Friday, March 13, 2015

See the Newest Hallmark Channel Picture... "Portrait of Love"

Premieres Saturday March 14, 2015 at 9PM/8c.
on the Hallmark Channel

image via: Hallmark Crown Media

A sneak-peek of the story:
A prominent fashion photographer returns to her small town roots at the request of a friend. Surrounded by both memories and loved ones, she must consider a choice... click here to read more!

*Note: The term "Picture" used in the title above refers to Movie. In the early days of cinema, people would say, "What picture is playing?" or "We're going to the pictures." Often, the terms Motion Picture or Best Picture, etc... are still used today. Film is after all moving pictures! Using the word "picture" in place of movie, I thought would be a fun 'play on words', since this Hallmark movie, "Portrait of Love" is all about art and photography!

Please be sure to visit my "Portrait of Love" page to see more images and movie details - for this all new Premiere!

Have a Wonderful Weekend, Everyone!!!


  1. That's why I love this site, Net, brings back so many memories!! Looking forward to this new picture show this weekend!!

  2. Oh, thank you Linda. I studied Film Literature, so I have such a high regard and appreciation for those early years of cinema, and all the work it took to create one movie. It's amazing to think that one movie then could be yards and yards of film, and today, we can simply video right from our phone.

    Thank you, for your sweet comment, Linda. I hope you enjoy this new "picture"!

  3. .....and it shows, Net, through all of your posts. You have mastered your calling!!

  4. This was not a good movie or picture. I almost fell asleep in the first 30 minutes, except that little girl kept yelling her lines every five minutes.


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