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Monday, August 10, 2015

NEW Christmas Movies on DVD for 2015!

It's just the beginning of the news you've been longing to hear!
NEW Christmas Movies
are now being released on DVD!
Click on the Movie Titles below for more details at Amazon!

Christmas at Cartwright's

Best Christmas Party Ever

Northpole: Open For Christmas

Let It Snow

Christmas Tail

Paper Angels
Paper Angels

Beverly Hills Christmas

Snow Bride

Midnight Masquerade

Christmas Trade

Nutcracker Sweet

Santa's Little Helper
Rating: Unknown

Get Santa
Rated: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

Original Christmas Classics Gift Set 2015

Frosty the Snowman 45th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town 45th Anniversary Collector's Edition

A Little Christmas Business

All I Want for Christmas

(When I posted this title, the only information given was simply Christmas. No image or plot was shared. Please click on the link above or check back for details.)

Home Alone 25th Anniversary Edition

Home Alone Ultimate Collector's Edition [Blu-ray]

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 25th Anniversary (BD) [Blu-ray]
*Caution: Language

Christmas Mix
(Also know as Naughty & Nice)
*Caution: Adult Dialogue

Marry Me for Christmas

Another Christmas Kiss
*Contains Adult Dialogue & Situations

A Dog for Christmas

Up On The Wooftop

Action Star Christmas

Young Pioneers' Christmas Includes 4 Bonus Movies

4-Movie Dove Collection V.1 with Bonus Film Young Pioneers' Christmas

5-Movie Featuring Scrooge with Bonus Holiday MP3


A Christmas Carol

My Dad Is Scrooge

Country's Family Reunion Christmas

Spirit of the Season, Johann's Gift to Christmas, The Little Crooked Christmas Tree

6-Movie Christmas Collection with Bonus Holiday MP3

5-Movie Merry Christmas Collection with Bonus Holiday MP3

5-Movie: A Christmas Collection Bonus Holiday MP3

13-Film Christmas Collector's Set with Bonus Holiday MP3

Garfield Holiday Collection

Wordworld: Merry Christmas

Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas

Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Grinchmas Edition (Blu-ray + DIGITAL HD)

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Deluxe Edition)

Peter Rabbit: Christmas Tale

Thomas & Friends: Thomas' Christmas Carol

Christmas and Jesus' Early Life

The Holy Moly Christmas Story Collection

Ada & Leo's Inspired Christmas Adventures

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas (New Artwork)

Barbie in A Christmas Carol (New Artwork)

Barbie in The Nutcracker (New Artwork)

The Smurfs / The Smurfs 2 / The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow / Smurfs Christmas Carol - Set

Zack & Quack: Christmas Crinkles

Lalaloopsy Holiday Treat

Peanuts: 2-Movie Holiday Giftset

Festive Follies Collection

Caillou's Christmas

Peg + Cat: A Totally Awesome Christmas

20 Holiday Adventures - Scholastic Storybook

4 Kid Favorites: Merry Masterpieces

Voices Of Christmas

A Christmas Detour

Crown for Christmas

Ice Sculpture Christmas

Tis the Season for Love

If you are ordering one (or more!!!) of the DVDs listed above, I would be so grateful if you would order from my site. Simply click on the links above to do so!
Thank you & Merry Christmas!!! Net 
*Christmas images above via: wallpapercave.com and free Vector Backgrounds


  1. Hooray and happy day! Looking forward to preordering some of these. Hopefully sometime this week yet. Because... Christmas movies! :)

    Looking forward to seeing what else arrives on DVD; I'd guess more titles from last year are to come along with a few of this year's premieres.

    1. Yes, it is indeed a Happy Day, Rissi! Fun to see - even it's only a few for now. So many of last years already came out last year, so I'm hoping we'll see more releases from previous years!!! Happy DVD Shopping!!!

  2. 50 days Halloween TV Schedule 2015. Disney Channel and ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween.

  3. The compilation with "Naughty or Nice" is not new, is it? I have the compilation with "Naughty or Nice" -- I got it several months ago.

    Okay... I'm glad that "Christmas at Cartwright's" is going to be on DVD, but... STILL no "Let it Snow" or "Snow Bride" from 2013? Still no "Finding Christmas"? No "Angels and Ornaments"?

    Sigh. I can do without "The Best Christmas Party Ever," even though it was cute enough.

    By the way, Net -- I have news (maybe)! Do you follow Alicia Witt on Facebook or Twitter? I have been hoping that Hallmark would reel her in for another Christmas movie this year -- I think they have true reliable gems in Alicia, Kellie Martin, Candace Cameron Bure, Autumn Reeser, Teri Polo, Lacey Chabert and a few others. Each actress is likeable, but also brings something different to the table in her acting style.

    Anyway, I follow Alicia on Facebook, and she is in Utah filming a movie now -- of course, Utah is one of Hallmark's go-to locations (it's where "Christmas Under Wraps" was filmed last year). She posted a photo of herself with a cute little red-headed girl, and they are in a bakery... which looks like it has Christmas garland draped across a display case or something in the background!!! And the vegan cupcake she is holding has red and green decoration on top of the icing.

    I think -- I hope -- that this means that Hallmark snapped her up for another movie this year! Of course, it could be for Lifetime or UP or something, but I suspect it's Hallmark.

    1. Thank YOU for all the great info... especially love the Alicia Witt news... that sounds quite interesting!!! Must do a little investigating and look into that one! Love that you also spotted the garland in the set background! That's awesome!!!

      As for the DVD: Hallmark Holiday Collection #3 (Town that Christmas Forgot/Naughty or Nice/It's Christmas, Carol!/The Wishing Tree), I also thought that DVD was already released, but according to Amazon, it is coming out on November 4. Maybe they are re-releasing it with a whole new DVD cover. Same goes for the Hallmark Double Feature (Cancel Christmas/Christmas Magic).

    2. Net -- Let me know if you find out anything else beyond what I uncovered. I love playing detective, though sometimes I find that my hunches are completely wrong! Lol.

      Alicia definitely mentioned filming or working on a project (something of that sort). And she is in Salt Lake City. She even showed us her leading man (George Stults). And she mentioned a "scene" in "Mrs. Backer's bakery." And then she's got the cute little red-headed girl standing next to her in the bakery (probably someone playing her daughter), and Alicia is holding the vegan cupcake with red and green accents on it. In the background, draped across the arch of the display case, looks like garland of some sort.

      Now I suppose it could be garland for some other season and maybe not Christmas, but seeing that July-August-September is around the time when Hallmark films a lot of their Christmas movies, and they do film some of them in Utah, I'm thinking there is a Christmas movie -- or maybe a Thanksgiving movie?? -- in store!

    3. I commented under one of Alicia's Facebook posts, and said that I noticed the garland in the background. I said, "Oh, I hope it's a Christmas movie!" She replied, "IT IS." Yay! So she is making a Christmas movie, I have no idea if it's for Hallmark (I would assume so) or if it's for Lifetime (that could be possible too) -- or if she is venturing over to the ION or UP Christmas movie camps. It could even be for ABC Family! The mystery continues, but she IS making a Christmas movie, so that's great news.

    4. Hey Again! Thanks so much for all the awesome detective work! I do follow Alicia on Twitter, but I had missed that... so I went back and found it! I also caught - her leading man in the movie is George Stults! (I remember him back from 7th Heaven - cute!) But, not a good clue as to where this will air. Hmmm??? I created a post about this - that will be up today! So good to hear Alicia confirmed for you that it is Christmas Movie! Thank YOU for all the great movie info!!! Let us know if you hear anything else!!!

  4. Woopie!!! You made my day, Net!! Boy "o" boy, I'm excited; can't wait to see what will be released next....now on to ordering....

    1. I second your Woopie, Linda!!! I love to see ALL the NEW DVDs... it adds a lot more excitement, knowing with these releases, new Christmas Movies are right around the corner!!!

      Thank you for being such a faithful follower & supporter of my site, Linda! Enjoy your DVD Shopping!!! :)

  5. Of ALL the great Christmas Movies shown last season, I can't believe that only the above two are available. Wanted to see: A Starry Christmas and Angels & Ornaments - when will these two be available?

    1. Those are the only two - so far!

      I also searched for One Starry Christmas and Angels & Ornaments in DVDs, but haven't found them, yet. I have heard of the potential release of another Hallmark Christmas Movie, but it also hasn't been confirmed, yet... so I am expecting more to come!!!

    2. LOL!!! I said the same thing, Anon! Those two?! I mean, I get that more are sure to be released, but having those be the first two Hallmark ones we hear about made me go "Really?!" I'm, personally, hoping for "One Starry Christmas".....

  6. I'm heartbroken there is no DVD release for Christmas Under Wraps. I was really hoping they would release it.

    I just don't understand some of their decisions to release certain movies. Best Christmas Party Ever was their lowest rated Christmas movie last year and they are releasing it on DVD. Wouldn't you think they would release fan favorites like 'Let It Snow', 'Snow Bride', 'Catch A Christmas Star', 'Christmas Under Wraps', 'A Starry Christmas'. I mean it is what people are asking for.

    1. Was "Best Christmas Party Ever" the lowest-rated movie? I'm shocked. I would have expected it to be "The Christmas Parade," as those two leads had zero chemistry, and there were so many people complaining about the lead actress on Facebook. Lol.

      I thought that "Best Christmas Party Ever" was cute. It was fine. I didn't hate it. I just didn't love it like I love others, I didn't feel like I wanted to see it again after it aired the first time, and I don't need to have it on DVD.

      I think there will be at least one more DVD release (probably in November, but available for pre-order in September). There is still hope for "Christmas Under Wraps."

  7. You will never know how I wait to read your comments. You bring so much knowledge to your followers and I thank you for it. I just changed from one cable company and now I am disappointed that AT&T does not have UP Entertainment. Do you have any idea if AT&T will include UP Entertainment in the package in the very near future? Thank you again for your concern for us. Peace

    1. Oh My, Thank YOU for your very Sweet Comment & Compliment. I'm overwhelmed by your thoughtful kindness!!!

      I'm surprised that AT&T does not have UP. I know they were having trouble with customers because they didn't carry either Hallmark Channel, but when they merged with DirecTV that was taken care of - and they added both channels, for a fee, back to their service. UP is available through DirecTV - so I don't understand why they don't add it their lineup, as well. If I were you, I would ask DirecTV & UP by calling, tweeting, or Facebook them your request. It is a wonderful family station, that all viewers should have!!!

  8. 80 days Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas.
    100 days ABC Family 25 days of Christmas.
    135 days until Christmas!!!

  9. Waiting for news of The Christmas Secret.

    1. Me too! The Christmas Secret completely won me over last year - I love it!

  10. While the two announced for release are ok, there are movies that are a lot better that have not been released. Such as Snow Bride, Winter Wonderland, Matchmaker Santa, Farewell Mr. Kringle, Finding Christmas and Thanksgiving House are some of my favorites. I hope these and more will be put on dvd and blu-ray.

    1. Still hoping for a few more new DVD releases, too... Hopefully they are listening to their viewers repeated requests!!!

  11. Hallmark Holiday Collection 3 was released last year. As was 1, 2 and 4. I bought a couple of them at walmart. Also, I purchased SSD christmas at walmart then too.

    1. I think they are marketing some of them as new releases just because they changed the cover. I'm sure different DVD covers can effect sales... but, it seems awfully soon to be changing it, doesn't it?

  12. Hallmark is advertising Christmas 2015 lineups!!!!!!

    1. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!! Thank you for sharing the Joy!!!

  13. You will never know the joy I receive when I open my computer and see your E mails with the latest news regarding shows and DVD'S available. I went on Christian Book .com to order Christmas Bride but was told it is not available. I also tried Amazon with no luck. As I have told you many times a grateful THANK YOU. Peace and Love

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you enjoy it! Your comment and enthusiasm means so much to me!

      Are you looking for the movie Snow Bride? I looked for the movie at CBD and they still have it listed.

      Here's the link:

      By the way, it is not available at this time, on Amazon.

      Hope that helps! Enjoy & God Bless, Net

  14. Does anyone know if the SSD movies from HMM are coming out on dvd?

  15. Yes, Anonymous, go back to Net's home page and look on the right side and click on any SSD dvd cover and it will take you directly to Amazon.com. You can check out all the SSD movies and series they carry.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda, for sharing that! :)

      I also have a page, that might be helpful, where I have all the available "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Movies/Episodes that are currently available on DVD listed.

      As for, the rest of the series... "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris With Love", "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Truth be Told", and "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream"... I had heard that "Paris" was potentially planning to be released. Perhaps, the last two- seeing as how they go together as Part 1 & Part 2, will also be eventually released together on DVD. For now, I don't have any confirmation on it, but I am hopeful!

  16. Oh, I hope so, Net. Those are the four I'm waiting for; have all the rest. If they ever decide to discontinue SSD, I'll always be able to re-watch this wonderful series.

  17. went will catch a christmas star going to come out on dvd love that movie

  18. Just an FYI, Net, I stopped by my local Wal-Mart today, they were selling A Christmas Detour, Crown for Christmas, Let It Snow and Ice Sculpture Christmas, all of them were under $10. I suggest that your fellow readers check their local Wal-Mart, before buying online. They are much affordable at the store.

  19. Congratulations to Hallmark, for always remembering Christmas and what it actually stands for. Peace and Good Will towards men! as well a the Birth of our Lord, for all Christians everywhere.
    I gotta say there isn't one of your movies that I haven't enjoyed over, over and over again. They all have a meaning which is wonderful in this day and age. With all the terrorism in this world we still can find hope, joy, and Love of one another.

  20. When is Christmas Under Wraps coming out on DVD?

  21. When will Christmas Under Wraps come out in DVD?


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