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'J.L. Family Ranch', a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie

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Movie: J.L. Family Ranch

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: August 21, 2016


Jon Voight ... John Landsburg
James Caan ... Tap Peterson
Melanie Griffith ... Laura Lee
Teri Polo ... Rebecca Landsburg
Abby Brammell ... Regan Landsburg
Steven Bauer ... Hector Arrieta
Skyler Shaye ... Lynn Landsburg
Trevor Donovan ... Brady Landsburg
Grant Bowler ... Sheriff Henry Whitlock
Lee Purcell ... Mable Ritter


"J.L. Family Ranch" follows veteran rancher and former sheriff John Landsburg (Jon Voight), who is forced to face the federal bureaucracy when an old enemy, Tap Peterson (James Caan) seeking revenge over a decades-old grudge falsifies documents and alleges Landsburg doesn't actually own his beloved family ranch. John however isn't the type to go down without a fight.

 "JL Family Ranch" movie

Movie Review:

Not since J.R. and Dallas has TV seen a family like this.

Heritage, Loyalty, Heartbreak, Redemption… 'J.L. Family Ranch' is the epitome of Hallmark.

With an amazing all-star cast: Jon Voight, James Caan, Melanie Griffith, and more… you will be drawn in from the start. 'J.L. Family Ranch' has the feel of a modern day western meets country song.

Rich in history, the name 'J.L. Family Ranch' says it all. John Landsburg (Jon Voight), as the patriarch, is determined to care for his family and his ranch, every member and square inch of it. To the death, if necessary and it just might be necessary!

When a local rancher, Tap Peterson (James Caan), with a vendetta, schemes with local government bureaucrats to take over the Landsburg ranch, John, along with his daughters Rebecca (Teri Polo) and Regan (Abby Brammell), and troubled, but loyal son Brady (Trevor Donovan), do everything in their power to fight back. They are devoted to their father and their roots, and nothing sways them away – not money, temptations, or threats.

This movie has such an authentic feel, so real. Very true to our lives today, as it delves into government control, imminent domain, and our basic rights and freedoms.

If you love American history, the old west, or the countryside… if you believe in an honest day’s work, for an honest day’s pay… and the good ole USA, you will be riveted by Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ 'J.L. Family Ranch'.

-Review by Net, itsawonderfulmovie.com

See or Skip:

Please note: J.L. Family Ranch is like a modern day western with guns and other violence. Adult situations are discussed. Along with drinking, a physical altercation, etc…

If you enjoy the old western type movies and love the country way of life - then you will definitely want to see 'J.L. Family Ranch'.

Video Preview:



  1. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, May 31, 2016

    It took me a minute to realize that Teri Polo cut her hair! I think that when I first saw one of the photos I assumed she had it pulled back. But it's very short. She's now got kind of a Robin Wright look happening.

    I am so used to seeing Teri with long blonde hair. This is quite a change.

  2. Oh my gosh, Sherry, I had to go back and look at Terri's picture again when I saw the names of the cast. Looks like they tried to age her to match Jon Voight's role. I hope that's a wig and she didn't cut all that beautiful hair off!! LOL!!

  3. Woops, maybe Terri's not playing the role of Jon's wife....maybe Melanie is?? Does anybody know?

    1. Jon's wife has passed away in JL Ranch. Terri plays a daughter, Melanie an old flame.

  4. Who sings the opening song for the movie

  5. Nice to hear IMAGINE DRAGONS song "Demons" on the preview.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that. That tune sounded so familiar to me and I've been wondering who covered it.

      I just listened to the full length version at Amazon, here:

  6. Looking forward to this one. Jon Voight, James Caan, Melanie Griffith, Teri Polo...you can't go wrong with those names in the cast. Net, do you know if this could be a possible movie series or this a one time movie?

    1. That is an excellent question, Jill! I do believe at one time that a series from this film was mentioned as a consideration, but that would depend upon a lot of factors - ratings, actors availability, script, etc...

      Of course, all of that is possible, but to my knowledge, it isn't in the works, yet. Perhaps if it does receive excellent ratings, then Hallmark will discuss the possibility of a series, or another "J.L. Family Ranch" movie!!! Let's hope!

      Thank you for your comment, Jill! :)

    2. I was a background extra in this movie, top notch cast and crew, Mr. Voight chatted with us and even sang during a lunch break when guitars came out. Tremendous experience, not just another film, would love to audition if a sequel or series comes about, Wonderful job by everyone! Thanks for allowing me to be a part!

  7. According to the director it has been approved for a sequel.

    1. That is terrific news! I hope we hear more soon! :)

    2. I just watched The Wedding Gift. I thought Tap shot his son . How can he show up alive?

    3. I was thinking the same thing. Thought I was going crazy! Been searching the internet trying to find someone discussing this discrepancy!

    4. Wondering the same thing as well. Did either of you ever resolve this discrepancy?

  8. I hope at very least it becomes a movie series. My husband and I enjoyed it very much!

    1. Yes, I think there are lots of various storylines left to be explored with the Landsburg family!!!

  9. Being filmed in my hometown was.....AWESOME and the movie was fantastic!!! Great seeing my friends in small roles :)

  10. It was awesome, this is my hometown and was great to see familiar faces in the crowd!!! Thanks Hallmark, La Grange KY loves ya.

    1. Wow! That does sound awesome, Kelli! I do love beautiful Kentucky! I have been there numerous times! It's a lovely place... the rolling hills, mountains, and bluegrass! Awe, just thinking about it - my heart is there now! Stunning countryside!

      Hallmark must also love La Grange, Kentucky... since they also filmed 'The Ultimate Legacy' there!

      Hope the cast & crew of 'J.L. Family Ranch' return there to your hometown, to film a sequel!

      Thank you for commenting, Kelli!!! :)

  11. Great show! Maybe a series for this great TV movie? How can you go wrong with this cast and their 'ranchers' history.

  12. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! A SERIES would be even more Awesome!!!! I love Jon Voight and always have!

  13. We enjoyed this movie very disappointed that it is not a series , one was not enough.

  14. Second movie JL RANCH - THE WEDDING GIFT comes out today - September 27th. Look for my original song TAKE MY HAND (The Wedding Song) played at the wedding by our own Prime Cuts Band!

  15. I too was wondering about the Peterson boy. Did anyone ever resolve the discrepancy between him being shot in the first show?


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