speculation that it will air at a later date, but for now, we are awaiting word on this. When Hallmark updates the schedules this weekend, perhaps, we will learn more.

    2. Since they announced “In the Key of Love”, on June Weddings - preview program it’s premiere on June 29, 2019 unless they added Sister of the Bride. They moved “In the Key of Love”, on July 1, 2019 & then its disappeared from their Schedule on HC site.

      I’m waiting for if they announce “In the Key of Love”, release dates in July, August, or September before Fall Harvest on Hallmark Channel

    3. UPDATE: I just received word on this... In the Key of Love will NOT be airing on the Hallmark Channel after all. Instead, actress Laura Osnes, who stars in the movie, has shared via Instagram - this movie will be seen later this Summer via streaming on Hallmark Movies Now. I'm sure many are going to be disappointed by this news.

    4. Not again since Valentine’s Again on Hallmark Movie Now when I found this on YouTube

  2. this is awesome, thank you Net. I was so happy this AM I changed my channel from HM to HMM, and was counting down the minutes til Murder she baked, A Plum Pudding Mystery started. I was watching while getting ready for work. I love when Mike and Norman buy Hannah Christmas trees, and poor Norman has to donate his, cause Mike was first. Can't wait to watch more tonight and for the next month. Merry Christmas in July.

    1. Oh thank you, Sabrina! Glad you like it! I was flipping back and forth this morning between Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Lifetime! I just love Murder She Baked & A Gift Wrapped Christmas!!! :)

  3. Anyone know what happened to In the Key of Love? doesn't look like Hallmark is showing it now. What is up with them?

    1. Yeah, it is no longer on the schedule. I was quite surprised it disappeared this close to the premiere time. I was trying to recall if I had even seen a commercial for it on Hallmark this week. Did you? I've seen many for Sister of the Bride, Christmas, and Love Unleashed, but I don't recall seeing one for this.

      Anyway, it has definitely disappeared from the schedule, but I'm hoping it might reappear, sometime, for a Saturday premiere!

    2. I saw TV commercial of June Weddings: In the Key of Love but there’s no TV commercial of Sister of the Bride during June Weddings.

      Maggie zooms her camera when she saw Jake on the yacht when Jake sees Maggie & he says Maggie. Jake walks down the aisle with his Sister; Jennifer being a Bride.

      On June Weddings Preview Program: They shown
      Clip of In the Key of Love

      I saw In the Key of Love trailer during H&F

    3. I noticed it go away from the schedule, too. And it went off the checklist app. They posted about it on instagram this morning but then deleted it. They must be waiting until after Christmas in July to play it.

    4. Sabrina, I just received info on this... In the Key of Love will NOT be airing on the Hallmark Channel after all. Instead, actress Laura Osnes, who stars in the movie, has shared via Instagram - this movie will be seen later this Summer via streaming on Hallmark Movies Now.

      I can only imagine this will not go over well with devoted Hallmark viewers. I know so many were really looking forward to this movie. If fans speak up on social media, I wonder if they would change their mind, like they did by bringing back Christmas Thursdays on HMM.

    5. Anonymous... Yes, thank you for reminding me. That's right - a preview was shown on H&F, and of course, "In the Key of Love" was originally included in the June Weddings preview special. It seems there must be more to this story.

  4. I'm disappointed with the removal of In The Key of Love. Playbill had an article promoting it today and Laura did an interview last week talking about it. It's not a good look how Hallmark has handled this movie and I'm seriously considering cancelling the channel altogether.

    1. I think many fans are going to be disappointed that "In the Key of Love" is not going to air on the Hallmark Channel after all.

  5. I hope Hallmark will do Christmas movie: Nancy Naigle’s Dear Santa

    It’s based on the Christmas book by Nancy Naigle

    Dear Santa is a heartwarming Christmas story about finding your passion for life and love. Angela Carson wants nothing more than to be the third-generation to run her family's holiday store, Heart of Christmas, successfully.

    1. That would be fun... wonderful idea! Love Nancy Naigle's other Hallmark movies based on her books - Christmas Joy and Hope at Christmas!

  6. Laura Osnes said on her Instagram: Good things comer to those who wait! Previously, scheduled to air on Monday night (July 1, 2019), #IntheKeyofLove will instead be available for steaming via @hallmarkmoviesnow later this Summer, to coincide with @hallmarkchannel’s new series, #WhenHopeCalls (Starring our own Andrea Brooks @andreakbrooks!). Thanks you for all the excitement surrounding the movie, as we keep the anticipation alive till August!🤞🗝❤️

  7. Anyone know what happened to A Merry Christmas Match? Will Hallmark be airing this one in the future or not?

    1. That is a good question. It was announced it would air during Christmas in July on the Hallmark Channel, but it never showed up on Hallmark's web-site. I'm anticipating we will see it at Christmastime, but you never know. For now, we'll have to wait and see.

  8. This has been a big help! I printed it out in Saturday, then I added in my don't miss movies, like A Joyous Christmas and Once Upon a Christmas Miracle. Not only is it helpful, but I love seeing these beautiful faces on my refrigerator every day!

    1. Anna, I'm so glad you are enjoying the Christmas calendar! That makes me so happy! :)


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