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Friday, February 8, 2019


It's official! Hallmark announces through EW.com the order of THREE New Christmas Movies for 2019! (More to Come!)

Scott Wolf, Kristin Chenoweth, and Marc Blucas images: Hallmark Crown Media
Melissa Claire Egan image: ABC

In this first Christmas Movie order, from Hallmark, we can expect to see, according to EW:

The Christmas Song

*Starring Scott Wolf (Party of Five) and Kristin Chenoweth (Deck the Halls)

*Storyline: "...a youth choir director (Chenoweth) needs to write a big song for the Christmas Eve show but “finds herself distracted” when a boy with a golden voice (Kevin Quinn) joins her choir, which will come as news to his widowed father (Wolf)."

*Like Christmas at Graceland, The Christmas Song is also being directed by Eric Close ("Christmas in the Air")

*Expect to see The Christmas Song in November on the Hallmark Channel!

Holiday for Heroes

*Starring Melissa Claire Egan (All My Children), Marc Blucas (Miss Christmas), and Patti Murin (Chicago Med)

*Storyline: "...revolves around a woman (Egan) and a soldier (Blucas) who exchange letters for a year before their worlds collide."

*Expect to see Holiday for Heroes on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in November!

An Untitled Movie Project produced by Blake Shelton
(Last year he was executive producer of Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas.)

*This new movie will star different actors than last year. To Be Announced!

*Storyline: "...will center on another emotional homecoming journey around the holidays — and include some of Shelton’s songs."

*Expect to see this movie on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries!

Credit: All Hallmark Christmas movie details above via article at EW.com.

This report by EW also shares what we've already been anticipating... more Christmas Movie Premieres coming this Year than ever before- as Hallmark Celebrates it's 10th Year Anniversary of Countdown to Christmas!

Last year, we were gifted 38 ALL NEW HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE Premieres! 22 New Christmas Movies premiered on the Hallmark Channel, and 16 New Christmas Movies premiered on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! I can only imagine how BIG that number will be this year!

Joy to You & Me! Blessings! Net


  1. I truly enjoy most of Hallmark's Christmas movies, but felt overwhelmed by the number of them this past season. I also felt that the quality of the new movies (new actors and stories) was not as good. I would rather enjoy a few really wonderful movies, than a large number of lower quality ones.

  2. Thank you, Net, for this wonderful 2019 early Hallmark Christmas news! So good to see Marc, Scott and Kristin back with us again as I adore all of them. Just can't wait to see what Hallmark has planned for us come November....so, so excited!!

  3. Joyce in CarolinaFriday, February 08, 2019

    So happy to hear this news about the 2019 Christmas movies....but the best news is Marc Blucas! I have been wondering when or if he was going to do another Hallmark movie! I got "Happy Feet" again. Thanks for the update Net!

  4. Okay, I may be in the minority or even a lone wolf here, but I'm afraid that Hallmark is putting quantity over quality. I feel that overall the Christmas movies this past year were not as good as in 2017 or earlier years. For me, there was not one movie in 2018 that I would put on my list of all-time favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, and this is the first time in many years that I feel this way. So it worries me if Hallmark is going to have even more new Christmas movies in 2019.

    Again, maybe this is just me, but I would be curious to see if any of our other loyal followers feel the same way and are also concerned.


    Mark (Mark 25)

    1. I don't think you're alone, at all, Mark. Your concern has been shared by others here, and myself, at times. I, too, hope the volume of films made don't take away from the quality of the movies we receive. A few are made, it's obvious, to fulfill a quota, but then there are some wonderful highlights, such as: "A Godwink Christmas," "A Veteran's Christmas," "A Shoe Addict's Christmas," and others. Not many made my all-time top list, either, this past year, but we'll see this coming season. Sounds like we'll have plenty, once again, to choose from! Let's hope there's a "Nine Lives of Christmas" or "A Joyous Christmas" type movie in there somewhere!

      Blessings! Net

    2. Joyce in CarolinaMonday, February 11, 2019

      Mark 25 & Net...I totally agree with both of you. Too many movies and the quality goes away. I love hearing the news that HM has begun filming for next year but I don't want it to be so many! I didn't have a favorite from HM last year either. My favorites were from HMM. I felt over whelmed.

    3. Joyce, I totally understand. While I enjoyed many, the HMM Christmas movies seemed to capture my heart most of all, too. Hopefully, having a lot to choose from means we will have several more to love. I do know what you mean about being overwhelmed; though... it was most definitely a lot to take in at a very busy time of year! I was so glad I had some saved afterwards to relax and enjoy. I always look forward to that.

    4. I agree with you all as well. I was looking on my dvr and the only movie I saved from Hallmark or HMM 2018 was Christmas Wonderland. I saved several from Lifetime. I feel so sad about this cause every year I get worried I wont have space. I felt all the movies last year had the same 1 or 2 stories, just wash rinse and repeat. I did tend to like the movies that had new to hallmark actors, as I now love Tori Anderson, Emily Osment, Aimee Teagarden.

      I really enjoyed the HMM movies as they seemed more real and dealt with issues that were very emotional and real life situations without going to depressing or angry. I do love Hallmark for making movies you can lose yourself in and be so happy the entire movie, but the movies that dealt with families that things aren't always perfect in (but not downright out horrible) were my favorite, as Christmas is a wonderful time and can be the time for families in turmoil to come together again and let go of the stuff that took you apart. Its a time to help heal and as good as a time as any to put the past aside and move forward together.

      I always say I find myself back in 2014, or 2015 and happy when there were only 14 new movies and they were so good. some of the best came from that time like Finding Christmas, Snow Bride, and many others.

    5. I agree with the quality issue. I only had a few this year that I would want to sit down and watch again from Hallmark. Lifetime had the best movies this year and loved everyone of those. I felt a big part of the issue was that the couples just didn't click in many of the Hallmark movies this year. No matter how great the story is, if the couples don't mesh, the entire movie feels off for me. Another thing that bothered me was that family members would look nothing like each other, I find it more believable when there is at least some similarity but that might be just me ;)

    6. Hello Sabrina and Peggy... Thank you both for sharing your thoughts on this, too!

      Sabrina... I'm with you... Like I said above, the HMM movies appealed to me the most, as well. They seem to have more heart and feeling. I love that most of them also center around a community of family and friends and like you mentioned, deal with real everyday issues.

      However, as I start to look at the Hallmark Channel movies, one by one, from 2018, I still see several that pulled at the heart strings, especially... Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa, A Shoe Addict's Christmas, Mingle All The Way, WCTH, and others. Some were less eventful, but still entertaining in their own way.

      Peggy... I have also found many Lifetime Christmas movies I loved, as well, this year and past Christmas seasons! Since many Lifetime Christmas movies have the same actors from Hallmark, without the logo in the corner, one would never know! Also, that is so true about the likability of actors and chemistry. If either is missing, it does often ruin a great story. I, too, also like when family members look like they could be related in real life. Excellent point. I think the best ever match up was Barbara Niven and Alison Sweeney as Mother and Daughter in Murder She Baked.

      Thank you both, again, for sharing! Let's hope there are many good ones to look forward to this year on both networks! :)

  5. Wow! What Joyous News! Thank you Net!

    1. Awwwe... You're welcome! So glad to hear you also enJOYed this Christmas movie news!!! :)

  6. I'll be looking forward to "Holiday for Heroes", as I always like Marc Blucas, and I remember Melissa Claire Egan from her days on AMC--she was a very good actress and will likely bring a lot to the pairing.

    1. Beth, I'm with you! This sounds like a wonderful role for Marc Blucas! I saw a pic of the two together on Twitter and you are so right, their pairing together looks great! :)

    2. I remember Melissa Claire Egan from AMC, and most recently from Y&R, I did not like her character on Y&R, hopefully she will win me over on this movie. Of course love having Marc Blucas back for Christmas, what a wonderful Christmas gift.

    3. YES! It's always wonderful to see Marc Blucas!!! :)

  7. Blake Shelton's Christmas Songs could be Winter Wonderland


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