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Friday, September 26, 2014

Cedar Cove - Only 2 episodes remain...

Season 2 - Episode 11
 Airs Saturday September 27, 2014 at 8PM/7c.
Repeats immediately following Midnight Masquerade at 11PM/10c.
Storyline: Season 2, Episode 11- STAND AND DELIVER --
As Jack relapses and spends even more time in Seattle, an oblivious Olivia worries his writing is taking too much of a toll. While she thinks of a way to take the pressure of Jack's job off their relationship, the return to Cedar Cove of both Warren's corrupt business partner and Peggy's menacing harasser causes tension and danger to mount.
*Be sure to watch for...
Author Debbie Macomber, who will have a cameo role in this week's episode.
*Please Note: Cedar Cove does, at times, contain Adult Content and Situations. I have seen many comments of concern over this on Hallmark Channel's Facebook page. I share a lot of those concerns myself. I like the actors, the setting, and characters of Cedar Cove; however, as Hallmark fans, I know many of us turn to this station, in order to turn away from the usual dramas on network TV and cable that are filled with sex, drugs, and violence. We want wholesome adult entertainment that uplifts and inspires... which is what we are used to expecting from the Hallmark Channel... with When Calls the Heart, Signed Sealed Delivered, and all the many wonderful original movies!
Please share in the comments below your thoughts on Cedar Cove's Season 2.


  1. It resembles too much of a soap opera for me this season. My family no longer watches it. Christy

  2. All the sex and lies makes it feel less like HALLMARK and more like ABC FAMILY, which isn't for families anymore.

  3. I read the whole series and I'm a little disappointed in how off track the story line goes. The past couple episodes I've watched, I walked away stressed out from all the drama. I still love it, but just a little disappointed. I just hope that Jack doesn't have an affair...I will be really upset!

  4. Yeah, I kind of feel the same way. It has taken on a soap opera type format. We fell in love with the cast last year and couldn't wait for season 2 only to be faced with the everyday problems and realities of life that we want to escape from.

  5. I don't watch it, but it seems to do well in the ratings.


  6. I also have been disappointed in this years production. I always tell people I only watch shows that "and they lived happily ever after." It seems that is not the case this year. This world is full of hate and one longs to see happy and peace within the shows. Peace and Love.

  7. I have read the entire Cedar Cove book series. It's interesting how the writers of the Hallmark series deviated from the actual story line. Season 2 has been darker than I expected. I am a Debbie Macomber so I will continue to watch new seasons. Just wondering how the story will get closer to how it was written.

  8. Love this series. However, having read the entire book series as well, I am disppointed in the writing of the TV shows. Very little resemblence to the books at all!

  9. Cedar Cove was a wonderful series to watch first season, stress free and easy to relate to almost like going on a great vacation and chilling out. However this season I counted eight negative plot scenario's and now the writers introduced the Mafia connection. Wake up Hallmark this is not your style! Someone in the Executive office needs to read the scripts before production. You should take a stand CEO and fire the person or persons who decided to change the meaning of "Hallmark" and if you signed off on this season maybe you should consider stepping down as well! By the way I have not read any of the novels so if they're reflective of the second season then Cedar Cove should be dropped from the Hallmark line up. Have your writers/directors look up the meaning of Hallmark in Webster if they are having a difficult time understanding viewer's comments.
    Disappointed Hallmark viewer!

  10. I have been using your Christmas movie schedule for the last three years, and it has been very helpful. In the past, you have listed the new movies each time they air, but this year you only list the first showing. Maybe in the future you could list the repeat airing in a dark green color so that these times could be easier to find if we miss the first showing.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Oh, thank you! So glad to hear you enjoy the schedule. The encore listings of the shows are on there, too! An easy way to find them is to use the Edit - Find on this Page feature. Hope that helps!

      Merry Christmas!!! :)


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