Friday, August 11, 2017

Hallmark SUMMER NIGHTS movie "Eat, Play, Love" -- Starring Jen Lilley, Jason Cermak, Lee Majors, & Lindsay Wagner


Movie: Eat, Play, Love

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: August 19, 2017


Jen Lilley ... Dr. Carly Monroe
Jason Cermak ... Dan Landis
Lee Majors ... Isaac Monroe
Lindsay Wagner ... Mrs. Gilbert
Lucie Guest ... Michelle Landis
Emily Maddison ... Kristi Waters


Storyline via Hallmark: Veterinarian Dr. Carly Monroe makes it a habit to stop by the local dog shelter as often as possible because she loves dogs and secretly loves the shelter’s owner, Dan. Unfortunately, he has agreed to marry his glamorous TV personality girlfriend and move to the Big Apple. With Dan’s big move looming, his sister decides to take matters into her own hands.

More via Hallmark:
A young veterinarian returns to her hometown and realizes that her former high school sweetheart, now engaged to an insufferable diva with whom he plans to move to New York in a month, is the only guy she’s ever really loved. With the urging of his sister, Dr. Carly Monroe has just 30 days to make him see what she sees – that they are perfect for one another.

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  1. I just adore Jen Lilley, she always likes my tweets when I mention her, she is a sweetheart. I saw this commercial on Hallmark this AM during I love Lucy before I left for work. She is adorable in the movie, and Gidget is in this movie. She was also in Unleashing Mr Darcy and Walking the Dog, among a few other movies. I think this may be my favorite movie of Summer Nights, although Summer in the Vineyard may take the cake :)

    1. That's so great! Jen Lilley seems like such a super sweet person on & off screen! Her role as Dr. Carly Monroe in "Eat, Play, Love" looks especially fun and I can't wait to see her go from geek to chic!

  2. wow! A reunion of Bionic Woman & 6 Million Dollar man!

    1. I know, right? So cool to see.


    2. This movie looks super cute, and I think Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner's appearance in it is going to be an even bigger draw for lots of viewers... especially those who remember Lee and Lindsay's shows, back in the day, or via reruns!

      It's going to be so fun to see these two together once again!

      Thanks for sharing the excitement, tvh and Misty!!!

  3. Really loving the sound of this one and Lindsay Wagner always adds a touch of class to anything she is in.

    1. That is such a nice compliment.

      I know I certainly enjoyed Lindsay's performances in the TV movies "Thicker Than Water," "The Thanksgiving House" and "Love Finds You in Valentine."

      Thank you for sharing!

  4. Gidget the dog is one of the most prolific Hallmark stars this year. 3 movies already. She should be in some bumper ads about Fall Harvest this year. :)

    1. Yes, Gidget the dog is quite popular these days! She even has her own resume on IMDB, which says she is 9 years old (in human years!), Height: 1' 1" and she was "named after Sandra Dee's character in Gidget (1959) because she's a small but tough little lady." I love it! She an absolute scene stealer and such a little cutie! Hope we see her in more Hallmark movies!!! :)

    2. Gidget is 9 years old! Wow, she still acts just like a puppy. Hope we'll continue to see her in many more movies. She's a real star.


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