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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

☼ STEP into the SUNSHINE ☼ this MAY with HALLMARK CHANNEL'S ‘COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER’ MOVIES @hallmarkchannel #CountdownToSummer

Hallmark Press Release:


Network Celebrates Summer with
a Quartet of All-New Original Movie Premieres

As temperatures around the country begin to rise and people yearn for the longer days ahead, viewers will enjoy an entire month of summer-inspired movies when Hallmark Channel premieres four all-new original movies in May.

The programming event kicks off with

“Paris, Wine, & Romance” (Saturday, May 4, 9 p.m. ET/PT)

followed by “A Feeling of Home” (Saturday, May 11, 9 p.m. ET/PT),

and “Sailing into Love” (Saturday, May 18, 9 p.m. ET/PT),

and “Love in the Sun” (Saturday, May 25, 9 p.m. ET/PT).”

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, May 4th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Jen Lilley, Dan Jeannotte

Isabella (Lilley) is the ambitious new owner of her family’s Oregon winery whose dream of becoming world-renowned takes a big step forward when she enters a prestigious wine competition in Paris. Upon arrival, Isabella meets her biggest competitor, Jacques (Jeannotte), from one of the world’s foremost winemaking families. Impressed by Isabella and her expertise in wine, a budding romance develops between them. However, as the results of the competition are announced, Isabella believes Jacques badmouthed her wine. Hurt, she returns home. When Jacques discovers what upset her, he seeks to win her back, even if it means leaving behind his beloved winery.

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, May 11th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Jonna Walsh, Nathan Parsons, Mary-Margaret Humes, Robby Benson

Host of a New England web series, Abby (Walsh) is set to launch her own line of home products. All she needs is a few more authentically northeastern webisodes and the deal is done. But Abby’s roots are actually in Texas and through her mother’s (Humes) request she must return to her dad’s (Benson) ranch to help him. Surprised to find her former boyfriend Ryan (Parsons) is the ranch manager, Abby is soon swept up in their old chemistry. Torn between her Texas roots and her New England aspirations, Abby must decide where she belongs – with work in the northeast, or deep in the heart of Texas.

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, May 18th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Leah Renee, Chris McNally

Biology teacher Claire (Renee) is busy juggling her duties as bridesmaid to three friends, as well as teaching a summer enrichment class at her most favorite place in the world, Blue Island. Claire learns that the sailboat used to ferry to her students has been sold to a former Navy man, Captain Tom (McNally), with the stipulation that he continues to sail the class to the island. Claire’s life gets complicated when she learns her former boyfriend Jason works for the developer intent on building a resort on Blue Island.

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, May 25th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Emeraude Toubia, Tom Maden, Shawn Christian

When successful dating app creator Alana (Toubia) hesitantly gets engaged, she returns to her hometown in Florida to deliver the news to her dad. Upon returning home, she crosses paths with her former flame, Kai (Maden), and finds herself falling in love with the fun and adventurous lifestyle tied to her community. As Alana and Kai work together to help her dad restore his declining property, Alana finds herself conflicted as to whether or not her current way of living makes her happier than the home and community that she always knew and loved.

# # #


Beginning with 'Love Takes Flight,' the movies will be transitioning on the Hallmark Channel to a 9pm/8c. start time! With the days getting longer and brighter - it's probably a whole lot easier for people to come indoors as it gets dark and watch at that time, especially for those in the central time zone where the premieres begin an hour earlier!

I agree with those who commented under the Love Takes Flight press release - here! I, too, wish the time could remain the same all year, but I know it works best for summertime - to have the movies premiere later. Please share your thoughts in comments below!

Also, for even more previews of 'Countdown to Summer' movies, be sure to watch Jen Lilley and Chris McNally host the preview special this Saturday night at 10pm/9c., following the premiere of 'Easter Under Wraps!'

Blessings! Net


  1. Net -- When I checked the Hallmark website today, they had Easter Under Wraps starting at 9 p.m., and the Countdown to Summer preview at 11 p.m. So I guess they are already moving to the later time slot. Maybe you see something different on the site?

  2. Whoa, Robby Benson is in A Feeling of Home!!! It's his first movie.

    I watched Robby on Ice Castles, he portrayed as Beast from Beauty & the Beast, & MXP

  3. Summer viewing is looking good, Net, and I'm seeing some cast members that I'm not familiar with which will make it that much more interesting!!

  4. Hallmark managed to keep Heart of Texas rather than Feel Likes Home or A Feeling of Home.

    If you see plot storyline: Abby must decide where's she belong whether she works in the Northeast or deep in the heart of Texas.

    So, it's Heart of Texas - Abby could stay & work at her Dad's ranch upon her Mother's requirement with her former boyfriend named Ryan. Are Abby & Ryan back together - Ryan is a Ranch Manager so what's Abby's job at her Dad's Ranch?

  5. Why did they change the title Five Summer Weddings to Sailing in Love

    1. I wonder this too, because during the Countdown to Summer preview show, when they showed this movie, they didn't mention a thing about any weddings let alone 4 or 5. I was wondering why there was no mention of a wedding. Maybe that is why they changed the name to Sailing in Love? Personally, I was excited when hearing the name Four and then Five Summer Weddings, I was imagining a 27 Dresses kind of movie, but the preview only really showed them on a sailboat. I know they just got done filming that movie now so maybe they didn't have enough other scenes to show during the preview?

      I was very disappointed when seeing the Paris Romance preview with the actor Dan J speaking with a French accent. I am not a big fan of the fake accent movies. I was wishing he was just pretending with the accent when he first met Jen Lilley's character, but he wasn't. to Hallmark, either hire the French actor, or british actor, or have them be American and not need the accent. I will never forget the Love Once and Always movie, I LOVE Brittany Wilson, but her accent was so bad and she should not ever do it again :) I also love Brit Bristow, but her accents are not good either.

    2. Hallmark could hire French Actor Pierre Boulanger will do the movies in the future

    3. Reading Sabrina's comment got me curious, and I read that Dan Jeannotte is actually fluent in French, being half French-Canadian and bilingual from childhood. Canadian French undoubtedly has differences from Parisian, but he seems qualified to speak English with a French accent. Pretty neat!

  6. Hallmark is on a bit of a hot streak these days with the Tampa Bay area. Earlier this spring the network premiered True Love Blooms, and Love in the Sun, which is yet to have an air date, are both filmed around Pinellas County.

    According to the Tampa Bay Times, Hallmark filming in this part of Florida is having a tangible economic impact on the community. "Love in the Sun, the second Hallmark movie to be made in the Tampa Bay area in recent months, expects to spend as much as $1 million in Hillsborough County during eight days of filming," writes reporter Paul Guzzo.

  7. I welcome Hallmark to come to my Tampa Bay area more often. St Pete is a bit of a drive from where I work and live as I live in the northern suburbs of Tampa, and I hope they come back here more often. I believe they have filmed a lot of Love in the Sun in Safety Harbor, in Pinellas County, and during True Love Blooms, I was surprised they actually mentioned they were in St Pete, instead of just "the city" like they do in most movies, the Tampa Bay area got a HM shout out whoo hoo!!!!

  8. Countdown to Spring Fever Marathon

    4) Brush With Love
    3) Flip That Romance
    2) Love to the Rescue
    1) Bottled With Love

    1. Hallmark has lots of wonderful Spring movies! Some of my top favorites actually had low rankings this time around for the Countdown, such as: Royal Matchmaker, Love by Chance, and Moonlight in Vermont. I always wonder how they decide where to rank them.

      Here's the complete Spring Fever Countdown Marathon, according to Hallmark:

      12) Royal Matchmaker
      11) Love at First Bark
      10) Love by Chance
      9) Hearts of Spring
      8) Moonlight in Vermont
      7) The Sweetest Heart
      6) True Love Blooms
      5) Once Upon a Prince
      4) A Brush with Love
      3) Flip that Romance
      2) Love to the Rescue
      1) Bottled with Love


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