Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hallmark films New Movie with Debbie Gibson and SIX Stars from 'When Calls the Heart'!

Pascale Hutton (Rosemary LeVeaux), Marcus Rosner (Charles Kensington), Ken Tremblett (Patrick O'Reilly), Keenan Tracy (member of the Tolliver Gang), Lane Edwards, and Mitchell Kummen (Gabe Montgomery)... all of 'When Calls the Heart' are starring in the new Hallmark Channel movie 'Relevant'. (Please Note: This is the current working title for this movie and could possibly change before the premiere.)

UPDATE: This movie has been re-titled 'Song of Summer'!

If you've seen the new 'Summer Nights' commercial on Hallmark, then you may also have noticed Debbie Gibson in the ad, who is the star of this story based on a pop star!

And, here are some recent "set" & "behind the scenes" images...

Debbie Gibson and Marcus Rosner on-the-set pic via twitter...

Pascale Hutton and Debbie Gibson portray sisters! This on-the-set image was shared via Instagram...

Plus, a selfie on-the-set pic with Debbie Gibson and Pascale Hutton via twitter...

Debbie Gibson, Ken Tremblett, and Keenan Tracey took this selfie on-the-set, via Instagram...

And, it looks like Debbie has another leading man, actor Robert Gant, via Instagram...

Plus, Debbie's adorable on-screen niece in the movie, young actress Lauren McNamara, via Instagram...

Then, a fun shot with Ken Tremblett, Lauren McNamara, and Lane Edwards, who plays Lauren's Daddy in the movie, via Instagram...

*Credit for finding images & details above goes to...
Sherry in California for finding most of the 'Song of Summer' cast news & pictures above! Plus, Abby Flink for finding Marcus Rosner, Joyce in Carolina for discovering the second selfie pic with Pascale & Debbie, and Ruth Mayer Hill for finding Ken Tremblett, which was shared by Lori M.! Thank you Ladies! Due to your leads - I added in a few more pics above!

Stay tuned for news to come on when this new movie will premiere! Some of the actors in it are saying it will come in the fall, while Debbie Gibson is featured in Hallmark Channel's new "Summer Nights" commercial... so we'll have to wait and see!

UPDATE: 'Song of Summer' will premiere August 27, 2016 on the Hallmark Channel during "Summer Nights"! It's official!


  1. Keenan Tracy is also in When Calls the Heart. He is part of the Tolliver gang. He is also in Signed Sealed Delivered The Treasure Box episode. He is Jason the kid they are locked in the vault with. Looks like a reunion of sorts for some of these actors.

    1. Oh, I wondered for a second about him! Great catch, Stephanie! I almost checked IMDB. I'll have to change that title to 4! I absolutely remember him in SSD - he was great in that, too!

  2. What are the summer nights movies?

    1. Great question! According to Hallmark's "Summer Nights" preview commercial they say there will be 6 New Movies during this event. Hallmark has not officially announced which 6 it will be... but, in the commercial they show 'Summer Villa' with Victor Webster and Hilarie Burton - in a car and riding bikes, then 'Managing Manhatton' with Marc Bendavid & Julianna Guill, 'For Love and Honor' with James Denton in military uniform and Natalie Brown, Debbie Gibson - who is in 'Relevant', and several clips of 'Chesapeake Shores' with Meghan Ory and Jesse Metcalfe... which ends with Fireworks!!!

      The movie 'A Summer to Remember' or 'My Summer Prince' (whichever title they decide on) starring Taylor Cole, is also presumably going to be part of "Summer Nights"!

      That makes 6, if we count the 2 hour pilot movie to 'Chesapeake Shores'; however, there is another title floating around that may also be included in this event... but, we'll have to wait and see! Hallmark will surely send out a press release to announce them soon! :)

      Happy Summer!!!

  3. Oh, wow, haven't seen Debbie Gibson in a long while and look, there's Marcus.....again.... Pascale Hutton is adorable and I'm loving this cast already. Hope it airs soon....

    1. Could either be Summer or Fall! I've heard both. It does look like a great, fun cast!

    2. And, YES, YES, YES... Pascale is so adorable! I'm sure she'll be great in this, and I'm sure you'll agree... Would love to see her as the leading lady in an upcoming Hallmark movie!!!

  4. Lane Edwards was also in Season 2 of #WCTH!

  5. Plus, it stars Mitchell Kummen from Seasons 1 & 2. Lane Edwards was also on "When Calls The Heart" in S2. It's a big family reunion on-set of "Relevant!" Looks like a great movie. Can't wait to see it!!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Nicole. I had just heard about Mitchell being in this cast the other day from Sherry, when they wrapped shooting. Even though Mitchell was somewhat mysterious, at the time, about his project - I guess the word is out now!

      Thank you for also sharing about Lane Edwards being in WCTH. Do you, perhaps, recall his character's name? It's not listed on IMDB, or anywhere else on-line.

      Also, just wanted to let you know, Nicole... I updated the title above to Six! Thanks for the info!!! #Hearties

    2. Update! Thought some of you might be interested to know, Nicole got back in touch with me regarding Lane Edwards being on WCTH. She couldn't recall his character's name, but she said his role was involved with Jack, and the possibility of bringing the railroad to Hope Valley in Season 2.

      So, that's who he was or is on WCTH!!! And, thank you Nicole (a true devoted #Hearties fan!) for sharing that info here with all of us!!! I love the 'When a Calls the Heart' series, as well... So refreshing and endearing... I'm grateful we still have wholesome entertainment like that in today's world!

  6. Check out Debbie Gibson twitter post
    Debbie Gibson ‏@DebbieGibson Jun 30
    Last day #onset filming @hallmarkchannel movie! #hallmarkchannel


  7. https://www.facebook.com/DebbieGibsonOfficial/videos/10153731608343951/ this is cool too


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