Tuesday, November 8, 2016

'Girlfriends of Christmas Past' - an UP Original Christmas Movie


Movie: Girlfriends of Christmas Past

Network: UP

Original Air Date: December 4, 2016


Tammin Sursok ... Livvy Beal
Brent Bailey ... Carter Bolton
Lindsey McKeon ... Murphy McCall
Abigail Klein ... Zoe Swann
John Brotherton ... Anderson Whitmire
Meagan Holder ... Megan Walton
Chris Salvatore ... Tyler
Bryce Durfee ... Beau
Julia Parker ... Fran
Jessa Settle ... Helena
Matthew P McManus ... Bernd
Rebekah Kochan ... Biker Mom
Dawn McCoy ... Housewife Hostess
Katherine McKalip ... Grandma Hattie
Donna Rusch ... Lila Croft
Lexi Giovagnoli ... Carter's Assistant Carrie
Dante ... Biker Dad
Kelsey Impicciche ... Pretty Iceskater
Leonel Claude ... Party Guest
Nicholas James Reilly ... Tim the Barista
Cassandra Bautista ... Biker Chick
Brandon Knabe ... Livvy's Brother Sam
Mark Ziegler ... Livvy's Father Mel
Ben Dalton ... Lila's Son Gregory
Deshawn Crawford ... Biker
Samuel Engelen ... Carter's Nephew Bryce
Hana Engelen ... Carter's Niece Bailey



via UP: When three strong-willed women join forces to seek the ultimate revenge on their cheating ex at his upcoming holiday retreat, love struck event planner Livvy meets Carter, the property manager organizing it all, leaving Livvy to question if she can leave off their revenge scheme long enough to finally forgive her ex and let a real holiday romance blossom.

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  1. All of Up's movies look good this year. Looking forward to this one

  2. I broke my ankle and I really wasn't going to watch this movie, but I did and it was better than I thought it would be. The 3 women made the movie! So funny together. The things they did weren't too mean like I got from the commercial.


    1. Oh dear, Misty! I'm so sorry to hear you broke your ankle. That's not any fun. I twisted my foot a couple years ago at Christmas and was off it for about a week, so I understand to a degree. Hope your recovery isn't too long.

      Thank goodness you have all these Christmas movies to help pass the time. I haven't caught this one ("Girlfriends of Christmas Past"), yet, but I'm planning to record the repeat showing tomorrow night.

      So glad to hear you enjoyed it, and found it to be amusing!

      You be sure to take care of yourself, honey, and keep that ankle propped up. I'll be praying for you!!!

      Blessings to you, Misty!!! Net

  3. This movie was funny really enjoyed it!!!
    Sorry about your ankle Misty.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  4. Welcome to the family Brent Bailey....from the acclaimed web series Emma Approved we hope to see him more on HM UP or PIXL. His cute Carter was a great balance for the craziness of the revenging girlfriends past of John Brotherton's character. I really enjoyed this movie and agree UP has had some good fare on offer this year.

  5. Merry Christmas everyone! I've been loving all this Christmas movies over the weekend, they are so many and so good I can't stop watching. However, I made a stop because I feel like I owe this o my fellow parents: "This movie is not for everyone," it might upset some viewers, I know it upset me a lot, I respect everyone's opinion, but after this movie I am not planning to let my children watch UP movies without supervision never again.


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