Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Upcoming Hallmark Movies

Here are some new Hallmark Movies coming the Summer and Fall of 2014, and beyond... I am sharing the details Hallmark has released, thus far.

Upcoming Movies for the Hallmark Channel:

On Paper : An idealistic, young book editor reluctantly moves to Los Angeles to edit a famous author’s latest romance novel. As she struggles to maintain her integrity while battling the bestselling diva’s demands, she meets two very different men and learns that the best romantic choice is not always the one who looks best “on paper.”

Starring: Lindsay Hartley, Morgan Fairchild and Drew Fuller.

Stranded in Paradise : After losing her job in corporate America, Tess Nelson embarks on the non-refundable Hawaii vacation she’s already paid for. A trip to paradise turns out to be a nightmarish vacation, except for the attractive young man who keeps crossing her path and the slow discovery that fate has a different plan in mind for Tess than the one she’s been planning.

Starring: James Denton and Vanessa Marcil

Upcoming Movies for the Hallmark Movie Channel:

Wedding Planner Mystery (Also Known As: Veiled Threats) : Wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid has just landed the job that could propel her small business into the limelight - Nicky Parry's marriage to a concert pianist promises to be the season's biggest high society wedding, but when someone dies in a suspicious car crash and the bride is kidnapped, the impending nuptials turn into a nightmare. Relying upon her sharp intuition, humor and active imagination, Carnegie attempts to root out the culprit.

Starring: Erica Durance, Andrew Walker, Brandon Beemer and Chelan Simmons

Small Miracles : Darcy Miller, a college science major and true blue realist, comes across a list of belongings that were intended for close friends and family, from the mother she never knew. As an act of courtesy, she sets out to fulfill her mother's wishes only to discover these keepsakes turn out to be miraculous gifts to those receiving them, arriving incredibly at the perfect time. Darcy's journey becomes a venture into life's living miracles. This helps her draw closer to the mother she always longed for and to believe there are unexplained marvels in this world, even small ones, that defy explanation.

Man Maid : Newly Titled: Along Came a Nanny Mike Flores is a single, hard-working, no-nonsense police detective. His life is about to change as he’s called to investigate a series of robberies in an upscale part of town. His job is to infiltrate the tony neighborhood as an undercover nanny. Mike finds himself bonding with the kids in his charge and begins to fall for another nanny. But as signs start pointing to the true identity of the robbery suspects, Mike’s new relationships are suddenly threatened.

Starring: Cameron Mathison and Sarah Lancaster

*Please note: Premiere Dates and Titles are subject to change.
More info to come on these new movies as the Hallmark Channel releases new details!
See updated info below.


*UPDATE #1: this posting was edited on 4/18/14.
The Movie "Man Maid" was added.

**UPDATE #2: this posting was edited on 5/8/14.
Premiere dates were added for "On Paper" and "Wedding Planner Mystery".

***UPDATE #3: this posting was edited on 8/4/14.
Casting details were updated for Man Maid and Due to changing premiere dates of movies above - all premiere dates were removed. Please click here for updated premiere dates.


  1. Just wondering if there has been any word as to whether Hallmark will have a Christmas in July week again this year

  2. Yay! Sounds like some fun new films to come - cannot wait for more details. :)

  3. Hmmm... I wonder if that Erica Durance one will be a possible 'mystery' series?

    Thanks for the updates! The #1 place for all things Hallmark for me!


    1. Yes, I was wondering the same thing about the Wedding Planner Mystery Movie starring Erica Durance, as possibly being the third new series of Hallmark Movie Channel series of Mystery Movies!

      Maybe we solved that one!

      However, I haven't heard anything official on it, yet. So, for now, I guess it will be 'our number 1 suspect' ! : )

    2. Oh, forgot to mention... thank you so much Misty, for your tip on the Movie, "Man Maid". I updated this post and added it in! Again, thank you! Have a Blessed Easter, Weekend!

  4. Looking forward to the new hallmark movies, but I hope the ones airing on the movie channel, will air on the other channel, since I don't have the hallmark movie channel anymore. Do you know if HMC is planning another mystery movie with Gail O'Grady as her Mystery Cruise character? I loved "Mystery Cruise"!

  5. On Paper will be on Saturday, September 20th at 9pm ET/PT 8C and Wedding Planner Mystery August 16th


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