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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Make a Date! Hallmark's 2018 Countdown to Valentine's Day Movies!

image via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks
Hallmark's "My Secret Valentine" starring Lacey Chabert and Andrew Walker

When February comes along... we are certain to fall in love with Hallmark's all new *Valentine's Day Movies*! For those of you who have been following my TV Movie List page closely, the premiere dates for some of the Valentine's day movies have changed, once again, so be sure to make a date, save the date, and up"date" your calendars!

2018 Countdown to Valentine’s Day Preview Show
Premieres: Saturday, January 27 (11 p.m. ET/PT)
Host: Lori Loughlin

Via Hallmark: "Get a first look at each of the world premiere original movies coming to Hallmark Channel this February as we get you and your special someone ready for Valentine’s Day!"

image via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks

Hallmark's 2018 Countdown to Valentine's Day Movies: πŸ’•

My Secret Valentine -

Premieres: February 3, 2018 - Saturday

Starring: Lacey Chabert and Andrew Walker

Storyline via Hallmark: "A young woman takes advice from the chalkboard notes that her mysterious house rental tenant leaves when a slick sales rep arrives with plans to buy her family’s prized winery."

Click Here for more details and movie images!

Very, Very Valentine -

Premieres: February 10, 2018 - Saturday

Starring: Danica McKellar, Cameron Mathison and Damon Runyan

Storyline via Hallmark: "When Helen, a kind hearted and shy florist, meets the perfect man at a Valentine's Masquerade Ball she enlists the help of her best friend Henry to track him down only to find that her perfect man may already be right in front of her."

Cooking with Love -

Premieres: February 11, 2018 - Sunday

Starring: Ali Liebert, Brett Dalton

Storyline via Hallmark: "Optimistic and cheerful TV producer, Kelly, doesn’t have time for love. Bad boy celebrity chef, Stephen, doesn’t have time for anything besides cooking. Fun with a side of love ensues as Kelly and Stephen are paired on a children's cooking show."

More Original Movies Premiering in February...

Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride -

Premieres: February 17, 2018 - Saturday

Starring: Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett

Storyline via Hallmark: "It’s a full Valentine’s Day weekend at the Inn when Olivia and Mick host Mick’s sister and her fiancΓ©, Mick’s daughter and her boyfriend, and Olivia’s mother and her boyfriend. Things get chaotic when Mick’s sister decides to have her wedding at the Inn that weekend and Mick’s daughter announces plans to drop out of college."

A Royal Romance -

Premieres: February 24, 2018 - Saturday

Starring: Cindy Busby, Andrew Cooper, James Brolin

Storyline via Hallmark: "Kelly, a hopeless romantic in Montana eager to finish her dissertation, and her father, Hank, a rancher, receive news that he has inherited an estate from a faraway land called Slovania. When they travel together to view the estate, they are thrown for a loop when they discover that Hank has not only inherited the estate, but the title that goes along with it-- KING!"

One More Movie...

Once Upon a Winter's Date -

For those of you who recall, last year there was supposed to be one more Valentine's Day movie that was removed from the Hallmark Channel schedule. At the time it was called, "Valentine's Again." Since then, the title has been updated to "Once Upon a Winter's Date" and you can currently view it on Hallmark's streaming service: "Hallmark Movies Now"! The movie stars Nicky Whelan, Greg Vaughan, and Marina Sirtis.

image via: Hallmark Movies Now

Hope you enjoyed this preview for Hallmark's movies coming in February! Please note - it is possible for any of the dates or titles above to change, so please check back for any additional updates or new developments!

I wish you all ~
love, joy, and happiness!!!

Blessings, Net


  1. When will Hallmark Channel will gonna air "Once Upon a Winter's Date", starring Nicky Whelan, Greg Vaughn, & Marian Sirtis?

    1. Looks like "Once Upon a Winter's Date" will only be airing on Hallmark's streaming service, for now.

  2. WooHoo!!! Lacey and Danica on my TV again so soon after Christmas. Love it.

  3. I noticed the changes! I was thinking it strange that they had Danica's movie on a Wednesday.

    Awesome catch with the Once Upon A Winter's Date one!


  4. Im looking very forward to the Valentine movies!!! Hallmark is all about the ♥. And we finally get to see Wedding March 3!!!


  5. I don't have Hallmark Movies Now, and I don't think I'm going to get it, but I'm very curious about that movie that got put there. If someone watches it, will you let us know if it was "off-brand"? I was thinking that might be a reason it didn't show up on the major channel. That it was too much like a Lifetime movie or something similar. Either that or it didn't get finished in time. I had been looking forward to it last year.

  6. Oh my Brett Dalton in a HM movie!!! The former Agent of Shields lead starring in Cooking with Love is something certainly to look forward come VDay:) Thanks for update Net <3

  7. I'm very curious about "Once Upon a Winter's Date"...if anyone does watch it on Hallmark Movies Now please review it for us!!

  8. OUWD aka Valentine Again is on Youtube. I just watched it. The movie is all over the place, a kind of a mess but is still cute and enjoyable.

    1. A D S F, Thank you for sharing your take on "Once Upon a Winter's Date"! We were all still curious, especially after it was removed from Hallmark's schedule so suddenly last year.

  9. This year’s “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” line-up sounds very promising! I wonder where “A Royal Romance” was filmed? Most of the “royal” movies from Hallmark are filmed in Romania, so I’m curious to find out if “A Royal Romance” was filmed there as well.

    1. You are correct! "A Royal Romance" was also filmed in Romania! Hallmark is certainly filming all over the world these days- Vancouver, Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Utah, Africa, etc.....

      With so many movies to film I suppose they needed to expand on their locations!!!

  10. Just finished Once Upon a Winter's Date. I guess it's cute enough, but as another commenter pointed out it's all over the place. It's basically a Valentine's Groundhog Day. I wanted to like it a lot more than I did, as I usually really enjoy that premise.


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