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Saturday, December 22, 2018


I can hardly believe it's already the last weekend before Christmas... we're just a few days away now! (Ahhhh!!! ...think Kevin McCallister hands on face moment here!) 

It's unfathomable that we've already come to this moment. The time has flown by so swiftly. However, we are still filled with numerous Christmas Movie Premieres this Saturday and Sunday! See the list below!

Saturday, December 22, 2018:

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Elle is an ambitious Chicago executive looking forward to her annual Christmas party with close friends. However, difficulties at work threaten her plans when another executive, Max is brought in from New York. Her concern that he might affect her plans for a promotion are more than realized when Max, who she’s also attracted to, decides to...

See the Premiere of Jingle Around the Clock
Saturday, December 22, 2018
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel

More... Saturday, December 22, 2018:

Storyline via Hallmark: Freelance photographer Sam grew up spending summers at her family’s vacation home on Cape Cod, where she and Mike, a local boy, became inseparable friends. The untimely death of Sam’s mother brought those summers to an end for Sam, who couldn’t bear the thought of returning. Thirteen years later, they meet again when she returns to Cape Cod for her father’s Christmas Eve wedding. Their feelings for one another are... click here to read more...

See the Premiere of Christmas Bells are Ringing
Saturday, December 22, 2018
at 10pm/9c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Sunday, December 23, 2018:

Storyline via UPtv: High-powered music executive Ryan is so desperate to sign the latest internet sensation to his label that he agrees to accompany his sister to a country wedding just to get the chance to meet him, but he also meets a beautiful small-town girl and falls head-over-heels for her. Now, through a year of mistaken identities, misunderstandings and masquerades, the two will need to... click here to read more...

See the Premiere of Hometown Holiday
Sunday, December 23, 2018
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv

More... Sunday, December 23, 2018:

image: INSP

Details via INSP: The holidays are always hectic, but for cowboys it’s especially busy because it’s also calving season. Bubba, Cody, and Booger must monitor their heifers around the clock and still find time to shop for gifts, decorate for Christmas, and enjoy time with their families. Booger helps Matthew pick out an extra-special gift to top Grandma’s Christmas tree. Cody looks to buy Carter a new puppy. Kaley enlists the wives to help prepare for... click here to read more...

Sunday, December 23, 2018
at 8pm/7c. on INSP

More... Sunday, December 23, 2018:

Storyline via Hallmark: Gretchen wants Holidays Made to Order to be her fulltime business, but can’t take the risk. Decorating a lobby, she bumps into architect Steven, who hires her as his Christmas connoisseur for his family’s party. Eventually Steven joins the merriment and, along with his family, becomes smitten with Gretchen. Proving he supports her business, Steven asks his firm to hire Gretchen, but she...

See the Premiere of Christmas Made to Order
Sunday, December 23, 2018
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel

I hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend!

I plan to finish up wrapping,
do some baking for Christmas dinner,
spend time with my family,
and watch a movie or two!

Every Blessing to all of you...
as we rejoice and celebrate
the joys of Christmas!
Treasuring these special times, Net



  1. Oh, Net, it's unbelievable that it's almost over! I do believe the movies are still 24/7 until New Year's Day, at least I hope so. I love just being able to put on HM or HMM and know there's a comforting Christmas story on. One night my dog couldn't sleep and I just put it on and caught one of my favorites, The Christmas Secret. Countdown to Chrismas will certainly be missed by me and all my friends. We love it!

    Wishing you and your family, Net, the most Merry Christmas and a heartfelt thanks for all you do here! Merry Christmas!

    1. Hello Barbara! I know just what you mean. I'm holding on as tight as I can to EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS!!!

      It is certainly a comfort to know the Hallmark Christmas movies are there any time of the day to watch and fill our hearts with peace. Hearing those beautiful Christmas Carols rejoicing over our Savior's birth is always so beautiful.

      By the way, the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies will last until Saturday, JANUARY 5th, 2019! That night- Winterfest Premieres it's first movie and then, regular movies take over from there (mostly Winterfest movies from previous years).

      On Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Christmas movies will keep playing up until the very early morning hours of January 7th, 2019!

      Won't that be nice to start the New Year with one more week of Christmas!!! :)

      Thank you for your sweet message! It means so much to me! Blessings to you and a very, very, MERRY CHRISTMAS, too!!! Net

  2. Tonight Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies And Mysteries are doing a true double feature. Jingle Around The Clock is at 8 eastern, but Christmas Bells Are Ringing is actually at 10 eastern. :)

    1. Yes! It's double feature night for "Jingle Around The Clock" and "Christmas Bells Are Ringing!" I'm so used to a 9 o'clock premiere on HMM, it takes some getting used to! I've been wondering if they are possibly testing this 10 o'clock time slot out for next year. Not only does it work well with Hallmark & HMM, but it would also work nicely with Lifetime, who also shows there movies at even times, and encores their new movies, typically, at midnight.

      Hope you enjoy them both! Thank you for commenting!
      Merry Christmas!!! Net

  3. It's gone by way too fast again this year. Thank you, Net, for everything you do to keep us posted on all the movies. Karen

  4. I hope they do consider it permanently. It would be nice if the movies didn't overlap.

  5. I’m watching Jingle Around the Clock online right now & I missed Christmas at Grand Valley for Countdown to Christmas Miracles on HMM because I was sleeping

    16 Christmas movies list countdown on HMM last night

    10 - Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
    9 - Small Town Christmas
    8 - Christmas at Grand Valley

  6. Does Elle said; “Julia Wise”, from Road to Christmas that she mentioned her in Jingle Around the Christmas?


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