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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ION Television's Valentine's Day Original Movie "Heart Felt"


Movie: Heart Felt

Network: ION Television

Original Air Date: February 12, 2016

*Please Note: This Movie may contain Adult Dialogue and Situations.

Movie Poster "Heart Felt", via: ION Television


Emmanuelle Vaugier ... Molly Dawson
Matthew MacCaull ... Jackson West
Christopher Russell ... Greg
Edwin Perez ... Romero
Lydia Campbell ... Liz
Thomas Calabro ... Randall
Justyn Shippelt ... Rick
Glynis Davies ... Miss Tischer
Lindsay Maxwell ... Vanessa
April Telek ... Nancy Spencer
Gabriel Medina ... Mariachi Singer #1
Penny ... Dog #1
Diego AlcalΓ‘ ... Mariachi Singer #2
Burger ... Dog #2
Toots ... Parrot


via ION: “Heart Felt” tells the story of real estate rising star Molly, who breaks up with Jackson, a smitten but seeming underachiever, on Valentine’s Day because he may have lied to her. Molly moves to New Mexico for a high-profile promotion and soon finds herself close to being engaged to the generous but immature Greg. In a twist of fate, a proposed business deal for a trendy winery puts Molly face-to-face again with the remorseful Jackson, who has a few more surprises for the woman he still loves.

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  1. What channel is ION on Dish Network?

    1. should have a local listing for ion in the 40's also. for example: 49 in Texas. 47 in Oklahoma.

  2. Aw, this one sounds super cute! :)

  3. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, January 26, 2016

    Well... As we know, ION has jumped into the Christmas movie game over the last few years. And they did a Halloween season movie last year. It's only fitting that they begin to dive into the Valentine movie pool too! The more, the merrier. It helps that they use faces that are familiar to Hallmark and Lifetime viewers (such as Ryan McPartlin, Nikki DeLoach, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Christopher Russell, etc.), as I think that will get people to want to tune in.

    It's also great news that this movie is scheduled to air on Friday, February 12th! This way it won't conflict with Hallmark's new movies on February 13th and 14th!

    1. They dove into the Valentine pool before this year. They aired a new movie last year. Their movies usually aren't original movies they produce. They're Marvista productions they distribute so they aren't choosing the actors. And many of their movies feature actors Hallmark viewers wouldn't be familiar with.

    2. Right! ION's first Valentine premiere movie was last year,Meet My Valentine, starring Scott Wolf (of "Party of Five" fame). It was sweet and sad... a real tear jerker, in the end. Hopefully, this years new ION Valentine movie will have a happy ending.

    3. Sherry in CaliforniaThursday, January 28, 2016

      In an average year I don't actively make a point of seeking out ION movies to watch until the holiday season rolls around -- because, at that point, there are enough new movies and others from previous years to make it worth my while to tune in. I almost missed the Halloween season movie last year ("You Cast a Spell on Me") for lack of diligently checking ION's schedule, but thankfully Net posted something about it so I knew to look for it.

      Likewise, in the case of "Meet My Valentine," I absolutely remember Net posting about it, and I remember seeing the title as I was surfing through channels, and I certainly know who Scott Wolf is -- but the plot didn't look interesting to me at all so I never stopped and watched it. By now I had forgotten that it was an ION movie, to be honest.

      As for the actors who are in the movies, whenever I assess the movies on ION, Lifetime, UP or (what used to be) ABC Family, I see names that I have seen in at least one other TV movie on another channel, as well as series, and sometimes those are Hallmark projects - but not always.

      To me, it seems very clear that a lot of the actors make the rounds on the channels (even if they have no choice in where their movies ends up). That's how I know that Patrick Muldoon has appeared in Christmas movies on just about every channel that shows them, with the possible exception of ABC Family! Lol.

      Sometimes it appears that ION's movies tend to feature starring actresses or actors who may have only had bit parts or supporting roles in other channels' movies (though not always). Some of them are not immediately recognizable names, but I recognize their faces OR -- when checking IMDB -- I remember them from other movies I have seen.

      I'm not sure that some Hallmark viewers would be familiar with a lot of the newer faces appearing in the Hallmark movies, let alone movies on other channels -- but who knows?! I don't know how many were familiar with Emily Kinney prior to "Love on the Sidelines" -- only because I assume that a lot of the dedicated Hallmark viewers do not also watch "The Walking Dead." But then I think... I watch Hallmark movies AND I watch "The Walking Dead," so if I am watching both then I'm sure some of the other Hallmark viewers are too.

    4. Most of the ION Christmas movies featured stars that did not appear on the other channels movies. Alot of them were fresh faces.

    5. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, January 29, 2016

      What I am saying is that sometimes I recognize the actors from other projects, and sometimes those projects might be movies.

      I'm aware of the ION Christmas movies. I pay attention. Believe me, I'm quite up to date on and savvy about Christmas movies. :-) Sometimes there are people who star in ION movies (from random years, not just 2015) who have been in other things. Take the movie "Back to Christmas," for example. Take "Holiday Road Trip," for example. There are movies on ION that feature people who have been in other projects -- whether they are Christmas movies or other non-Christmas movies or series.

    6. And I'm saying that most of the movies aired last year featured younger newcomers.

    7. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, January 31, 2016

      I recognize Aaron O'Connell, Doris Roberts, Denise Richards and Patrick Muldoon from other projects -- and they were all in ION's 2015 Christmas movies.

      For that matter, ION's own "You Cast a Spell On Me" -- from 2015 -- featured 2 leads who have been in lots of other projects I have seen (for Hallmark AND for other networks)!

      So there were a FEW fresh(er) faces in a few Christmas movies -- just as there were a few fresh(er) faces in some of Hallmark's movies -- but a lot of the actors in ION movies, either leads or supporting, can be seen elsewhere.

  4. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, January 31, 2016

    Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Lindsey Gort of "How Sarah Got Her Wings" had been in at least one other TV project I've seen before too. Her name is not as recognizable as, for example, Lacey Chabert -- but she is not a completely new face to some people either.

    1. She's been on TV shows but nothing that would be widely recognized by alot of Hallmark viewers. She's still relatively unknown

  5. Ladies, as a third party who watches almost all the Hallmark, ION, and UPTV movies, I have to say that I recognize a lot of faces in movies across all three networks. It certainly seems to me like they all pull from the same 'stable' of actors; somewhat like the old studio system of Hollywood from back in the Golden Age days. Of course, some new faces come and go as well. Let's please just enjoy the movies we all like; there's no need to argue about things like this and take away from the joy of the movies!

  6. I am sad. I missed it and don't know when it plays again.

  7. I unfortunately missed this as well and was unable to find a listing for another showing

  8. So glad I recorded this one. I am laughing uncontrollably at some scenes and lines in this movie !! LOVE IT!

  9. In the movie "Heart Felt" does anyone know the name of the song they play at the start of the valentine's eve party!!!

  10. I just watched this movie again! I can't believe I didn't realize the big mistake in the movie the first time or that anyone else didn't either!

    The kid should be closer to 2years old not almost 1 in the end of the movie.
    Finds out he is a father to a son who was already a couple months old. Then a year passes so the child would be almost 2. The baby at the end of the movie was not even a year old yet!!!
    Still a good movie!!!


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