Friday, May 13, 2016

Hallmark Movies in development.... 'For Love and Honor' and 'Managing Manhattan'

For Love and Honor

James Denton announced he is producing an all new original Hallmark movie 'For Love and Honor', via video on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family on Friday May 13, 2016, while on the set. The movie features a boys military academy and also stars James real-life son, Sheppard!

James Denton image via: Hallmark Crown Media

If a video is released of this, I will either add it or link it here... so please check back for updates! gives a brief synopsis of this movie, "In the film,...Denton will play an army colonel who is brought in to save a struggling military academy, and his son will play one of the cadets."

More Details to come!

(This movie is also mentioned on Facebook, via Hideaway Pictures - Thank you Sherry for sharing this link!)

Managing Manhattan

No cast details are known, yet, for this title - only that it is in development for Hallmark!

Storyline via sepiafilms: "The star manager of a small-town clothing store is suddenly promoted to run the company's flagship store... in Manhattan. To make it in the big city, she must combine her newly acquired New York City street-smarts with a dash of homespun charm."

(Thank you, Gina, for sending me this movie information!)

More Details are surely to come soon for this title! Please note - these are working film titles, so there is a possibility they may change before their premiere on Hallmark! As always - stay tuned!


  1. For Love and Honor sounds like a Father's Day weekend movie

    1. The movie “For Love and Honor” also sounds like it would be appropriate for Memorial Day or Independence Day.

  2. Managing Manhattan is supposed to start filming soon in Manhattan and Vancouver

  3. Met James Denton on location in Sudbury Ontario while filming For Love and Honor......well, the honor was mine. Mr. Denton took the time to come outside (he was filming 2 doors from my house) to meet me - got a hug as well. He was charming, super handsome and very genuine. Need more actors like him. Looking forward to seeing the movie and I wish Mr. Denton the very very best. (lady who had the red jacket on that me you. Best day ever!!!!
    Thank you for coming out to meet me!

  4. Be still my heart! James Denton has something special. Watching him convinces me he is just like the guy next door. Of course, my neighbor does not look like James Denton. That might be a good thing. Can't wait for "For Love and Honor". Thanks Hallmark!

  5. Love James Denton in everything he does.Can not wait for "For Love and Honor". Thanks Hallmark!


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