Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"The Borrowers" Movie


The Borrowers

Network: ABC

*This Movie originally premiered in the UK in 2011.

Original U.S. TV Air Date: December 8, 2012



Christopher Eccleston as Pod Clock
Sharon Horgan as Homily Clock
Aisling Loftus as Arrietty Clock
Robert Sheehan as Spiller
Francis Chouler as Spiller's Mate

"Beans" (human beings):

Charlie Hiscock as James, the boy who finds the Borrowers
Victoria Wood as Mrs. Driver, James' grandmother
Shaun Dooley as Robert Millmanock, James' father
Stephen Fry as Professor Mildeye
Anne Hirsch as Jenny, Professor Mildeye's assistant


An adaptation of Mary Norton's classic children's books that brings the world of the tiny Borrowers who live under our floorboards into the twenty-first century in an action-packed, funny and warm-hearted film. Arriety, a head-strong teenage Borrower, is desperate to explore life outside her hidden family home. She sneaks out one night and befriends James, a lonely boy who lives above her with his Grandmother and widowed father. However, when the Borrowers hidden home is discovered by James' Grandmother, they are forced to abandon it and venture into the wide world. They meet with Spiller, a tearaway who guides them to their new home and instantly takes a shine to Arriety. She can't stand him, but when her parents are captured by Mildeye, a scientist who is determined to make his name and fortune by exposing these 'little people', she is forced to accept that she can't rescue them alone and will need Spiller's help. After a series of daring adventures, Arriety, Spiller and James manage to out-smart Mildeye and free Arriety's parents. Filled with an all star cast, this is a funny and thrilling fast-paced tale of adventure, while at its heart is a message about the importance of family and our relationships with the people we love.

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