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Friday, September 25, 2015

Love is in the Air... this Weekend on Hallmark!

Saturday, September 26, 2015:

via Hallmark: When a female radio host abruptly gets dumped by her boyfriend on-air, she needs to quickly put the pieces back together in her life. But just when things can't get worse for her, she discloses ... click here to read more...
Premieres September 26, 2015,
Saturday Night at 9PM/8c.
on the Hallmark Channel
Proceeding Love on the Air, is the Season 3 Finale Episode of Cedar Cove : Grace and Cliff's Wedding...
Cedar Cove Finale - Official Title:
"Getting to Know You – Part Two"
via Hallmark: Olivia is upset after learning Paul is leaving Cedar Cove, especially as he won't reveal his reason. She and Jack continue to work things out be she longs for him to open up more. Justine is hurt when she learns Luke wants to reenlist in the Navy, leaving their future in doubt. Warren's power struggle with his father, Buck, continues but his scheme to get the elder Saget to leave town. Grace and Cliff's wedding day brings together their family and friends for a celebration of their love, while Paul confesses to Olivia the shocking truth about his decision to leave Cedar Cove. 
(Please Note: At times, "Cedar Cove" does contain Adult Content/Situations.)
The Finale airs September 26, 2015, Saturday Night at 8PM/7c. on the Hallmark Channel.

Sunday, September 27, 2015:

via Hallmark: A woman coping with the loss of her husband and the task of raising two children on her own meets a handsome rich man but doesn't feel right about pursuing anything. That's when she... click here to read more! 
Enjoy the NEW MOVIES!!!
I Hope You All...
have a Wonderful First Weekend of Fall!


  1. I'm so glad I have both Hallmark channels...looks like an exciting movie line up this weekend. Get the popcorn ready; happy viewing everyone!!

  2. Good Morning Net. Thank you for your thoughts today on my post. I appreciated hearing them. It's nice to hear some of the other pet peeves that bloggers have so we can learn from one another. I saw on tv where the Hallmark channel will be having the Christmas shows already. I'm so excited about that. Be sure to let me know all of them. I've seen many, but there are a lot more that I'd love to watch.

    Have a nice weekend, Net.


  3. Really looking forward to both movies - Alison Sweeney and Kellie Martin are both on my favorite actress list and I'm always so excited to have them back on another Hallmark film (speaking of which: did you notice, in Sweeney's interview this week, that they said she'll miss their special Days of our Lives show because she's filming another Hallmark film. Wonder what it is! Could be another in her mystery series, I suppose, but I'm sort of hoping it's something we don't yet know about...).

    I'm especially looking forward to Love on the Air - the clips I saw from it were great, looks like great banter and chemistry, which I always like, and I also recently got acquainted with Jonathan Scarfe's work through the great UPtv show, Ties that Bind, so I am curious to see him in a different role, never really saw him act before (IMDB says he'd been a guest star on a couple shows I've watched, but I don't recall his appearances).

    I never really managed to get into Cedar Cove - gave up at some point during the first season - and with the show being on Netflix, I wonder if I should give it another go... there's so much to watch that I normally don't force myself into something if I don't find myself getting into it, but I really do watch everything else Hallmark does, so maybe it's worth another shot...

  4. Net, I do believe the "powers that be" are keeping a close eye on your blog relating to Cedar Cove. It seems like they did a complete U-turn this year in the "morale department"!! Last year I was a little uncomfortable with their story line, this year much better.

  5. I missed both movies. Did anyone like them?


    1. I only watched Love on the Air so far, but I absolutely loved it - I think it's one of my Hallmark favorites, even. There's a lot of clever back-and-forth banter, which I always enjoy when done well, and it was a lot of fun seeing the relationship develop.

      Yet to watch the other one - I missed it.

  6. Sorry to be posting, yet again.......yes, Misty, I enjoyed both movies!! This time the pairing of Alison and Kellie was perfection and complimented them beautifully. I hope you can catch the re-runs; well worth it!!

  7. Woops, forgot the "n" in Linda, not Lida....LOL!!

  8. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 25, 2016

    For some reason that I can't remember, I was unable to watch "Love on the Air" all the way through back in September, when it premiered. Immediately after that Hallmark kicked off the Fall Harvest event, and then right on its heels was the Countdown to Christmas.

    So, last night (4 months after it debuted) was my first chance to watch "Love on the Air" from start to finish, in its entirety.

    And I loved it! What a gem of a movie this is. I can see why Hallmark has latched onto Jonathan Scarfe and put him in 3 movies in under 6 months. He has a lot of personality, charisma and charm. He is very capable at delivering funny lines with great comedic timing. I loved the witty banter between his character and Alison Sweeney's character. They had great chemistry. The movie was sweet, funny and the writing was pretty good. In the hands of 2 different actors I am not sure if this movie would have been as effective.

    "Love on the Air" is a movie that I hope Hallmark releases on DVD. Although the Christmas movies are usually my favorites of all the movies that Hallmark puts out, "Love on the Air" is certainly right up there with "All of My Heart" as far as my favorite NON-Christmas Hallmark favorites.

  9. I totally agree. Love On the Air and Recipe for Love are two of my all-time favorites. I think it's because they're a little different story-wise and the characters really love and accept one another as they are in the end.

  10. Sorry, but those movies you mentioned (Love On the Air and Recipe for Love ) are actually two of my least favorite Hallmark movies. And didn't like Hello, It's Me pictured above, either. Could have been a cute movie without the weird phone call stuff. Found the radio movie with Alison Sweeney, Love on the Air to be slow and boring and Recipe for Love was so not good. No chemistry. I mostly like all the actors in these movies just not the movies themselves. Again, sorry, but just how I feel.


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