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Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Love on a Limb" - a Hallmark Channel Original 'Fall Harvest' Movie


Movie: Love on a Limb

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: October 1, 2016



Ashley Williams ... Aimie
Trevor Donovan ... Kyle
Marilu Henner ... Zee
Krista Morin
Habree Ahrys Larratt
Rhona Shekter


via Hallmark: Aimie Roarke (Williams) is always up for a cause, whether it's helping a local animal shelter or hosting a bake sale for the Fire Department. When the town's beloved oak tree is set to be cut down, she takes it upon herself try and save it. When the Mayor hires Kyle Sorenson, a handsome new landscaper to cut it down, she decides the only way to save the tree is to chain herself to it. As Kyle attempts to out wait her, the two start to spend more time together, they find the old tree brings them both more than they could have imagined in life and love.

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Photo Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Petr Maur


  1. Of all of Hallmark's "regular" actresses, Ashley Williams is one of my very favorites, and seems to elevate everything she appears in. In fact, I didn't have really any interest in this title, until I saw her in it. It is a bit of a bummer that she got Fall Harvest two years in a row, in lieu of a more high profile Christmas film.

  2. Awwww...I really love Ashley Williams!! She's so adorable and her expressions are priceless. Her love interest, Trevor, is a cutie and look, there's Marilu, again....great cast!! Can't wait for this one.

  3. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, September 15, 2016

    I have a feeling that Ashley prefers the Fall Harvest movies instead of the Christmas ones, because they're something a bit different. I'm certain that she has been offered a Hallmark Christmas movie, especially if they saw her in Lifetime's "Christmas in the City" a few years ago. We could still see her in one sometime soon, but if not, it's probably because she hasn't found one that she liked, or that worked with her schedule. And if she did a Christmas movie it would probably have a unique Ashley twist to it! Lol. She seems to be a 'marches to her own drummer' sort of girl, and I tend to think she'd rather do something a little different than what is expected.

    This upcoming movie is only her second Hallmark film, but she is someone I look forward to in any Hallmark movies she agrees to do from this point forward. She was so natural in "October Kiss" -- I am sure she was improvising some of her lines, as a lot of the dialogue didn't even seem like acting, but seemed more like her own personality shining through. Her "Poppy" character stood out so much as far as being an interesting person that I didn't even care about the romance part of the movie. I felt that the movie was more about her connection to the kids than it was about her connection to the dad!

  4. One of the most boring TV movies this year. Did not care for this one at all

  5. I love Hallmark movies, but this one was terrible. The sory was really silly and Ashley Williams was annoying, too perky, too shallow. Just a stupid movie

  6. I was so looking forward to this movie, and was very disappointed. I too thought Ashley Williams was annoying, and just over the top. Her and Trev looked more like brother and sister than love interests. I had a hard time believing they fell in love. I hope we get Ash in another Hallmark movie and she can redeem herself in my eyes. The Irresistible Blueberry Farm, was AWESOME!!!!!!! Love my girl Ali.

  7. Susan - Des MoineMonday, October 03, 2016

    Have to agree with the other people here. This one was a bit of a mess. Also had high hopes and made it through the first hour before turning it off. And I rarely if ever don't finish even the worst movies.

  8. I guess I'll be the contrarian here and state that I thought this movie was a really great fall movie. Poignant subjects: loss in the family, changing times in small towns, coping mechanisms, having a positive mark on the world. Ashley's character was the complete opposite of shallow. The romance centered on two people who appeared to be opposites yet were very much alike when they took the time to look beneath the surface. Thanks, Ashley and Trevor, for a great movie that I look forward to watching over again in future! Don't listen to these naysayers!

  9. I had a feeling this movie will be a bore from reading the movie's overall plot. However I do love Ashley Williams and was hoping it would still turn out to be good. But that was not the case. I had to turn it off after the first 45 minutes, it just didn't keep me engaged. October Kiss was one of my favorite Fall Harvest movies from last year. So disappointed about this one. I'm hoping the next one about the wineries is much better, that plot did look more interesting.

  10. I can't believe everyone's reaction to Love on a Limb. To me, Ashley was just being Ashley! If you didn't tune in for the whole movie then you missed something special. Dealing with the loss of a loved one can make people do unusual things. It was a sweet romance between Ashley and Trevor.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, October 05, 2016

      Ditto about Ashley being Ashley -- that's what I saw as well. She's charming and fun.

      Sometimes I think that people are expecting Hallmark movies to be Masterpiece Theater installments. For some reason, people keep wanting them to be something else and not what they actually are. I don't see those same sorts of expectations for Lifetime's movies or Syfy movies -- people seem to have a fondness for and acceptance of those genres that is rather forgiving, but don't accept Hallmark movies for what they are.

      This is a website/blog that is known for being positive, upbeat and pro-Hallmark. Ashley Williams was kind enough to grant Net an interview for this site, and now people are just bashing her movie. There's enough bashing on social media. I don't know why it has to trickle over here too. I think it's just... bad form.

  11. Is it realistic that anyone would be allowed to chain and unchain themselves from a tree? Love Ashley and all, but this was not realistic at all. Still, I stayed with it and thought it was an okay diversion for an evening viewing.


  13. Seriously, I viewed this movie and thought it was sweet. Love you Ashley! Anna

  14. It was a little corny, at times, but hey, what Hallmark movie isn't? I saw even worse movies during Summer Nights, but don't recall anyone saying a word then.

    1. I think during Summer Nights alot of people were on vacation so if the previews didnt look interesting they just didn't watch. Its a little different in the fall when they have more time to be home and stay in and watch.

  15. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, October 04, 2016

    I would love to give an opinion of the movie, but I didn't get to see the whole thing and I don't feel I can give an educated opinion on it without watching it in its entirety. I am actually going to have to try to watch it in full at another time. The DVR recording was a little glitchy, so I struggled with it for maybe the first 60 minutes and then finally gave up.

    From what I was able to see, I thought that Ashley was her usual charming, spunky self. I didn't think that she was annoying at all. It did seem like there were a couple of slow scenes here and there, but I still would have stuck it out and watched the whole thing if my DVR hadn't gone awry.

    I do find it interesting, though, that viewers always complain about all the stories being the same in these Hallmark movies. So here was a story that we had not really seen before on the Hallmark Channel (other than the two leads falling for each other, which happens in every movie), and people are still not happy. People are never satisfied with anything! Lol.

    1. Not every movie is great and everyone had theirvright r o express their opinion. Tree plot aside it was the usual Hallmark movie right down to the same old faces. What the full movie and you'll see why some did not like it.

      I never got a sense they truly cared about the tree. No one mentioned what type of tree it was and it never had a name. They just called it the tree. And the resolution at the end made no logical sense whatsoever.

    2. I'm satisfied with good movies. Sadly, this one was a miss for Hallmark. Not a big deal really since they churn out so many movies. They can't all be winners and they can't all be praised. If they're not up to the usual Hallmark quality, I think it's fair to voice that opinion to let Hallmark know.

    3. Yes, Ashley Williams was very gracious to do an interview with me, here at It's a Wonderful Movie! In fact, it has been one of my absolute favorites! She was real, engaging, interesting, and she gave us some fun details on what she hopes to accomplish next. That's the best sort of interview! (*Thank you, Ashley!!!*)

      As for the movie, we all have different taste. Sometimes we love one and dislike another. Or, maybe... one is just okay. Whatever the case, everyone is welcome to share how they feel about a particular movie, as long as it is done in good taste, and without cruelty towards the actors themselves.

      Now, for my take on it! I found 'Love on a Limb' to be a rather cute Hallmark movie, lighthearted and sweet. Ashley Williams’ character was bubbly, feisty and resolute in fighting for something she believed in. As others have pointed out, perhaps some elements to the story may not have been completely realistic, but that’s why it is a story and not real-life. It’s a 2 hour escape into (hopefully) an idealistic Hallmark world. Overall, it was pleasant and delightful, and in true Hallmark fashion, there was a sweet love story, as well, throughout.

      That's how I saw it, but thank you everyone for your feedback, as we look forward to the next movie!!!

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, October 05, 2016

      I'm certainly looking forward to all of the next movies, Net! We didn't have one single new movie on the main Hallmark Channel in September. After all the momentum that was built up with the new movies over the summer, it was strange to then come to a screeching halt for an entire month.

      I was just glad to see that new movies were starting up again. In fact, at some point last week, Hallmark was advertising (on Facebook) that, starting with "Love on a Limb," there was going to be a new movie every Saturday for the rest of the year. (I think they forgot that New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve are Saturdays, and there won't be new movies on those dates. They probably meant to say "every weekend" for the rest of the year.)

      Hooray! Bring them on!!

      There are some movies I see that I don't care for. There are a lot of movies that are just so-so for me. But I often give things a second chance, third chance or even fourth chance, and sometimes my opinion changes and I end up liking a movie much better than I did when I initially saw it.

      As I mentioned before, from all that I was able to see of "Love on a Limb," which was the first hour, I thought there were a couple of slow scenes, but I thought that Ashley was delightful and charming, as usual. I didn't see her as annoying, or too perky, or shallow, at all. And it was a different kind of story that we haven't seen on Hallmark. Plus, I know how involved she was in bringing this story to life, so I'm sure she made every effort that she could to put out a movie she felt good about.

      Thank you for keeping this blog/website so positive and uplifting, Net!

    5. Well said, Net! I like your positive take on it.

  16. Love on a Limb was a boring one. Could not comprehend 2 hours of a movie plot on entirely saving a tree. Boring, boring, boring!!!!

  17. I'm pretty sure that tree was a maple tree, not an oak tree.

  18. I was looking forward to this, esp the fall theme. I persevered until the end but to be honest I didnt enjoy it as much as other Hallmark movies. I dont know whether it was the writing or the acting of the main character, which was over the top and her personality dominated the entire movie.
    I would have liked more subtlety from her. I also felt that the lead male was a little wooden and the story far-fetched.
    I give this movie 6/10

  19. I missed Love On A Limb, when will it be run again?

    1. Looks like you have one more chance this year, Anonymous. It will re-air Saturday October 22nd at 5pm/4c. Hope you can catch or record it then.

      With the Christmas movies coming soon, it probably won't re-air after this repeat showing, until next year!!! 2017!!!

  20. Mixed opinions here.

    If you don't like a certain movie it has to be okay to give your opinion provided that it is done in a respectful manner.

    I would have to agree with the majority herethat this was rather disappointing.

    I liked Trevor Donovan and wouldn't mind seeing him in another role although he could have had a bit more oomph.

    Although Ashley Williams is a fine actress I didn't like her character here - abrasive and over the top. If you saw her coming you would just love a convenient corner you could slip round to avoid her.

    Cause it's a HALLMARK movie you have to make certain allowances but even for them the plot was rather far fetched and facile.

    However while it was far from being anywhere near one of their best it was by no means one of their worst either.

    It's not one for the rewatch pile but it if it was on some rainy afternoon you might view it.

  21. Hallmark movies are supposed to be my happy place, but this movie made me sad and mad instead. For "Aimee" to get what she wanted, she screamed louder, disrupted more, disrespected authority, never apologized, inconvenienced many...and won her cause with everyone thinking she was a hero. :( I'm on to the next Hallmark movie - this time to one much lighter, happier and less "political."

    1. I understand. I have found many movies very frustrating for this reason as well! She did frustrate me at times as well.


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