Friday, October 7, 2016

Christmas Movie News: 'It's a Wonderful Wife' - currently filming!!!

The movie 'It's a Wonderful Wife' is currently filming festive Christmassy holiday scenes with actresses Lisa Durupt and Nikki Deloach, who will play sisters in this new movie - for Hallmark!

Here's the scoop + a pic, via Instagram...
with the caption:
thelisadurupt: "This is how we do at holiday functions... with lobster."
@hallmarkchannel #sisters #ItsAWonderfulWife @hallmarkmovie"

Both actresses starred in Hallmark Christmas movies last year! Lisa Durupt starred in 'Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery' and Nikki Deloach starred in 'Christmas Land'.

It is interesting that this movie (so far!) does not have the word "Christmas", "Holiday", "Snow", or "Santa" in the title!

*Thank you to Sherry for discovering this movie weeks ago and Thank You to Shirley S. for sharing this Instagram image above - confirming it is officially a Christmas Movie!


  1. Wow! Another movie? Thanks to Shirley for the scoop!


    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 07, 2016

      Net added this title to her "CHRISTMAS MOVIES NEWS FOR 2016 and BEYOND" section after I discovered the title and told her about it. At that time, it was said to be a Hallmark movie but we were not 100% sure that it was going to Hallmark and were waiting for more proof.

      Also, initially there was some question as to whether or not It's a Wonderful Wife was the same movie as Candace Cameron Bure's movie (an alternate title, in other words), as both movies are filming in Winnipeg, although Candace's movie started filming before IAWW began. So I was waiting for the clear sign to indicate that they were two separate movies.

      An anonymous commenter under Net's Christmas Movies post then said that it shouldn't be assumed that this is a Christmas movie because of the title. I had been tracking it, so I replied that there was reason to think (or more than one reason) that it was, indeed, a Christmas movie. That part of it was pretty clear. And it is a Christmas movie! ;)

      After that we just had to figure out which channel was getting it for sure, which took a little longer to confirm.

    2. Yes, Sherry was the first to alert me to this title! I updated that above. I know we were both hopeful it would be a Christmas movie at the time, and I'm glad Shirley found this picture- so we can all see it is, after all!

      Thank you so much, Sherry & Shirley!!!

  2. Which actress is the star of this film?

    1. We don't know, yet, but both are so great! Could be that there is no clear star, much like 'Finding Christmas' which was more of an ensemble cast with equal air time.


    1. No, I just think they are using a different title for this one. Almost all of Hallmark's Christmas movies have Christmas in the title.

      This title may even change before it's premiere date- so stay tuned, just in case!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, October 08, 2016

      I hope they keep this title! I think it's clever and fun.

    3. This title isnt all that clever. Its way too close to It's a Wonderful Life to the point where whoever owns the rights to that movie could make a good case about Hallmark trying to use their movie to sell this new movie.

    4. Lifetime has used It's a Wonderful Lifetime for their Christmas it shouldn't be a problem I would think.

    5. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, October 09, 2016

      Seeing that there is a book with the title "It's a Wonderful Wife," which is, I believe, probably a different story than the one being told in this movie, I'm pretty sure Hallmark is not going to be in any legal trouble with the owners of the movie rights for using this as a working title only.

      If they were going to be in trouble with anyone, it would probably be the authors of the book of the same name, but I'm quite sure Hallmark is legally in the clear.

      I think that Hallmark will change the title, anyway -- never fear.

      But I love the title, and I think it is very clever because it IS an homage to the classic movie. That similarity is the whole reason it is clever. I would think it was clever as a book title, a movie title or any other title.

  4. Any info on the plot?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. My friends daughter is an extra in this movie. Can't wait to see it.


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