Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Love at First Dance - a Hallmark Channel "June Weddings" movie starring Becca Tobin and Niall Matter!


Movie: Love at First Dance

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: June 16, 2018


Becca Tobin ... Hope Mayes
Niall Matter ... Eric Gunderson
Cecilia Grace Deacon ... Adriana
Bethany Brown ... Cassidy
Veena Sood ... Sophia
Laura Soltis ... Leona
Michelle Martin ... Maribella
Jason Cermak ... Gavin
Emily Holmes ... Vanessa


Storyline via Hallmark: Hope Mayes is hired by couple and business partners Eric and Adriana to choreograph their wedding dance, including working with the less coordinated Eric one-on-one. Over time, Hope and Eric grow closer and encourage each other to follow their creative passions – hers in choreography and his in theater. They also share a romantic connection that neither has experienced in the past, but fight it due to Eric’s engagement. As Eric’s wedding approaches, Hope has the chance to go after her dream job in London. Both Hope and Eric must decide which professional and personal pursuits will bring them happiness.

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks
Credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Owen Strongman


  1. Ohh....I'm really loving Niall Matter and this one looks like another hit for him! I think we've all fallen in love with Erin's and his character's in the "Father Christmas" series. Wouldn't that be something if Hallmark brought him back to Hope Valley as a "Mountie" to take Jack's position???

  2. So excited to see this movie! Naill Matter is one of my favorites! Tammy

  3. Okay after seeing alot of comments about people loving this movie on the voting page and not so much on others. I thought I would give it another try because I thought it was the most horrible and the other 4 Wedding movies was either great or good.So....

    I watched it again yep still don't like it I can definitely say I think this is the worst June Wedding movie since June Weddings month started in what 2015. I usually love Naill's movie so thought for sure I would love this.

    1. Awe, really? I truly loved this one, in fact it was my favorite.

      I felt "Love at First Dance" was artistically beautiful... plus, Niall Matter and Becca Tobin had such amazing chemistry together!

      Every one enjoys different things, I suppose. And, thankfully, we have lots of options!

  4. I LOVED Love at First Dance, it was my favorite "June Weddings" movie, the others were ok. Niall and Becca had great chemistry and they have become one of my favorite pairings. Niall has now become my favorite Hallmark actor. I would love to see a sequel sometime in the future.

    1. A sequel for this movie would be fabulous! I really loved it too! :)

  5. I just love this movie, I think its the best so far in 2018. NOW where is the DVD for this movie, I've watched it several times already and a few times when it was scheduled to play the Hallmark channel played a different movie after I waited a whole week to watch it they played another movie. Please tell me a DVD is on the way for "Love at First Dance".

    1. Would love to see this movie on DVD! I'm totally with you, it was definitely one of my absolute favorites this year.

      Unfortunately, it sometimes takes some time for them to be released, but I really hope this eventually is one of them!

  6. I love this movie. I saved it to my DVR & have watched it many times. Their chemistry is wonderful. Please give us a sequel.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree! This movie is Beautiful! Breathtaking! Artistic! Charming! Enchanting!

      Everything about this movie is capturing... from their dancing... to falling in love. Would love to see a sequel, too! :)


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