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Friday, July 6, 2018

Which ๐ŸŒŸNEW CHRISTMAS MOVIE๐ŸŒŸ did You Like Best from 2017 -- on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries? ๐Ÿ””

In 2017, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries premiered

*13 Most Wonderful Movies of CHRISTMAS!*

With THIRTEEN films, this was Hallmark Movies & Mysteries biggest NEW Christmas Movie offering, yet, with stars that matched and rivaled the Hallmark Channel - including: Sam Page, Autumn Reeser, David Hadyn-Jones, Erin Krakow, Niall Matter, Wendie Malick, Treat Williams, Kristoffer Polaha, Lindy Booth, Kevin McGarry, Becca Tobin, Rachel Boston, Paul Greene, Jill Wagner, Brennan Elliott, Maggie Lawson, and many more!!! Wow!!!

Beyond the actors and actresses, the magnificent Stories in each film were all Stars, as well..., but which ones Shined the Brightest?

The movie choices are: "The Perfect Christmas Present," "Christmas in the Air," "A Song for Christmas," "Engaging Father Christmas," "Christmas Homecoming," "A Bramble House Christmas," "A Joyous Christmas," "Christmas in Angel Falls," "Magical Christmas Ornaments," "Christmas Encore," "Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle," "Romance at Reindeer Lodge," and "Rocky Mountain Christmas."

Typically, we give our take on these movies immediately following each holiday/season, but with the abundance of Christmas movies we were given last year, I was personally still watching them and catching up in February! (I know some of you were, too!) So... I decided to wait until Christmas in July when we could all get a refreshing look at these movies and then share which ones we enjoyed best. (We will be doing the same with the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies - during Christmas Keepsake week!)

Please share "YOUR TAKE" on this block of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries CHRISTMAS TV movies in comments below by answering these Two Questions...

(you can choose more than one for both questions!)

1. Which "CHRISTMAS" movie did you like/love the most?

2. Which "CHRISTMAS" movie poster (above) do you like best?

Looking forward to hearing all your responses! Thank you, in advance, to everyone who shares below!

By the way, there are NO NEW MOVIES over the weekend, but there will still be plenty of Christmas movies - round the clock on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to enjoy... see the Christmas TV Schedule - HERE!

Blessings, Net


  1. How Fun Net! My picks...I can't just pick one are
    Joyous Christmas & Romance at Reindeer Lodge.
    I have to admit I didn't think these would be my favorites at first until I watched them. I loved A Joyous Christmas because of the song they sing together ...I cry every time I hear it because of memories from Christmas past! I hold on to those memories so tightly!
    I loved Romance at Reindeer Lodge because it was refreshing, funny, and touching all in one!
    As for the poster I would pick "A Song for Christmas". I love a Country Christmas feel and decor so that is why I chose it.
    I have loved watching all these movies so far in July and can't wait to see what is to come this season and on your site Net! Merry Christmas All Year Round because it feels like Christmas every time I visit your blog!

  2. 1.Christmas in Angel Falls
    2.Magical Christmas Ornaments

  3. I'm not sure about my favorite poster -- possibly "Christmas in the Air" because it features the sweaters -- but the favorite movie from HMM's 2017 group was definitely "A Bramble House Christmas".

    Everyone who carries on and complains on social media about how Hallmark's movies are all the same, and they are just about finding love, etc., has simply not watched all of the movies. They are making sweeping generalizations without watching the ones that don't fit the stereotypes. If they actually paid attention to the movies airing on HMM, they would find quite a few that don't fit a typical rom-com mold ("A Christmas Wish" is another one; "Angels and Ornaments" is one; "The Christmas Secret", etc.).

    Sure, there is a romance in Bramble House, but the movie is not a breezy tale of two sparring strangers who end up together. There is more substance to it.

    I can't stand the development with the sister near the end of the movie, though. I wanted Finn to tell her off and send her out into the freezing snow for the night.

  4. Christmas in Angel Falls was my favorite because I really like Rachel Boston and Paul Greene. My favorite poster is The Perfect Christmas Present because it looks so romantic!

  5. Rocky Mountain Christmas and Bramble House Christmas. I really pretty much love them all.

    Poster: Bramble House Christmas

  6. I like Maggie's Christmas Miracle the best/
    The poster I like the most is the Romance at Reindeer Lodge.

  7. Hard to choose but I have my top three: Magical Christmas Ornaments, Maggie’s Christmas Miracle and A Bramble House Christmas

  8. I loved Engaging Father Christmas and can hardly wait for the sequel, Marrying Father Christmas....I think Niall Matter is a great actor and like anything I've seen him in. I was so surprised and disappointed that he was not nominated for best hallmark actor. I also loved A Joyous Christmas....beautiful song in this one. All of the posters are good...hard to pick a favorite.

  9. 1)Maggies Christmas Miracle-but a very close second is Bramble House Christmas.

    2)Favorite Poster is A Bramble House Christmas-just makes me excited for Christmas!

  10. This is a tough one! I actually didn't get to watch these during last year's Christmas season because I didn't have Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. However, now I do streaming service instead of cable/satellite and Sling TV has all three Hallmark channels! Yay! So, I have been able to watch most of the ones I missed during their Christmas in July event. I've watched most of these and it's SO hard to narrow down a favorite. I will say my top two favorites are A Joyous Christmas and A Bramble House Christmas. My favorite poster is the one for A Joyous Christmas.

  11. So hard to choose! But my favorite movie was a tie between Magical Christmas Ornaments and Bramble House Christmas. Favorite poster would be Magical Christmas Oraments.

  12. A Joyous Christmas for favorite movie. That one really touched my heart the most. A Bramble House Christmas was a pretty close second. I like Bramble House's poster the best.

  13. I'm a sucker for them all...I enjoy each one...enjoyimg watching them when I can this week...so fun...

  14. Joyce in CarolinaFriday, July 06, 2018

    A Joyous Christmas & A Bramble House Christmas.

    Poster:A Bramble House Christmas

  15. 1 engaging Father Christmas and joyous christmas

    2 same

  16. 1 MOVIE: A Song for Christmas and A Joyous Christmas๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค

    I expected I would love the first one, but not the second and I ended up loving them both!๐Ÿ˜Š

    2 POSTER: this is tougher. Not sure I 100% love any, but A Joyous Christmas is cute with the lights! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

    Xoxo, EM

  17. This is seriously difficult! The struggle is real! I guess I'll go with Joyous Christmas! I just watched it the other day through teary eyes and I'd like to watch it again when I can really see it.
    For poster I'm going with Bramble House or Romance at Reindeer Lodge.

  18. A Joyous Christmas

  19. 1 A Joyous Christmas
    2 Christmas Encore

  20. I tend to be drawn to the Christmas movies that have the true meaning of Christmas.

    1 Maggie's Christmas Miracle, Christmas in Angel Falls, and A Joyous Christmas

    2 A Joyous Christmas

    Love when you do this, Net! Thank you!

  21. My favorite poster is A Song for Christmas. It’s different than the rest, offers a little more, and it makes me want to know their story. Super cute!
    And A Bramble House Christmas was definitely my favorite movie. Again...it was different from the rest of the movies. Different turns in the story that kept my interest. Sometimes the movies drag on (even though I still love them : ) but Bramble House had a little bit different story line. Plus, my daughter has heart defects and had open heart surgery when she was a baby so that part of the movie, as unexpected as it was, touched my heart.

    1. lbianc, Thank you for sharing your story. I hope everything is going well with your daughter now, that must have been an emotional, trying time. It's incredible what doctors can do, even with tiny little babies. I'm so glad "A Bramble House Christmas" touched you. A very Merry Christmas in July to you and yours!!!

  22. Maggie's Christmas Miracle & A Bramble House Christmas

  23. Oh, my gosh, Net, I chose seven right off the bat but loving them all!! Narrowing it down to just three of my most favorites are: A Joyous Christmas, Engaging Father Christmas and A Bramble House Christmas including the beautiful posters too.

    1. So true, Linda! It's quite hard to narrow it down, but you did an excellent job! :)

  24. My favorite movie was A Bramble House Christmas. I already watched it twice during the Christmas in July event. I think I like the poster the best as well.

  25. I love the Finding Father Christmas series and looking forward to this year's. My other favorite was A Bramble House Christmas. I loved the characters and the casting of Autumn Reeser and David Hyde-OMG--the 2nd part of his name escapes me, but I'm sure you all know who I mean! Anyway, their casting and chemistry was perfection and I do prefer a storyline where the female main character is going through a hardship (as in another favorite The Christmas Secret and the one with Kristy Swanson as a waitress). I am tired of the career gal bent on promotion, etc and I find that the Bramble House story line with the female lead is more representative. But that' just me. Thanks again, Net, for all you do and Merry Christmas in July!

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I'm so happy you enjoy my site and visiting here! I looked up David's name to be sure I spelled it correctly... it's David Haydn-Jones. I also love the other two you mentioned... "The Christmas Secret" and "A Christmas Wish."

      Merry Christmas in July to you too!

    2. Love A Christmas Wish (one of my very favorites) and The Christmas Secret, also.

  26. My choices for my favorite christmas movies has to be a three way tie, A Bramble House Christmas, A Song for Christmas and Romance at Reindeer Lodge. My pick for poster, is A Song for Christmas

  27. Best movie: Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle
    Best poster: The Perfect Christmas Present

  28. FAVORITE MOVIE: Christmas Homecoming
    (followed closely by Romance at Reindeer Lodge)

    FAVORITE POSTER: Christmas Homecoming
    (followed closely by The Perfect Christmas Present and Magical Christmas Ornaments)
    *I do also love the poster for A Bramble House Christmas (but it didn't quite top the list)


  29. I absolutely loved The Perfect Christmas Present—I thought it was such a refreshing, original storyline and I love how it all tied back together at the end with that beautiful song (I cried! What’s new...๐Ÿ˜). Also, I’m from Chicago so liked the shots of the city. Other faves were Christmas in the Air, Magical Christmas Ornament, and Christmas Encore. BUT, of course I love them all!!

    For a poster, I like Romance at Reindeer Lodge the best. (Still need to see this one!)

  30. movie:
    1) A Bramble House Christmas
    2) Engaging Father Christmas
    3) Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle
    4) Christmas Encore
    5) Christmas in Angel Falls

    movie poster:
    1) A Song for Christmas
    2) Christmas Homecoming
    3) A Joyous Christmas
    4) Magical Christmas Ornaments
    5) Christmas in Angel Falls

  31. Christmas Homecoming, Romance at Reindeer Lodge & Christmas in Angel falls were my favorites. I loved most of them.
    Poster: Christmas Homecoming & A Bramble House Christmas.

  32. Wow...just soooo many good ones on this list! Hard to narrow it down, but my #1 is A Bramble House Christmas, followed closely by A Joyous Christmas.

    For the poster, I am going with Christmas in Angel Falls. Rachel Boston is so lovely in this picture!


  33. Favorite movie: tie between Romance at Reindeer Lodge (somehow I missed that one completely at Christmastime, but I finally watched it and it is adorable) and A Bramble House Christmas

    Favorite poster: Definitely The Perfect Christmas Present.

  34. Romance at Reindeer Lodge for both!

  35. My Favorites were A Joyous Christmas and Maggies Christmas Miracle. Probably the same for the posters. RG

  36. “A Bramble House Christmas” wins by a long mile for me as a favorite. Such a lovely and touching Christmas movie. “Engaging Father Christmas” would be my second choice.
    As for poster, I really like “A Song for Christmas”.

  37. After re watching these the last few weeks, I can safely say A Joyous Christmas is still my favorite. The poster is also nice.

  38. 1. My favorite film by far was "Bramble House Christmas".
    2. Favorite poster is "A Song for Christmas"

  39. 1. "Bramble House Christmas" and "Maggie's Christmas Miracle"
    2. "Maggie's Christmas Miracle" and "Christmas in Angel Falls"

  40. A Joyous Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas. Journey Back to Christmas wasn't on the list, but I really like that one also.

  41. 1. Bramble House Christmas
    2. Christmas in the Air

  42. Finally had a chance to watch "Magical Christmas Ornaments." I loved it! Enjoyed the "magic" of the Christmas ornaments and the journey of the characters.
    It was also VERY nice to see Jessica's character in clothing that actually covered her chest. I'm seeing more and more revealing clothing and cleavage on Hallmark. It was refreshing to see her modesty and was much appreciated. *The same goes for "Finding Santa," which I just recently watched for the first time. Nice to see the shirts up a little higher. Makes them more attractive.


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