Monday, March 20, 2017

"Hometown Hero" a PixL Premiere TV Movie


Movie: Hometown Hero

Network: PixL

Original Air Date: April 1, 2017

still image- via PixL Facebook

images via: Hometown Hero listing at


Brooke Nevin ... Kelsey
Jake Sandvig ... Harrison
Antonio Sabato Jr. ... Jason
Megyn Price ... Rhonda
McKinley Freeman ... Mitch
Stephanie Charles ... Michelle
Chris Dougherty ... Steve
Joshua Dov ... Thomas
Mercy Malick ... Dr. Paige
Lauren Nash ... Jessica Reed
Jamie Tompkins ... Kara
Gregory Zarian ... Mr. Tavares
Burt Grinstead ... Teddy
J. Francisco Rodriguez ... Mr. Levy
Holly Hannula ... Reporter
Kelly Albanese ... Stacee Kitsford
Heather Marie Marsden ... Lucy Ballentine
Laura Niemi ... Gloria
Rick Pasqualone ... Randy
Jason Sims-Prewitt ... Andre Thompson


Storyline via PixL: A cynical divorce mediator (Brooke Nevin) is forced to care for a client’s dog. The mischievous hound warms her heart, and after spending time with the local vet (Jake Sandvig), she begins to find that maybe the true love she dared not believe in is actually closer than she thinks.

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Images via: PixL


  1. The Pixl Facebook has a still from the movie

    1. Thank you for sharing! I have been checking their Facebook page over the last few days hoping for an image from the movie. Good to see they posted this! Hopefully - they will post a poster, too- before the premiere! I added the movie image above!

  2. No poster but plenty of pictures and preview video to add

  3. This movie was really good. Can't believe I am going ta say this but I really think It was way better than Hallmark movie that premiered same night.

  4. Replies
    1. I was hoping to see the soundtrack too.

    2. Yeah, I need to know the song played in the opening, "I see your smile."

  5. The next Pixl movie is The Joneses Unplugged

  6. Sat May 6th at 9pm The Jones Unplugged airs on Pixl
    Here's a poster

    1. Thank you so much, Gina! You are always so helpful at sharing PixL movies every month! The Poster is perfect, too! I just created a post for it here!

      It's great to see Sean Faris ("Christmas with Holly") in a PixL movie! They are getting some great stars on their network.

      Now, I'm so curious to see which movie they decide to play for June! Hopefully - they will choose one of their many wedding themed movies! :)

  7. Was a little shocked when I watched this sounds like they swore in the movie. Maybe I was mistaken...but if they did, I wouldn't list it as "family friendly" since we try to avoid that language. Did anyone else pick up on that? If I'm incorrect...what did he actually say? It is just about 32 minutes in when an envelope arrives at the clinic.

    1. There's no swearing in PixL films its a family channel

    2. Oh, I hope not. Like Anonymous shared above, there's not supposed to be any language on PixL. Sure hope you can figure out what is exactly said.

      I don't have PixL, so unfortunately... I can't help you out.

    3. Listen again, he says, "oh shoot, they mailed it..." if you notice in some others parts of the movie he says some words a little off. Then again in the envelope scene he may have caught himself from swearing but he didn't swear he said oh shoot.

  8. I didn't think there was supposed to be any language either but both my husband and I were shocked and looked at each other. It sure did not sound like the vet was saying "Oh Shoot" but something else.

    1. You heard wrong there was no cursing in the movie

  9. I could've sworn there's no swearing on Pixl!


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