Thursday, November 29, 2018

Christmas Catch - an UPtv Christmas Movie Premiere!


Movie: Christmas Catch

Network: UPtv

Original Air Date: December 2, 2018


Lauren Holly ... Captain Bennett
Joseph Cannata ... Ed
Eric Hicks ... David
Genelle Williams ... Agent Robinson
Yanic Truesdale ... Ken
Emily Alatalo ... Mack
Franco Lo Presti ... Carson
Aaron Chartrand ... Young Man
Greg Zajac ... Brian
Kyana Teresa ... Jessica
Gavin MacIver-Wright ... Little Boy
Andrew Bushell ... Reid


Storyline via UP: Detective Mackenzie Bennett loves Christmas. But her plans to spend the holidays with her family, friends – not to mention a handsome new stranger who just moved to town – are put on hold when the F.B.I. tells her that her gorgeous new friend is a suspect in a diamond heist. Now, under cover (and under tight supervision), Mack finds herself getting close to a man who might be a criminal, but who also might be the man of her dreams!

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*images via: UP


  1. This one...was a bit too far-fetched for me. I think the idea for the movie was just felt more like a stage play than a tv movie. The clumsy police officers were just ... too clumsy for my liking! The amount of clumsy little moments (trying to add humour) jeopardized the believability of the story. I also felt the main actress had more chemistry with her police partner than the man she was actually interested in.

    For a family film...there were a couple moments that were questionable. Man wearing a towel, girl flirting licking her lips...

    I will say Andrew Bushell did a good job.

  2. I love this movie it’s the greatest I had to dvr it!


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