Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Christmas Tree Miracle - New Family Film on DVD

A New Family Christmas Film is being released today -
December 3, 2013, on DVD!
The movie is titled


For the George family, Christmas time has turned into a season of taking, instead of giving as they merely go through the motions of the holiday. Father David (Kevin Sizemore, "Under the Dome") is pre-occupied with his land developing job. Mother Julie (Claudia Esposito) is on the edge trying to hold the holiday together. Teens Nick and Natalie (Barrett Carnahan and Emily Capehart) are too busy adding to their growing Christmas lists. It's only the youngest child, six year old Nina (introducing Siomha Kenney), who seems to have any ounce of Christmas spirit. 

When David suddenly loses his job before the holidays, the family denies the seriousness of the situation and continues to live above their means for nearly a year until it all catches up with them. With their families turning their back on them, the George's hit rock bottom. It's only the spirited little Nina who keeps the family going and believing until the family is taken in by an eccentric Christmas tree farmer (Terry Kiser, "Weekend at Bernie's") who gives his trees away. But when David gets an opportunity to give his family their old lives back, will he betray his farmer friend? 

"A Christmas Tree Miracle" is a family film that remind us that the best gifts are the simple ones and miracles do happen, if you only believe. "A Christmas Tree Miracle" is produced by Flyover Films and Route 40 Films, executive produced by Kristin Seibert and Dolph Santorine, written by Ty DeMartino and directed by J.W. Myers.
Movie Trailer:

*A very special thank you to Ty DeMartino, the writer of this film, for taking the time to send me information about it - to share with all of you!
I have not viewed this film, yet, but it truly looks like a nice family Christmas Movie.

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