Thursday, September 28, 2017

Christmas in the Air - a Hallmark Channel Original "Countdown to Christmas" Movie starring Catherine Bell and Eric Close!


Movie: Christmas in the Air

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: November 5, 2017


Catherine Bell ... Lydia
Eric Close ... Robert Trent
Ken Tremblett ... George Trent
Malcolm Stewart ... Lawrence Hennessey
Emily Holmes ... Pam
Trinity Rose Likins ... Amelia
Jesse Filkow ... Thomas
David Stuart ... Eric
Gretal Montgomery ... Kay Johnson
Cardi Wong ... Garrett
Beverley Breuer ... Sheila Hennessey
Lissa Neptuno ... Mom


Storyline via Hallmark: Lydia, a successful professional organizer, is constantly trying to grow her business, but even her ambition takes a back seat to love when she meets Robert, a frazzled widower with two young children. A toy inventor, Robert is asked to present his new Christmas toy line to a superstore. His challenge is he only has 12 days to get his life and his business in order. Talk about a Christmas rush! Lydia shows Robert that this task goes way deeper than messy junk drawers and encompasses every aspect of his life. While she’s intent on helping him straighten out details he had long ignored, Robert teaches the buttoned-up Lydia that messiness can be a delightful part of life.

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks


  1. I adore Catherine Bell, so I will be watching this :)

    1. It's also neat that this is Catherine Bell's second Hallmark Christmas movie this year! She was also wonderful in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries' Christmas in July movie "Home for Christmas Day"! I believe you mentioned loving that one, too!!! It was quite a touching movie, wasn't it? Dramatic, Emotional, Heartwarming, etc... a perfect Christmas movie fit for HMM!!! :)

    2. Yeah, she's mega lucky! She got TWO Christmas movies.


  2. It was a great movie. I was cheering the whole way thru the movie that everything would work out for everyone. Young love is so wonderful. And moms like to make sure their children are ok, but love wins out :)

  3. It was a great movie, until they identified the wrong star as Sirius. Sirius is the bright star in Canis Major which is to the lower left of Orion. So if they had the star on the upper right of Orion and they did have the Pleiades (Seven Sister)way to the upper right of that star then the star they called Sirius is Aldebaran which is the bright star in Taurus the Bull which is what Orion is chasing. Sirius comes up in the South East just after Orion who is laying down in the east. FYI, Canis Minor is above Canis Major right across from Betelgeuse the left shoulder of Orion.

  4. Just picked up my copy of this movie yesterday! Can't wait to watch it! And I love the DVD cover too!

    Catherine Bell really is magical! Talent and grace, so happy she has two movies this year! :) And it's so nice to see Eric Close again, I believe this is the first time he's been back to Hallmark since "Follow the Stars Home." Very good coupling!

  5. So excited that this movie is out on DVD! I absolutely love Catherine Bell! She is a good person and I love her talent! It's also nice to see Eric Close! Nice to see him on Hallmark again! I just picked up my copy of this movie the other night and I can't wait to watch it with my mom!

  6. Does anyone know who does the opening song for Christmas in the Air? It was a great song and she has a beautiful voice.

  7. Loved this movie. I'm just wondering if the dancing ballerina toy is real

  8. Is the dancing ballerina toy real? If so, where is it available?

    1. I don't believe that toy is real, but it is pretty cool. Wish it could be! :)

  9. Hey, Net, I'm so happy Eric redeemed himself in this wonderful, beautiful story. When I saw him in "Following the Stars Home", I wanted to "smack" him. LOL!! Catherine's patience with this "little boy" man was adorable!!


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