Monday, September 19, 2016

"Autumn in the Vineyard" - a Hallmark Channel Original "Fall Harvest" Movie


Movie: Autumn in the Vineyard

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: October 8, 2016


Rachael Leigh Cook ... Frankie Baldwin
Brendan Penny ... Nate Deluca
Marcus Rosner
Ali Liebert
Nathaniel Middleton
Laura Soltis


via Hallmark: Frankie Baldwin is determined to turn Sorrento Ranch into an award-winning winery and Nate DeLuca shares the same dream. But they don't exactly have a trusting relationship ever since Nate embarrassed her with a kiss in front of the entire town. So when Nate finds himself forced to cooperate with Frankie in order to make their dreams come true, sparks fly.

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Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs


  1. I watched the trailer this past weekend and it kind of reminded me of "Uncorked" with Julie Benz; love those winery type movies. Hey, Net, there's Marcus again! LOL! Still waiting for a good "leading man" role for him.

    1. Marcus might get a leading role in the upcoming Lifetime movie, "Firehouse Christmas"! I remember Net talking about the movie in the upcoming Christmas movie list and his name was listed second in the cast. Hopefully, Marcus can achieve the recognition and attention that he probably has been waiting for.

    2. Yes, it looks like Marcus is finally getting a nice role! More details in my comment under Linda's below...

  2. I am looking forward to this one. Rachel Leigh Cook is a great actress, who always raises the caliber of a movie/tv show.

  3. Thanks, Anonymous, I'll be looking out for "Firehouse Christmas" and I, too, hope this one puts him on the map!! I'd love to see him in a better light than what he's been doing.

    1. I think I also heard Marcus Rosner will 'get-the-girl' in the movie "Firehouse Christmas". It is featured currently as Christmas movie number 49 on my Christmas 2016 and Beyond page - with a few on the set pics, too!

      I so agree, Linda, it would be nice to see him actually portray the good guy! :)

    2. Glad you are looking forward to this one, Susan. The outdoor setting looks beautiful.

      So true, Linda... It is reminiscent of the Hallmark movie, "Uncorked", also set in wine country.

  4. Sorry, just wanted to double check - should the line from the plot summary be that he "finds himself forced to COOPERATE with Frankie," rather than "corporate" with Frankie? I mean, I guess they could indeed form a corporation, but that doesn't seem likely here....

    1. Yeah, I think that makes more sense, too. The plot is direct from Hallmark. I updated the word to cooperate. I'm sure it was just a typo. Easily fixed! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. I read the book on Amazon it was one of of series about the DeLuca siblings. Very good books , lots of humor.

  6. I wish we got the Hallmark channel in Canada!!

    1. You don't get the Hallmark Channel? That's strange. Considering Hallmark Movies are mostly filmed in Canada.

    2. That's weird. You'd think a channel that hires mostly Canadian actors and films most of their movies in Canada would be available in Canada.

    3. So true... That is quite odd. Something really needs to be worked out in Canada... The people there certainly deserve it.

  7. Autumn in the Vineyard was my favorite of all the Fall Harvest movies. Rachael and Brendan had incredible chemistry. I won't mind watching another one of their movie in the future.

  8. Really enjoyed this movie.

    I wouldn't say Brendan Penny was exactly handsome but his quiet strength in 'Tis The Season won me over so that I was rooting for him.

    He was even better here, more outgoing and fun.

    Rachel Leigh Cook put in a good performance and I thought there was great chemistry between them.

    For some reason I had thought the setting was in France but the scenery was superb and the story interesting.

    If there is one slight downside to Hallmark it is that the endings can be very abrupt and I felt that was the case here - even just another one minute of screen time would let you enjoy their happiness.

    Much better than Love On A Limb and Pumpkin Pie War will have a lot to live up to.

    This is a definite for my re-watch pile.


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