Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Will Be Your Future Favorite Christmas Movies for 2015!



The Christmas Movie Season is coming soon,
and I thought it would be extra fun
if we would look ahead and try to choose...
If you want to join in -
this is what you must do...
* First, look at ALL the NEW Upcoming Christmas Movies - on All the Networks!
* Then, choose now what you think will be your 3 favorites this year!
* In the comments below - write your guesses!
*At the end of the Christmas season - you can come back and share... did you stay with your picks or did you like something else better?
*Also, which Christmas Movie do you think - will have the best overall ratings?
If you are choosing to use Anonymous to leave your message, that is fine; however, please leave your first name, initials, nickname, or something at the end of your message to distinguish you from other Anonymous commenters.
Please Note: You have between now & November 4th, 2015 - to get your favorites in. I will hold all the comments with guesses and post them on November 5th!
UPDATE: I'm extending it until November 6, 2015 at 12noon (EST)!
Have fun guessing
your 2015 Christmas Movie favorites!
FOR 2015...


  1. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, October 28, 2015

    Okay, as for ratings... If I am picking one that I think will have the highest ratings, I guess I'd have to say "A Christmas Melody," because all of Mariah Carey's fans will tune in and bring the ratings up.

    If "A Christmas Melody" were not on the schedule this year I would say that the Candace Cameron movie -- "A Christmas Detour" -- would have the highest ratings. I think that everyone now tunes in to her movies with the hopes that they will stumble upon another "Let It Snow" (which was wonderful)!

    As for the 3 movies that I think will be my favorites, hmmm... I can tell you the ones that I HOPE are good, the ones that I am hoping to really like. However, there could be some surprises in the bunch, and I might end up liking something I'm not expecting to like.

    The 3 movies that I think I should like are (in no specific order):

    "I'm Not Ready for Christmas" (I really like Alicia Witt in these movies, and I kind of like the plot/story of this one);

    "Charming Christmas" (I think that Julie Benz and David Sutcliffe could be good together as an onscreen couple); and

    "Once Upon a Holiday" (Paul Campbell is so funny, and he really stood out in his 2 previous Hallmark movies).

    There are a few others I think/hope I will like, but I am following the rules and just picking 3!

  2. My top three choices would be:
    A Christmas Detour, Ice Sculpture Christmas and Crown for Christmas

    My pick for best overall ratings: A Christmas Detour

  3. I like this question! Such fun! Unfortunately, I don't get the UP Network so I can't watch any of those movies. And I've tried movies on Lifetime and Ion and they're just not for me. I guess I'm just a Hallmark person! The three movies that I'm most looking forward to are: 1) "Just in Time for Christmas" since it's a Hallmark Hall of Fame Production and those movies are usually pretty top notch and have better production values and stories. My #2 choice is going to be "The Christmas Note" because I'm a huge fan of not only Donna VanLiere's wonderful series of Christmas books but all of the movie adaptions as well. For #3 I'm going to jump over to INSP for their movie, "Christmas in the Smokies" because I'm not only glad that INSP is getting into the Christmas movie game but also because I'm curious to see the type of movie they produce. But despite these three being the ones I'm looking forward to, I think the highest rated movie will be "A Christmas Detour" on Hallmark not only because it stars the extremely talented and popular Candace Cameron Bure but also because it's on November 28th right after Thanksgiving when many people's thoughts start turning toward Christmas.

  4. There are so many new Christmas movies that look really promising! My choices for Top 3 are:

    -- The “When Calls the Heart” New Year’s movie (the sneak peek for Season 3)

    -- Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery

    -- The Christmas Gift (starring Michelle Trachtenberg)

  5. Off to make my list! So many good ones!


  6. These are my pre-fav 3 (I must admit seeing pictures helps, but based on the synopsis): Ice Sculpture, The Spirit of Christmas (first time ever wanting to see a Lifetime Christmas movie) and 12 Gifts of Christmas (Merry Matrimony basically tied..the pictures make it seem like a cute movie). I don't think any of my pre-fav 3 will have the best ratings. My guess that will be A Christmas Melody.

    P.S. The pictures and trailer for Candace's movie doesn't look to be a fav of mine (no chemistry)...hope to be wrong!


  7. Definitely When Calls the Heart! - Susze

  8. The Bridge, Dashing Through the Snow, and Northpole 2

  9. There is only one I see that really looks like it could be nice is The Christmas Truce. Its a period film and maybe it will be a little different than the usual style Christmas movies.


  10. I'm looking forward to all of the new movies, but If I had to choose, my three are: Charming Christmas; Just in Time for Christmas and Murder She Baked, (because who can resist Cameron Mathison, I loved him in the Christmas Ornament).

  11. Another fun quest.!! This may take some time..LOL!! back soon!

  12. Christmas in the Smokies, Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: Part 1, 12 Gifts of Christmas or next Murder She Baked.

  13. I think my 3 favorites will be The Bridge, Angel of Christmas and A Christmas Detour.

    Cathy S

  14. Oh, Net, this is so hard for me because I love so many of the new goes; "A Christmas Detour", Candace Cameron Bure, "12 Gifts of Christmas", Katrina Law and "Charming Christmas", Julie Benz. So, let's see if this changes down the line....

  15. KellB522:
    Dog named Christmas
    The Christmas Card
    Christmas with Tucker

  16. This was difficult but I believe that the three movies that I am most looking forward to are 1) The Christmas Note (The Christmas Secret was my favorite movie from last year), 2) The Bridge (enjoyed the book) and 3) When Calls the Heart if that is considered a Christmas movie, if not then I would go with Ion's A Christmas Truce. I'm guessing that the Northpole movie will probably have the highest ratings. Thanks for doing all the work on this site - I love it! Also, are any of these movies coming out on DVD right away like last year? Becky F.

  17. Oooo I like this, but do you know if ABC Fam is doing any new movies this year, because I'd like to include them if they are??

  18. Cleared off my DVR as best as could to make room for these! Still don't think I will have enough room ;) Got my lists to make sure I have them all! Thanks! Kat

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 30, 2015

      Every time I go to my DVR listings with the intention of clearing off a bunch of things, I always hesitate because I don't really want to clear them off. And yet, in order to capture all or most of the new movies on all channels this year -- as well as record any older movies that I have not seen all the way through, for some reason -- I need a lot of space. Something's gotta give. I have to either give up the recordings saved on the DVR, or give up on the plan to record all of the movies.

      Sometimes I cannot watch the movies right after recording them, so they have to sit on the DVR for a while, taking up space until I have time.

    2. I figured out how to hook an external drive to my dvr and I can send movies to it.

  19. Tough to narrow it down to three favorites...but here I go!
    * I'm Not Ready for Christmas (because of Alicia Witt)
    * A Christmas Detour (because of Candace Cameron)
    * A Christmas Melody (because of Lacey Chabert)

    And I think A Christmas Melody will have the best ratings because of Mariah Carey's involvement and Lacey Chabert starring.

    Anxious to see what you and everyone else says!

    Thanks for coordinating, Net!

    Midwest Mark

  20. Just submitted by 3 favorites and highest ratings guess. Tough to choose. I hope this year's movies prove to be as good as those in 2013 (which in my humble opinion was one of the best years for made-for-TV Christmas movies). Thanks for coordinating, Net!

    Midwest Mark

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 30, 2015

      I totally agree, Mark. In fact, right before seeing your comment here I just posted a comment under a different blog on this site, stating that 2013 was a great year for Christmas movies! Not even just on Hallmark -- Hallmark had a very strong year in 2013 -- but also on Lifetime. Lifetime had at 3 Christmas movies that were good that year too.

      Last year... there were a few good ones across all the channels combined, but it was definitely not as strong of a year for the movies as 2013 was. There must be a secret formula for these movies. As we know, many of the made-for-TV movies follow a similar plot, and they are all very predictable. The actors are familiar to us, and we know what to expect from them. But not all of them are great. There is some magical combination of actors/acting, story/writing, Christmasy backdrops and/or chemistry between the lead characters that is present in some of the movies but not in others. One familiar Hallmark actress might click with a certain actor onscreen, and then in the next movie she does for Hallmark there is no chemistry with the other actor at all.

      I never know what to expect from the movies!

    2. My top 3 favorites for this year are:
      1) Christmas Note
      2) The Bridge - Part 1
      3) Christmas Detour

      The Christmas Movie that will have the best overall ratings is: Dashing Through The Snow


    3. I couldn't agree with you more, Sherry! For me, the best Christmas movies are those with good drama, good chemistry between the actors (where you get the feeling they enjoy each other's company offscreen as well!), and some humor mixed in. (I guess that's why The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is my fave, and A Very Merry Mix-up is #2). And including a touch of religion is a definite plus! (Having angels is fine (a la Christmas Magic) and noting the birth of Christ is a major yeah!) idea! What makes a person's favorite Christmas movie(s) their favorite(s)?

      Midwest Mark

  21. Well, this was almost "mission impossible!" How do you pick only 3 when there's so many that sound like so much fun? Plus, I like to give kudos to these networks as much as I can, so I'm going to list my runner-ups first.

    From Lifetime, I know I'm going to absolutely love the muppet monsters from Turkey Hollow. I like the location (Montana) and the stars from The Flight Before Christmas. Last Chance Christmas looks like it has a great, charming town, and I just love Hilary Burton and Gabriel Hogan.

    From Ion, I think A Christmas Truce looks super promising with its 1940's setting. I like movies about small-town, independent businesses, so A Christmas Reunion seems to fit the bill.

    UP is giving me a super cute pet-related Christmas movie with A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale and a warm, more humanitarian-focused "true spirit of the holidays" movie with My One Christmas Wish.

    On Hallmark Mysteries, I'm a fan of Debbie Macomber, so I'm sure I'll love Dashing through the Snow. I also have to give a shout-out to my favorite baker/amateur detective Hannah from A Plum Pudding Mystery.

    On Hallmark Channel, I know I'm going to love Once Upon a Holiday because Paul Campbell is so funny and cute. Snow Bride's Katrina Law finally makes another Christmas appearance in 12 Gifts of Christmas playing a character with what sounds like a dream job (Christmas gift shopping), so I can't miss that. And the reigning queen of terrific Hallmark Christmas movies (Moonlight and Mistletoe, Let It Snow, and Christmas Under Wraps) Candace Bure brings her magic once again to A Christmas Detour.

    What do I predict will be my three favorite movies of the season?

    1. INSP's Christmas in the Smokies: great setting with a beautiful country home; two fun actresses in Sarah Lancaster and Jill Wagner and a terrific cast to match; hopefully, some wonderful singing connected to the plot.

    2. Hallmark's I'm Not Ready for Christmas: the sparkling Alica Witt with a hilarious plot.

    3. Hallmark's Northpole 2: More of my favorite elf, Clementine. And a super romantic pairing in Lori Loughlin and the dreamy Dermot Mulroney.

    What do I predict will have the best overall ratings?

    My runner-ups for this category: Crown for Christmas, because I think getting Rupert Penry Jones is quite the coup for Hallmark; A Christmas Detour, because of Candace's popularity; and A Christmas Melody, because of Mariah Carey PLUS the magical re-pairing of Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott.

    My first choice for ratings is The Bridge. I don't know anything about it, but I know tons of people who just love Karen Kingsbury books, so this movie should get a big turnout.

    ----- Bee from TX

  22. Michael muhney the track

  23. Crown For Christmas is at the top of my list! I think also A Baby For Christmas & Christmas in the Smokies will round out my top 3 picks! This is a toughie because I have a feeling I may have a few faves this year! :-D

    For best ratings....oh gosh, that one is even tougher. The past two Hallmark ratings busters were a surprise to me! I'll go out on a limb and say...Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge: Part 1! :-)

    Thanks for this, Net! This is fun!

  24. I think my three favorite Christmas movies will be Crown for Christmas, Northpole: Open for Christmas, and My One Christmas Wish.

  25. Fun idea! I'm most looking forward to: A Christmas Detour, Crown For Christmas, and Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through The Snow. (I'm also of course looking forward to the When Calls The Heart sneak peek, but I don't really consider that a Christmas movie like the rest so I didn't pick that)

  26. Northpole Open for Christmas, The Bridge, A plum Pudding Mystery Denise Christmas Crazy

  27. My pick's are 1st North Pole Open For Christmas,2nd A Christmas Detour and 3rd The Magic Sticking. Debbie Macombers Dashing Through The Snow is a shoo-in for the best over all ratings.

  28. Woops, Net, forgot to add the "overall ratings" part. Maybe Candace or Katrina's movie?? We shall see....

  29. Okay looks like ABC Fam only has the Fraggle Rock special as anything new this year so here are my picks...

    * Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery
    * My One Christmas Wish
    * The Christmas Gift

    - sophygurl

  30. I'm so excited for all the new Christmas Movies!!! Thank you for all the updates! My three choices are Christmas in the Smokies, Christmas Detour, and Tis the Season for Love.
    Whitney from TN

  31. I think the best 3 new Christmas movies will be:
    Dashing through the Snow
    The Bridge
    Christmas Detour

  32. how do you vote or where is the link?

    1. Just simply leave another comment here with your 3 favorite guesses + which movie you think will have the best ratings!

      I have received many great responses! I am holding them all back, for now, and will share them on November 5th... So everyone has until midnight on the 4th to get their picks in!!!

    2. thank you! Ine of favorite blogs! I check into it about twice a day!

  33. It is so hard to decide, but I have it down four. (I know you said three, so please forgive me for adding the fourth)

    1. Christmas Detour
    2. Northpole Open for Christmas
    3. Crown for Christmas
    4. Twelfth Day of Christmas

    As for the one with the most ratings I am going to guess either Christmas Detour or A Christmas Melody.

    Stephanie A

  34. Too many to chose from... but here goes
    A Christmas Detour
    Charming Christmas
    And 50th Christmas Charlie Brown

  35. 1. A Christmas Detour
    2. North Pole: Open for Christmas
    3. The Bridge

    I think this will be the best year, yet, for Hallmark, HMM and all other family channels!!

  36. Charming Christmas
    Christmas Land
    Dashing Through the Snow

  37. Out of all the new Christmas movies being released in 2015, I honestly think that the one movie that will receive the best and highest ratings will be Hallmark Channel’s “A Christmas Melody”.

  38. Hmmm....this was hard. But I'm going to guess that my three favorite will be: "Murder She Baked, Plum-Pudding Mystery", "Dashing Through The Snow", and "On The Twelfth Day of Christmas".

  39. North Pole; The Christmas Note; Angels in the snow.....I am so excited to watch them all. My TV is only on the Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Murder Channels during this time. LOVE that you start Christmas Movies early...decorate with them on...have grand kids over for movie and popcorn night; go to bed with these movies...thank you so much for doing this and having Family movies..... Alice Storey Berry

  40. My future favorite three are:
    - The 12 Gifts of Christmas
    - A Christmas Melody
    - Crown for Christmas

    And best rating guess is When Calls The Heart season sneak peek! :)

  41. My 3 are Christmas in the Smokies
    Christmas Land
    Christmas Incorporated
    Best rating North Pole 2

  42. Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through The Snow, Crown For Christmas, Northpole: Open For Christmas, The Bridge (sorry couldn't do just 3)

  43. I think my favorites will be 1)12 cards of Christmas, 2) Tis the season for love, 3) Once upon a Holiday.

  44. It is hard to say before we see them, but I am excited for this season. I watched 'Tis the Season for Love last night and I really like Sarah Lancaster, plus it made me in the mood for Christmas!
    Charming Christmas - I'm excited to see David Sutcliffe on something and I think it is a great pairing with Julie Benz.
    Northpole 2
    Coat of Many Colors

  45. Seeing the pictures for Dashing Through The Snow makes me want to change my picks! LOL


  46. I'm so excited to see all of the new movies, but my top 3 new favorite predictions are: Christmas in the Smokies, Angels in the Snow, and The Christmas Gift

  47. Hmm so many to choose from. I think mine will be
    1.) A Christmas Detour
    2.) I'm Not Ready For Christmas
    3.) 12 Gifts of Christmas

    Just have to say Ice Sculpture Christmas is really up there too.

    For the best ratings I'd say Christmas Detour.

    Just wanted to say thanks for running this site. You guys do such an amazing job :)

  48. Just in time for Christmas
    The Christmas Gift
    Last Chance Christmas

    North Pole 2 will get the top viewers
    -DoubleA MMC

  49. My 3 favorite choices 1) Charming Christmas 2)The Bridge 3)Angel of Christmas

  50. My picks are 1) Charming Christmas 2)The Bridge 3) Angel of Christmas

  51. My Predicted Favs
    1. Just in Time for Christmas … Because I always like the Hall of Fame films
    2. A Christmas Detour … Because Candace Cameron tends to pick solid scripts
    3. Becoming Santa … I like the reuniting of Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross, and enjoyed the last Christmas movie they played parents in, Naughty and Nice.

    Highest rated: Overall, Coat of Many Colors, because it’s the only original airing on network TV (NBC). Amongst the cable made-for-tv movies, I’d guess, A Christmas Melody, just because Mariah Carey is getting a decent amount of press for her directorial debut.

  52. I Loved My One Christmas Wish with Ambet Riley it is refreshing . My Favorite . Also enjoyed The Holidays Cameron Diaz ,Kate Winslet, all time favorite it's a wonderful life


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