Monday, March 25, 2013

"Courage, New Hampshire" Mini-series on INSP


Courage, New Hampshire

Network: INSP

Original Air Date: May 27, 2013

Images below via: Colony Bay
A Special "Thank You" to writer and actor James Patrick Riley... for giving me permission to share these Movie Images here with all of you!


James Patrick Riley ... Silas Rhodes
Allen Marsh ... Abraham Foxe
Jonathan Salisbury ... Noah Pine
Lorraine Pope ... Molly Pine
Nathan Kershaw ... Bob Wheedle
Patrick M.J. Finerty ... William Bramley
Basil Hoffman ... Simeon Trapp
Isabelle Gardo ... Abby Lamb
Max Horner ... Tom Fogg
Donal Thoms-Cappello ... Reverand Silence Laud
Alexandra Oliver ... Sarah Courage
Greg Allan Martin ... Joseph Baine
Jazmine Ramay ... Mary Boyle
Eric Drazin ... John Hildreth
Jon Harmon ... Darby Hogan
Mallory Drazin ... Sally Rhodes
Napoleon Ryan ... Governor John Wentworth
Gary Moore ... Braxton Cage
Daved Wilkins ... Fredrick Stokes
Chris MacDonnell ... Merry Pugwell
Jonathan Lee Wilson ... Bedford Militia Captain
Lizzy Riley ... Elizabeth Rhodes
Christopher Bryan Gomez ... Militia Man



The Pathway to Liberty begins with Courage.

In 1770 America, family-man, tavern-keeper and local Justice of the Peace, Silas Rhodes strives to balance home, business and politics. Together with British deserter Bob Wheedle, they do their best to fight back against the growing tyranny of the British King. The two men lead a band of ordinary men who are secretive soldiers known as the “Sons of Liberty.” With brave acts of midnight justice against local British officials, they battle the bondage of the King’s oppressive laws in the pre-revolutionary township of Courage, New Hampshire.

This powerful drama depicts daily life for families, tradesmen and British officials living in this early American township during the turmoil just before the Revolutionary War. The people, politics and intrigue of the time are presented with historical detail, bringing this significant period in America to vibrant life once more.

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Images via: Colony Bay


  1. Thank you for posting this, I'd never heard of it. Now I have time to set it up on my DVR, looks like it might be a good one. I really appreciate all the work you do, so we can come here and just pick what we'd like to watch!

    Thanks again and Happy movie watching!


  2. I've just seen all four episodes just these past two days. (on INSP) I wish there were more. I must say it's one of the more top-notch things I've seen in much too long. You can feel fairly quickly how different it is. It is NOT from hollywood. Yet there nothing whatsoever lacking with regard to technical professionalism. Very high production values, stellar actors and performances, costumes and music utterly first rate. But what is quite striking, and so refreshing, being such a change from the norm, is the way the film actually RESPECTS you the viewer. The dialog, the themes, are at once both accessible and richly rewarding--for their depth, realism, and relevance. The writers and actors actually allow that the audience has some powers of perception, discernment, and insight. As I said, refreshing. The viewer is never hit over the head with dumb cliche. Amazing. Anyway, this (too) short series is just wholly good. And it is a glimpse of what further can be possible.

  3. actully, it was parliament that kept voting to raise taxes. King george was opposed to it

  4. I have watched all 4 pieces now and I find myself bored to tears. I was expecting something more buoyant. This was very slow moving and unexciting. The characters were unimaginative. And being this was taking place during the revolutionary war, there was nothing to tell us what it really was like in Courage, New Hampshire during the revolutionary war. There was just a lot of men being jerks, which they were, and women being as they were back then, and it was not enough war to counteract the relationships, which were boring. Hubby seemed to like it though.


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